Marvel is changing captain America's identity too

Yesterday the news broke that Marvel was changing Thor to a woman, having Odin's son stand down as the almighty thunder god after he is found not worthy of wielding his hammer Mjolnir. Now the comic book powerhouse has announced that Captain America will be changing too, with Steve Rogers, the original Captain since the 40s, stepping aside to make way for a new hero.

Taking over his role as the Captain, will be current Falcon, Sam Wilson, who made a prominent appearance in the recent Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.

However as BleedingCool points out, this isn't the first time Captain America has been a black superhero. Isaiah Bradley was one of the earliest results of fictional experiments that tried to emulate the Rogers' formula.

This announcement comes from an appearance by comic artist and writer, Joe Quesada, who visited the Colbert show to talk about the news. He also revealed that with Wilson stepping up to the plate, there was potentially an opening for a new Falcon. Colbert of course, suggested that he could fill the role nicely.

Any comic books fans here have a good idea who could be the new Falcon? And what do you think of Steven Rogers stepping down? It's being implied by Marvel that a lot of the old guard could be stepping aside. Will they continue their adventures elsewhere and will they make a return in the future?

What do you think?

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Who cares Disney owns Marvel now, that damn mouse f*cked up all, with this gender/ethnic equality or some sh*t like that. Marvel you will regret this some day haha.


wtf wats nest hulk becomes a muteded green hooker or iron man becomes a black guys who has golden teeth and 50 cent tatoo on his back and wile u r at it make fury into whit bitch and make some other guys like loke or mandrin gay

Thor was most certainly not a

Thor was most certainly not a woman. I would expect you americans to take a few liberties, but changing the gender of one of my ancient Gods is one too many.. Marvel boycott here I come. What you do with captain america I don't care...

Just a reminder: gods do not

Just a reminder: gods do not exist, kinda a silly thing to boycott over, I mean fair enough if you liked the character as is then boycott away, but to pull the god card seriously, Thor will still exist in his current form he just won't have his hammer, I am guessing as the story stated he will be giving up the source of his some of his power but I doubt the female wielder will go by the name 'Thor', doesn't really sound like a female name now does it.


Ok so Thor, a god, is not a guy anymore, he's a woman. And the captain america is now a black dude.. welcome to america. Waiting for Wolverine to become a dolphin.. with claws. Black dolphin female that is.

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