Infinity Ward admits CoD players aren't gamers


In a revelation that isn't news to anyone, but is interesting to hear from the horse's mouth, Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin said in an interview with OXM, that he doesn't think there will be any big changes with the next-generation of Call of Duty games. Why? Because the fans of the game aren't hardcore gamers.

"It's kind of a weird, ironic thing to say," Rubin said "They aren't hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. And those guys are going to continue to play regardless of platform. So I think not only will we continue to engage with that existing player base, but we'll take next gen and see how far we can go with it."

He didn't go as far as to describe them as casual gamers, but we know what he's talking about. I'm sure we all have friends with Xbox 360s and PS3s and the only real games they buy them for are Call of Duty and FIFA - or for you Americans, your comparable sports title.

Compare that to the average PC gamer, who may play a lot of League of Legends, but chances are they have experience in RTS games, or puzzlers, perhaps a few shooters thrown in the mix. Likewise a lot of console gamers are multi-faceted, but there's definitely a veneer of console casuals that stick to the jock-like titles: sports and the blockbuster shoot'em ups without much of a skill curve.

Ultimately Rubin said, Infinity Ward can't change that much about Call of Duty, or it would end up alienating its players base.

Not too surprising a revelation, but what do you guys make of it?

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Just.. Wow

Playing one game doesn't make you a gamer, I play a **** ton of games like Uncharted, Watch Dogs, CoD, Borderlands, Dead Island, GTA, MGS, etc.. Now to claim that you are a true gamer, (playing one game doesn't make you a gamer) you have to at least play a few extra games because one game WILL NOT make you a gamer, now I've been playing ALL TYPES of games since I was 3, and I can claim that I'm a gamer, simply because I've played a **** load of games, and I don't usually go outside and use my social life (simply because I get nervous around others).

i'm such a tool...

...for falling for this clickbait article for tools, by a tool, about a tool, his company of fellow tools, and their game (which coincidentally happens to be all about tools), bought by tools, played mostly on platforms for tools. ...and the big reveal: that they are all tools. [note: this comment isn't *just* meant to be insulting. it's factual, too. i think u should not delete it. gg.]

So right

Finally, this company said what the rest of the world was thinking - CoD players are NOT gamers... most of them aren't even good people, they're obnoxious and arrogant and the only other game they own is Madden (FIFA, really? I can't believe anyone in the world cares about soccer...)

When gamers r not gamers...?

He's right. The last game I played propley was wipeout on ps1, 20years ago or so. since then I never played a game. I bought my sony this christmas gone a PS3. Bought him some games & out of boredom tried battlefield & COD. Those 2 games got me hooked. To the point of me thinking about buying myself a PS4 strictly for COD & BF. I'm not the type who will play a range of games but now most evenings I log on to either game & play for a good few hours,

Not true

I know that this is not true because if it was Infinity Ward would not continue to make COD, Call of Duty, for the slow ones, every other year. Its not about money or sells if we were not gamers them why continue to make the games and not just COD. Some people need to get a like and leave us gamers alone we do noting but go to work, school, and take care of the family. We teach our kids that games are different from real life and not to be taken seriously.

Missing the point

"Teach our kids". Most of the COD fan base consists of kids actually. In fact, you may say you teach your kids that games are different from real life, but in truth most of them are probably much more familiar with games than common adults. Not only that, but you mistake the definition of a 'gamer'. A gamer is someone who plays multiple games and actually tries to play competitively in hopes of one day becoming pro. Gaming isn't just about playing the game, you gotta try to actually improve and practise daily, looking at any mistakes you make in your gameplay. It's not an insult to be denied the name of gamer, in-fact it's fine to just be a casual player, not being a gamer doesn't mean your not good at the game.

While I agree with you for

While I agree with you for the most part, being a gamer has nothing to do with trying to be pro. You can most definitely still be a gamer, and even a hardcore gamer, and have nothing, or want nothing to do with the pro scene.

Read closer

He's talking about people who ONLY play CoD. If you only play one game, you're not a gamer in the sense of what is understood as a gamer. I personally play every genre under the sun (Or in this case under my roof). If you only play the generic shooter and sports game that are remade the exact same every year/few months, you are not a gamer, at all, no matter if you go to work or school, or take care of a family. If you feel the need to associate yourself as a gamer so much, then start playing other games.

Why is cod even an eSport?

apparently cod turned into an esport which is completely dumb because it is a community of players who play all night not train to be the best its also full of trickshotters which i have nothing against it but its dumb to be an eSport

******* ridiculous.

So you infer, from the company saying that they don't think of them as gamers, that they're ****? CoD may not be the best game out there, but it's not the ******* devil's game. Quit being such ******** about it.

