Japanese Tweet Leaks Nintendo 3DS Release Date

The pricing and release date of Nintendo's widely anticipated 3DS handheld are to be announced officially on September 29th, but a tweet from a Japanese designer might have revealed them 2 weeks earlier than Nintendo intended.

The tweet, translated from Japanese by 3DSblog.com, reads as follows: "On November 20th [Saturday], the 11 goods I designed for use with the 3DS will go on sale simultaneously. Those of you buying the 3DS, please buy them while you're at it! This will be officially announced on the homepage eventually, lol. Best regards."

The designer works for KeysFactory, a company which produces accessories and screen protectors for Nintendo DS handhelds.

It is worth noting that Nintendo is used to releasing new hardware on Saturdays and that the Nintendo DSi XL was released on Saturday November 21st last year.

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