Microsoft Admits Large Number Of Halo: Reach Discs Are Unreadable

Hours after finding out that Halo: Reach co-op multiplayer is unplayable on the 4GB slim Xbox 360, a large number of Halo: Reach players reported that the game discs they received are unreadable.

Microsoft has acknowledged both problems and assured Reach fans that it is working hard to release a solution for both problems as soon as possible.

Problems aside, Halo: Reach has been well received by fans and critics alike and has achieved a metacritic score of 92.

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Halo reach os the piece of shit here not the xbox guys every other disc i play works easily, i have a problem with halo not xbox or microsoft,don't blame it on em. BLAME IT ON HALO!!!!!

be smart

Last week I purchase 2 games at BEST BUY ,RAINBOWSIX VEGAS 2 and GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER,I know that those 2 games are a little bit older from the original released date,but guess what I only pay $9.00 each.and I love it..I figure that someone rushed to buy those game and pay $50 for it.I never buy a game that is brand new I wait till the price go down and then get please Go ahead rush and buy the game that may not work..I pay $100..I will get the same game for $20 or less..

Thank you to all suckers..

well atleast the console

well atleast the console kiddies can finally see exactly why PC gaming is pretty much dead

long ago the big suits realized they could just released half finished games for a quick money grab and release a patch later

that worked so well and now with customers flocking to the forums to report issues lets just fire the testers and let the customer do it

and now here we are today these suits have been testing to see if they can get away with the same thing on consoles and so far its going great for them

PC gaming is hanging on by a thread and consoles will go the same way, really is kinda funny how these greedy suits want more and more money for their products but they are the same people that will ultimately destroy the industry

what can i say...

it amazes me that people still have faith in microsoft, and keep buying their crap. a product should work when you buy it. and as for discs not reading... what kind of low quality discs are they using? my faith in microsoft ran out years ago. they cant even get the hardware right either. im not a ps3 fan, but i will say this... if its got sony on it, its top quality. take a leaf out of sony's book microsoft. get a research and development team.


I swear the new way's that game desighners are developing and releasing tittles is so crap... all too often these ays you buy a product that is obviously incomplete or in seriouse need of patching before you play... not to mention on pc where you can spend $100 on a game only to have it not work till a patch is applied but then you find that "in my case blizzard uploader" the downloader provided by the company wont always work withought a deep knowledge of pc hardware and configuring wich screws most people straight away and the company is too stupid to provide a link to a manual patch download on there site.

people whatever happened to the days where they took the time to finish a game instead of just releasing it for the freekin holidays.... bring back the days of old fashioned console games at least they worked!

Kill Microsoft

Wow thats about the saddest thing I ever heard, For a Massive company like microsoft to realease a video game that is un readable? like wtf? do they even bother testing games anymore. Seriously if I bought a car that didnt drive I'd sue you blind. Everyone that bought a game that doesnt read should start a law suit. thats about the most ingorant rushed crap i've ever heard of....just toss the game out onto the market ASAP who gives a shit if it even works? FUCK YOU MICROSOFT,
I've never seen a company that cared less about the quality of their products, I bought 3 xbox 360's last month all 3 stopped reading and playing games in under 1 week each, returned all 3 and bought a ps3.
Microsoft = FAIL

They really suck but...

This really was a big failure, but questioning if they test games is pretty dumb of you. Not a single game company that has ever existed has tested every disc before selling them. Its economically impossible to do so and make any kind of profit.

Yes its true that their products tend to be faulty, but hey... it's your fault if you keep buying them and getting stressed over it.

but what?

they have a master disc that they use to mass produce the game. they don't test every disc because every one of them is a exact copy of the master but if your dumb enough not to test it before you send it out to be mass produced then you should be sued. Microsoft is not a bad computer software company but who said they should go into making game systems should be shot by a firing squad.

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