Sure, but you're american too

Canadians are americans too - which continent you think you are in? I'll tell you - America. It's more correct to say not all americans say soccer (all countries in south of USA say futebol or futebole depending on spanish or portuguese) than to claim Canadians are not american too


I think the article has some things right in which ive a lot of mates and know others who just own the new Battlefeild or COD and is only game they play eva never anything is else. If that's the reason that the games never got any better then it's good to know cos wont buy anymore. It's a fun game yes but always being the same stops the play more than not

Gamer or not?

I've been playing Call of Duty since Cod 1 and United Offensive came out back when I was 6. I can honestly say I'm a hardcore gamer moving from PC to Playstation 1 to Xbox 360 and recently back to PC. I've played every CoD and owned every one but MW1 and 2. I'm still a hardcore gamer though due to my 300 game library on steam. I play Call of Duty a ton but I still have a huge variety of games all of which I love and play often. So what if people play CoD a lot, they can still be gamers.


How do you play CoD for so long and miss out on MW1? A game which genuinely re-defined the console shooter and is all-around considered the best installment and STILL considered a brilliant game to this very day. Which is more than can be said for the rest of the series.

doesnt refer to you then, bro.

they mean the majority of players, buy a system just for call of duty, buy all the call of duty's and nothing else, where as true gamers such as yourself would play a large variety. I know a few COD addicts that wont play anything but.

Then you clearly aren't part

Then you clearly aren't part of the majority that play CoD, true there are hardcore gamers like you who just love the series instead of playing it because of how mainstream it is, but a vast majority of the CoD player base is literally just playing it because so many other people are.

Da fuq

Think of being a gamer as a profession. A real/hardcore gamer can go into a game(I'll just throw in Wolfenstein since I just played that) they have never played, play it on the hardest difficulty, struggle a bit, get used to it and not struggle, find a few easter eggs on their own and beat the game within its est. play time. A "gamer" who only plays CoD will go into a game like Wolfenstein and play on the easiest difficulty, maybe struggle(depends) and not find a single easter egg(without looking it up), then finish the game.


Who decided what defines a "Hardcore gamer"? It's more of a oppinion then it is a fact. I play games for my own entertainment and i don't care if i'm called a "Hardcore gamer or a "Noob". It's just a freakin game so why point something like that out while making money out of it. That's the attitude you get when people make lots of money. they start talking about things that doesn't mean sh*t. Rubin is nothing more then a arrogant richy rich asswipe.

Well its true

Call of duty players, arent gamers, because the game is so easy, it has nothing to understand, its a game with "follow the green arrow" or "just run around in circles in hope to kill someone". Call of duty and fifa arent good games, they are total crap. A good gamer is the one that plays more than a variety of games, not just shooters and sports, because you are being a lazy *** and there is nothing you need to think about, like oh there is a guy *shoots him*, cod is bad for your mental state, and I bet most of the people in the comments will say "cod is an awesome game you **** head" and that is the language you learn in cod. Everyone that plays cod will defend it, even though its a ****** game with no need to think or solve puzzles.

Obviously you know nothing

Obviously you know nothing about competitive cod lol. Get off your high horse and stop thinking you're special because you stay away from mainstream first person shooters. You're probably upset because you suck at pubs on cod and manage to barely go positive. Try playing comp. Not as complex as DOTA or LoL, but it requires more of a brain than you have <3


some people say this to make the gamers have a hard time not sleeping or taking a bath for 2 days is already hardcore this company wants to kill the gamers why would they do that if they are making money


anything to distract from the fact that you almost KILLED the COD franchise with your ****** ghosts game. it now sells brand new in stores for $20. lol tell us about that.

lol, what?

I really don't see the point of all this arguing. If you play a game a few times a week for a few hours each session, then you're a game. A casual one, at best. To me, the hardcore gamers are NOT the ones who play hours upon hours at a time. A hardcore gamer, to me, is someone who plays games which requires timing and planning. For example: World of Warcraft. If you just play for fun for a few hours and aren't trying so hard to be the best or even on of the best, then you're just a gamer. Hardcore games om WoW are the ones who have raids planned out, ready-to-go groups of PvP, and are ready to join/lead people in a rather large event. Another example: CoD. I LOVE CoD and I play it quite a bit, but I'm just a gamer. Hardcore (COD) gamers (IMO) are the ones who rally their clan mates to do something like Clan Wars or make sure everyone gets the update for new maps and whatnot just to get ready for the next Clan Wars. As for me, I just like it because I find it fun. Hell, even BF4 was fun for me; I just wasn't all that good. IMO, a gamer is someone who has fun gaming. A hardcore gamer is someone who devotes plenty of their free time into being the best or one of the best.

Then what is a real gamer?

I think if you play video games, you're a gamer. Ive played video games since the 80's (and still do) and its been fun watching the evolution of gaming. COD is an excellent series, but to come out and say COD players aren't gamers... shame on you Infinity Ward. As games change, players change. And if you think about it, you created these players. What does that say about you?


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