Infinity Ward admits CoD players aren't gamers


In a revelation that isn't news to anyone, but is interesting to hear from the horse's mouth, Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin said in an interview with OXM, that he doesn't think there will be any big changes with the next-generation of Call of Duty games. Why? Because the fans of the game aren't hardcore gamers.

"It's kind of a weird, ironic thing to say," Rubin said "They aren't hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. And those guys are going to continue to play regardless of platform. So I think not only will we continue to engage with that existing player base, but we'll take next gen and see how far we can go with it."

He didn't go as far as to describe them as casual gamers, but we know what he's talking about. I'm sure we all have friends with Xbox 360s and PS3s and the only real games they buy them for are Call of Duty and FIFA - or for you Americans, your comparable sports title.

Compare that to the average PC gamer, who may play a lot of League of Legends, but chances are they have experience in RTS games, or puzzlers, perhaps a few shooters thrown in the mix. Likewise a lot of console gamers are multi-faceted, but there's definitely a veneer of console casuals that stick to the jock-like titles: sports and the blockbuster shoot'em ups without much of a skill curve.

Ultimately Rubin said, Infinity Ward can't change that much about Call of Duty, or it would end up alienating its players base.

Not too surprising a revelation, but what do you guys make of it?

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its seems more hardcore gamers have for the most part, moved away from story driven games, cause COD provides some competitive edge, but in shooters, someone has to be the victim, which really does over shadow any skill that may be needed in a shooter if any.


A lot of interesting comments and opinions. In my own after playing one match on the new cod sooo happy with not blowing cash on a single one after modern warfare 2. Been able to enjoy so many great games lol.

Mark wards comments

I think he's talking a load of b*****ks I am as of many of my friends are cod players But we also play a wide range of other games and have done since the PS1 and before , so to think he knows what every player has in there game collection is pretty dumb ...

Playing the same game night

Playing the same game night after night sounds pretty hardcore. Sorry if we can't afford tons of tons of games for our consoles. Also, what's with the comparison to PC gamers? PC games are a lot cheaper. Just sayin

What Is a Gamer?

I believe a gamer is someone who is passionate about games and the activity of gaming, and all it has to offer. Beyond the game itself. To reiterate, someone who plays one game, but is extremely passionate about the game may or may not be a gamer... If they go out of their way to find communities for the it, enjoy going to (or fantasizing about) conventions/tournaments for it, and their conversations revolve around said game. I'd call them a gamer. If the same person instead dumped hours into a multiple titles and genreas just to pass the time; doesn't care to share experiences with other people who play, and doesn't talk about the genre/game with friends, Is NOT a gamer. They are a player. Perhaps even a very good player. But not a gamer. Regardless of time spent. I would consider 9 year old who only plays CoD and FIFA, (and absolutely sucks bollocks) a gamer if he spends most of the time that he's NOT playing those games, doing something related to those games; Talking about it, hitting up forums, buying gear, etc. Now as older memebers of the gaming community it's our responsibility to lead the younger "CoD kiddies" to greener pastures (Everyone has to start somewhere..Pong wasn't exactly "riveting".) Conversely, you can absolutely be a pro player, and not a gamer, hence the verbiage of the term: pro "PLAYER". Being pro might be more like a job, than it is a hobby or pastime. A gamer is someone who likes games because of more than the immediate entertainment it provides. Gamers go to (or want to go to) conventions, tournaments, meetups, and other shindigs. Their friends are all (or mostly) like-minded gamers, or even players. They talk about gaming, buy gaming-related merchandise (on multiple occassions), they share their gaming experience with anyone and everyone willing to listen. These are the people who, if they went on to become a developer, you'd respond with "That doesn't surprise me." A fanboy is always a gamer, but a gamer is not always a fanboy. A gamer will readily, and easily switch between consoles, genres, and/or series if a different title,console, and/or series piques their interest. I myself sided with the 360 in the last-gen console race, switching to PS4 last year. PS4 was designed as a "gaming console," XBOX One was designed and advertised as a "Home entertainment system." I've since joined the echelons of the PC masterrace, but I still play on consoles, and even mobile. I have no loyalties except to gaming itself. Give me games that i'll enjoy, and I'll give you my money, I don't care what system or device it's on, I don't care about the company or previous titles. If the game is good, i'm good. If not, I'll sell that piece of crap for a real game. TL;DR A gamer is someone who enjoys gaming both for the entertainment, and the community aspect that gaming offers, AND is an active and willing participant in that community, no matter how broad or narrow the community happens to be. Being a Gamer is more than logging hours. It's how the experience is integrated in your daily life. All these next-gen games talk about how you can get "fully-immersed' into the game. But what I think separates a player from a gamer is how immersed the game is, into your life. Just my 2 copper pieces.

