How would DotA 2 play on the Steambox controller?

Have you seen those new Steambox controllers? They're certainly a bit different from what we PC gamers are used to, but they're even a bit weird looking for our console cousins. That said, this a controller that's designed to offer the functionality of a mouse and keyboard, whilst also giving the ease of use of a console controller.

It's easy to imagine how it might fair in typically console affairs like racers and beat-em ups, but what about on a very PC orientated title like DotA 2?

That's what we get to see in this video from the guys over at Trial by Game, who've had a go with the Steambox controller and unfortunately with a game like DotA 2, found it wanting. There's difficulty right off the bat in that there aren't really enough buttons to provide the same level of functionality as a keyboard's shortcuts.

With a bit of remapping and playing around this got a little better, but it doesn't seem likely that a controller set up, even one as finely tuned as possible, could match a mouse and keyboard on a MOBA.

But what about other games? Can you guys think of any specifically PC titles that might work well on a Steambox pad? Maybe Mount and Blade would work?

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companies have been trying to

companies have been trying to make a pc console hybrid for years, each promise big things and each one has failed. If you have a pc that can run the games fine why would you buy a steamboxm that form what I hear so far can't be opened up and upgraded?

You missed the point, the guy

You missed the point, the guy below is a fail so ignore him. If you already own a gaming PC you won't get a steambox at all, there's no reason to. If you don't and building PCs isn't your thing though, you can forego the pc masterrace title and get a steam box for simplicity's sake.

Still going to be a very

Still going to be a very small number of people. Even if you don't build a PC, can buy one and learn how to upgrade it's parts when needed. Most computer stores even offer a bring it in and we will upgrade it service. Steam OS is also going to be made public for use *unless they change there mind*, so again why would anyone want one?

You only listed possible

You only listed possible choices, nothing that negates people choosing to buy a steambox due to simplicity, keep in mind that's the very reason macs are so popular. As for steam os, they won't change their minds, making it free and open is a must if they intend to convert a sizeable share of pc gamers.

Isn't the steam box

Isn't the steam box controller just a "stand in" for console like gaming. You can use the mouse and keyboard, and hence play DoTA just fine in your living room with the steam box. Unless i am mistaken... I think this is a silly non-issue.

Correct, the controller is

Correct, the controller is there so people can use a steam box just as they use a console. Also controllers are somewhat more convenient if you intend to game in the living room. But steamboxes are full fledged PCs, so nothings stopping you from hooking up a wireless mouse/kb combo.

Been on PC for 25 years. Iv

Been on PC for 25 years. Iv only ever owned Nintendo consoles, xbox 360 to play red dead redemption, then sold that trash. I will happily buy a steambox as long as the cost is not too disproportionate to a relative capability PC. Not because I am a casual fool but because I am happy to support valve and want to try the controller. I hope the steambox is successful as it could help standardize hardware for optimization.

You want to work in your life

You want to work in your life, to earn money so you can give it to steam who has more money than 1000 of you, the only reason you want to transfer your wealth is to use the controller? Like you want to go out there and purchase purely to experience the input device? Tell me that's cool man, tell me. Now explain to me how Steam could standardise hardware? Imagine the big players, AMD, Intel, IBM... "We have been wanting to standardise hardware for decades, this steambox is what we have been waiting for".

IBM standardized computer

IBM standardized computer hardware, that's why we have PCs that are compatible with each other in the first place. AMD and Intel are competitors, as such neither seeks to standardize anything since it would make it harder for their products to stand out. Valve seeks to standardize hardware for gaming, that's very specific. Of course, the way they went about it might be counter intuitive for some, the true standardization they're hoping to achieve lies in steam os and its wrappers, not the hardware inside steam boxes.

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