Microsoft Admits Its Game Streaming Service Is "Cool But Problematic"

Six months ago Don Mattrick, then the head of Microsoft's interactive entertainment division, announced that Xbox One won't support Xbox 360 games in any way.

Mattrick believed that "if you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards" and that design for the new console shouldn't be shackled up by backward compatibility constraints. Nonetheless, the company is not blind to its consumers' demands and hence it experimented with game streaming as a way to offer Xbox 360 on Xbox One, PC and Windows Phones.

According to Microsoft executive Albert Penello, the company's experimentation with game streaming has been " really cool and really problematic, all at the same time, insofar as it's really super cool if you happen to have the world's most awesome internet connection. It works way better than you'd expect it to."

Clearly, those problems will have to be addressed before Microsoft can launch its game streaming service. On the other side, Sony has already announced that PlayStation 3 games streaming will be enabled for PS4 players sometime in 2014. Penello isn’t sure how they plan to do so, but he is "really interested" to see if they managed to overcome the connection problems baffling Microsoft.

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i dont get it

why don't they just use some built in emulator to be backward compatible?! we can already emulate ps1,ps2,psp, im sure they can make their own ps3 emulator and embed it in the ps4. why dont they do this?!

You fail to realize the

You fail to realize the obvious even though you seem to know of console emulation. Think of the kind of hardware you need to run pcsx2 at 60 fps, regardless of the game and without lowering graphic options, now compare it to the ps2's actual hardware and realize how big a gap there is. The ps4 doesn't have nearly enough power to run a ps3 emulator at full speed, the same can be said about the xb1 and a 360 emulator.

Because they are only trying

Because they are only trying to milk gamers a little more, if they offered you the opportunity to play your old games you would probably buy less of the new ones. They want this streaming service on so they can ask you to pay again for what you already own. captcha: thinking cap

also needless cost

A lot of people were happy to hear the ps3 was backwards compatible when it came out but how many people actually used it that function much? When given the opportunity to play games that look and feel 50x better most people rarely look back. And how many games when you played them years later when they were made available on the store weren't as good as you remember them anyway?


Nothing was left out of the new generation of consoles, You bought a new console to play new games, only problem I see with playing your old games is if there's a magical curse that makes your old console vanish when you purchase a new one. I don't understand peoples desire to play their out of date games, it's not like they're Mmorpg's.


That must really fill Xbox users with allot of optimism when it come to relying on Microsoft 'cloud processing' to fill the void left by the cheap parts they've out into the console.

Streaming can be good for

Streaming can be good for Japanese RPGs or other types of games that does not require fast reaction times but if you play a FPS/Racing game with streaming you deserve your problems. Consoles are little PCs with expensive games that all become obsolete the day a new generation of console pops in. It's made to make you pay as much as possible and there are still millions of people that doesn't get it. Hell even the microphones are not retro-compatible how more obvious can it get?


Wouldnt it be feasable to redesign the 360 OS on the xbone hardware, make that a downloadable os and have a dual boot option when turning on the xbone? Guess im thinking pc here but isnt that what these consoles are? Anyone remember the ps3 fiasco with them taking away the install other os? This would solve the backwards compatability since these consoles are so advanced and borderline PC. But i may be wrong with this thinking and if anyone could correct me, please do.

Not feasible, the 360 uses a

Not feasible, the 360 uses a different architecture than PCs (x86 for pcs, PowerPC for 360), that means the cpu's have different instruction sets and therefore cannot run code made for the other platform. The one way to pull it off via software only would be full emulation of the 360 hardware, which requires the xbone to be much more power than it is to be able to run the games.


i understand the architecture is different and i know these companies will be too lazy and greedy to go to lengths to allow such methods of using there consoles. but here we are with them doing cloud gaming and really if they cant get it anywhere close to how Onlive was, then its pointless. Now that would mean more servers, subscription, limited games. Beauty of pc is how much configuration is allowed to play older games, open to upgrades for new games. on average, a pc gamer spends as much on hardware as a console player is getting a new system. now im only talking regular pc gamers that dont strive for super hi-res gaming with insane video cards and memory. im talking nice pc rig, with a new video card, memory, harddrive averaging $4-500. not gonna jump ship with the new consoles for a while. im seeing plenty of console games coming over to pc as well and with better features and mod communities. im still curious how things will turn out and who will actually stay on top and offer the most to console gamers. my rig is more than sufficient to play all these games and not break a sweat and technically it has costed me 600 and that was just transfering hdd, case and power supply. only upgrade was board, cpu, memory and video card will still room to add if i really wanted to. to be honest, i havent bought a console game in over a year and that was borderlands 2. PC is the way to go and people need to embrace that.

No, you managed to completely

No, you managed to completely miss the point somehow. The problem is that people want to play their 360 games on other platforms that aren't really compatible with it. That said, OnLive made streaming games work just fine, the internet connection issue is a microsoft thing.

The thing is.....

The thing is, many people dont have the room to keep stacking consoles upon consoles when new things come out. PCs are upgrades, Dvd players and tvs are replaced entirely. Since the Wii, u were able to play the entire gamecube library with no problem to also include controller support and downloadable games from past console models. its a convenience to have a newer console to play the older ones without the hassle of changing inputs or even digging it up cause u dont have the room. xbox-xbox360 was limited compatability. ps1-ps2 was full support, ps2-ps3 was limited to almost null as they kept making new designs and taking away for cost. so unless u dont mind having a pyramid of consoles, then by all means do what makes u happy. there are those that want that convenience, but we all know its business and they in it for the money and people will pay regardless of all the bitching and griping.

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