Ah the tired old arguement

Ah yes. The tired played out CoD arguement. Though, what they fail to realize is if you say CoD has no skill. And only learning curves, or games that break from the mold qualify gamers as TRUE gamers. Then THANK GOD I will never be apart of that crowd. Need I say more. Look where Halo got them. Still tossing out THE SAME GAME! Save earth, destroy the ring, beat the covenant who eventually are followed by the flood. At least in COD you went from WWII all the way to the future. Not in Halo 1-99. Now that game is for casuals. CoD. Depending on the title. IS much more fun then whatever (by their definition) is a true gamer game. And not a thing you can say can change that. End of story. (Oh, but please do post your counter troll comments trying to get back at me. I love to let the idiots point themselves out)

Ah the tired old arguement

Ah yes. The tired played out CoD arguement. Though, what they fail to realize is if you say CoD has no skill. And only learning curves, or games that break from the mold qualify gamers as TRUE gamers. Then THANK GOD I will never be apart of that crowd. Need I say more. Look where Halo got them. Still tossing out THE SAME GAME! Save earth, destroy the ring, beat the covenant who eventually are followed by the flood. At least in COD you went from WWII all the way to the future. Not in Halo 1-99. Now that game is for casuals. CoD. Depending on the title. IS much more fun then whatever (by their definition) is a true gamer game. And not a thing you can say can change that. End of story. (Oh, but please do post your counter troll comments trying to get back at me. I love to let the idiots point themselves out)

an offshoot?

make an offshoot/similar game like cod but with more tactics involved and higher skill ceiling. sometimes less is actually more (give only a few weapons and take out those messy perks). I guess make it a cross between counter strike and CoD's mechanics? like iron sights and stuff.

i started out playing on an

i started out playing on an atari and have worked my way up though each sega, nintendo, ps, and xbox. i couldnt tell you how many games ive played because ive lost count and have a gaming library that cost me about 8 grand, i love playing call of duty and it can take some serious skill when playing without a squad agains a good team, if you exclusively play one game with little or no prior gaming history you arent a gamer, experience all the riches that the world of games has to offer and expand to different genres i you want to consider yourself a gamer. TEKKEN/DESTINY/LEGACY of CAIN/EVE ONLINE/AMNESIA for the win. doesn't take any doesn't take any skill. The start of EVERY match begins with the team sprinting forward and throwing grenades in the air for the random first kills. Then there's the quick bloodbath in the middle....followed by nothing but campers who couldn't fight for their lives, but can hit you with a sniper rifle when you walk through their covered doorway. And there's always at least one ****** that decides guns are just too hard to use and runs straight at you with a knife and extra speed perks. There's next to no strategy, no communication, no one cares about objectives, or picking up dying team mates. A care package is twice as likely to be stolen by an *** on your own team as it is by the enemy. The game has a loyal following of 12 year olds who name themselves XxproscopexX or "leetskillz" or some other dumb ****.


this is actually a big one for cod players like me i mean cod is one of the famous game series so the people that they play it pay money to get it they play it every day if it is like that then battlefield gamers arent hardcore gamers same as gta gamers i mean he is actually an idiot

I play just about every game

I play just about every game that comes out and i also play every cod cause i still enjoy and i have since it started. Ive put mad hours into skyrim and the same into the black ops series and look forward to whats next. I would consider myself a hardcore gamer and my favorite game is the mass effect trilogy.

Battlefield like a simulator? You must be joking right?!

Simulator?! Im guessing you have never actually played a simulation game... Battlefield is like a cartoon.... just a cartoon with more explosions. There are only 3 shooting games I can think of that I would say has proper gun simulation... that's Arma 3, Red Orchestra 2 and Insurgency.. the rest is just same old same old arcade bullshit :-) FYI in a simulator you can not jump out of a plane no scope rocket kill a squad in a helo and land back in ur plane, real simulation physics wont allow for this. Battlefield is just CoD with tanks that is all.

Tac-Sim drought..

I know its a mod & not standalone yet, but dont sleep on BF:Project Reality. It (as well as ARMA & DCS:A10) has been my Mil-sim fix for like 5 yrs now... ever since Rainbow 6 went down the 3rd-person cover-based toilet. Now playing a 'sim' doesnt make u hardcore, but IMO the learning/skill curves are often more than casual gamers (or children) have the patience for.

really battlefield is like

really battlefield is like cod with tanks theres so many other features battlefield is more a simulator than cod will ever be. fair enough if you like cods type of game play but i prefer slightly more realistic style of game

People who are not gamers

I have been playing games for my entire life (the first time I used a computer i was 8 months old) and personal i don't play that much call of duty and I have never played FIFA but I dont get why people say that they are gamers when they only have a bout 3 games that they have ever played. I consider myself a gamer because I have a massive library of games across all genres (500 for pc, 156 for xbox, 50 for wii/gamecube, 16 playstaion games, 6 nentendo 64 games, 2 supper nentendo games, 7 Nentendo ds games, 5 game boy games, 8 saga games, 28 android games, and 1 hand held saga game) if you are one of the people I'm talking about and you know who you are then please don't call yourself a gamer unless you own and play a game from each of these genres because it gets annoying when some one is like I'm a gamer and then I ask them what games they have played and it is all from one genre and they have been playing for 1 or 2 years. so just stop it get so annoying and tics me off when they don't know the first thing about gaming but yet they have the nerve to say their a gamer.

I agree hugely with this.

I agree hugely with this. Girls and guys claiming to be gamers. "What do you play?" "CoD/Skyrim" "Do you play anything else?" "no" Then you aren't really a gamer. The skyrim part is the thing girls mostly tell me when they claim to be a gamer. It's not the entire player base though. 'Cause me and my friends play CoD, but I also have a library of at least 500 Ps3 games, and for PC I have civilisation, team fortress, killing floor, mount and blade, numerous MMO's, I also play League every day. So ya, it's kinda insulting when a person claims to be a gamer, and then only plays 1 game. Only kinda though, 'cause I don't care much. If you only play CoD, then we'll have fun on CoD and play together and have a laugh. If you play only Skyrim, then we'll share stories about how a dragon ate your face while you were searching for a rare flower.


Didn't realise "gamers" were so pretentious. The air of superiority coming off of the comments is just comical. If you like CoD you are inferior. This makes me laugh. Keep masturbating into socks

Your lack of insight and hypocrital pretension

The pretentiousness comes from these 'COD' people choking the market and servery limiting the variety in games developers have no intensive to create something new or innovative when they could just release the same old thing and sell more than the biggest blockbuster film if they do change something then people boycott it and they lose a lot of business resulting in pay offs the same people who rush developers to release a partially completed product because they can't comprehend that it takes time to make something great and genuine. Your attitude and lack of understanding is rampant and the reason why people who enjoy the art and hard work behind these games have to suffer.

He isn't saying that people

He isn't saying that people who play CoD are inferior. His statement is that if you don't play other genres than shooters and sports games then you aren't a gamer. Now if you play atleast 4 of all the genres out there then you are a gamer: Action, Adventure, RPG, Sports, Strategy, Fighting, FPS, etc.

well that didn't broaden things up

Well that really doesn't broaden things up cause how you said it makes it seem like you can call yourself a gamer if you play one sports, one shooter, one fighting, and one adventure game. what i consider a gamer is a person who literally play's every game and gives a game a chance and if he/she likes the game then ok cool and if they don't like they don't go all over youtube saying the game sucks because of such and such you need specific reasons why you dislike and don't recommend the game for instance i dislike Dark Souls because of the games mechanics like if your low health and you just literally slaughtered a whole castle and you do not have any usage on the flask then you got to rest at the bon fire you now just have to fight all the monsters/creatures/undead things all over again if you missed something or took the wrong turn that's the only reason i dislike it but if you dislike a game because of the graphics then sorry to say your not a gamer because all of the gaming devices in the past were even crappier because they used polygons (like metal gear, Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time i concider myself a gamer because i've played about every system beaten about almost every game for each system (sega genesis,atari,nintendo 64, SNES, gameboy pocket,etc.) and i currently hold the newest systems and i still have my ps3 and xbox 360 with hundreds of titles that includes the Call of duty and Battlefield and if im not a gamer then i don't know what is but i can certainly say im not a fanboy

Lets settle for a moment

I totally agree with the part that in order to be a gamer you at least need to have played one game per genre, and at least one game that is considered one of the best of all time. Now when you go to the part where it has to be a game per genre in every console that has seen the light, my guess is that now we are talking about "levels of gaming" so to speak. Seriously, we need a ranking standard for this. If i own only 2 consoles but i have the best games for them and i know them inside out and i play at least 1-2 hours a day, then i may be a level 2 gamer (again, this is an example). Now for the example that poster AK says about having every game of every console and still own them, that may be compared to a computer nerd, in the sense that his/her gaming knowledge surpasses by far the average. we need to remember that things are not black or white, even in games, there are levels... so the people that own a couple games and play only on weekends and call themselves gamers, well they may be level 1 gamers... but agreeing with everyone else, as level 1 gamers, they must know their place.

Anonymous is ******* gay DDoS me IRL see waht happpens

Action is very broad, RPGs may aswell be called action adventure games now, sports is casual af m8, strategy is dead and FPS is inflated with ****** cod clones. The only way to go is indie with stuff like wasteland 2, mount and blade and japanese dev **** like mgr or suda51 games. Casual gamers that enjoy cod aren't jaded because they've never played a good game which is good for them I suppose. Ur a fagget redditor tho


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