Microsoft And Sony Readying Next Gen Consoles For 2012 Release

According to Edge magazine's sources, Ubisoft Montreal is already developing content for the Xbox 360 successor using "target boxes" that are designed to emulate the system's intended specs. The same source also said that they expect to receive the first genuine dev kit before Christmas.

Those target boxes are said to be PCs that contain off the shelf components as well as GPUs from AMD. There are also reports that other developers such as EA are also in obsession of target boxes.

Edge magazine also revealed with absolute confidence that one major Sony-owned studio has now ceased PlayStation 3 development entirely, shifting its focus to developing content for its successor.

It is reasonable that Microsoft and Sony don't want to give Nintendo's Wii U a considerable head start, but is there really need for new consoles now?

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Highly doubt it. The

Highly doubt it. The likelihood of cloud taking over or as you might call it "On-live" which runs its games to customers via internet connection. Well the odds aren't any time soon for that market to take over, i say maybe 20-30yrs down the line.

Do we need new consoles. Yes

Do we need new consoles. Yes we do. Have you played BF3 on PS3/360 and then gone home and played it on a PC. Literally the PC has outdated the console by a long shot. All i can say is, its about damn time! 5yr cycle is the max amount of time for a console, and even then i still believe 5 is pushing it.

The PC outdated them before they were even born.

I find it kinda funny that they're using "off the shelf" PC components. Cheaper, easier & better to do it that way. Obviously they're learning from the past mistake that custom designing some non-standard way of doing something just to do it different is unsustainable. No matter what they do, time will kill it. The PC will kill it. For a console to compete w/a PC, it must become a PC. When it does that, it's no longer a console & you then have the obvious answer to the most important question. What the fuck is the point of a stand alone console in the first place?


Really? 32X AA? I didn't even know such a thing existed. I can't imagine why it would need to, especially @ resolutions @ or above 1080p. What the fuck, seriously, is the purpose of having, and/or using 32X AA? Unless you're sitting 10 feet away from a 10 foot wide screen, this is a massive mystery to me. Your new console, is not going to do 32X AA.

every port to the 360 is better than the ps3

Compare games like Crysis 2 on the xbox to ps3 and always the 360 is on top..the 360 had a higher resoultion on Crysis 2 compared to the ps3 version. There were less jaggies on the 360 (xAA. The PS3 is the most over-rated console of all time...where are the photo realistic graphics? forza 4 KILLS GTA5 in graphics..go on people, compare if you disagree, compare crysis 2 also if you disagree. I lOVE graphics and I choose the best console and its the 360 if it was the the ps3 then it would be. I bought the playstaion on day 1 and i was disapointed weeks later. I love xbox live and the 3d avatars...i love kinect and what it could do for games...I love the friendly modern xbox interface and constant new updates we get..the psn is old..the interface looks old and plain. ps3 cant argue that...if you do then your not a gamer and you dont undrestand graphics/textures. by the way...i love the xbox 360 controller! fits like a glove..greatest controller ever..the ps3 really got kicked in the face by using the same old crappy controller.

not everything

i guess you forgot FF13, it does look better on PS3 than on 360,Super Street Fighter 4 has better controls with PS3 controller versus 360 controller according to the pros., of course nothing beats the arcade controller.
And face it comparing forza to GT is not valid for they are not the same game thus containing different code, want people to take your opinion as valid? then please use valid comparisons.
The truth is some games are better in one console, some games are better in another console, and there are graphic differences in in certain games for both consoles, it depends on the producer of the game and how much money console makers have invested in the game company.
I've never owned a xbox before, i have all 3 PS, the only reason is because I am a big rpg fan and get a lot of open region games from japan and they usually are only for PS, my FPS games are all PC because i think nothing beats the mouse, but that is my opinion, don't give a crap about graphics, only thing that matters for me is playability and story.

Ready for PS4 already?

I'm gonna make a guess and say the next gen console will be out 2013 Q3. One could say it's about time for the PS4, PS3 will have been out about 7 years. But I think there's still a majority of people who haven't gotten the full enjoyment of PS3 yet, things like: 1080p gaming on 40in+ screens, 3D gaming or 7.1 surround sound. Or maybe it's just me that's a step behind current gen, with my 32in lcd, and 505w 5.1.

You do realize most of the

You do realize most of the xbox dashboard menu comes from the internet right? Games for download, demos, videos, music, friends, news and whatnot. It's not like they can magically set your connection speed to 50mbps with a new console. I'm not saying their wireless is as good as an 802.11n card but who knows, it might not even be entirely their fault.

yes we are ready for next consoles

fact graphics are not getting any better thsn they were 1 year ago both 360 and ps3 have hit a dead end.. they only hide graphical limitations which are actually easy to spot for anyone who runs them side by side with pc version (need for speed the run not withstanding)in fact a lot of times anyone whos ever spent more than 10 mins playing pc version will tell you this


Next time you can't resist posting something consider doing so in proper english. That way other humans might actually understand what you're trying to say.

What are you talking about grammar?

I must say, the comment you refer to is brilliant compared to most of the trash you see on the internet these days.
There is almost nothing wrong with it. If you want to be really picky it could do with an 'I' and a period in the last sentence.

Get back under your bridge.

And in response to the article, yes we need new consoles.
Sony has clearly shown it doesn't want to support their ps3 (play TV anyone), all they care about it is making sure you can't use the product you bought, and own, the way you want to.

Their ultimate media hub could be so much better but they have hardly put any effort into it's media centre attributes since launch (when streaming media from another device you can't even make a play list, or select a song while another song is still playing!).
So maybe if they release something new it might be a usable media hub and a games console.

Xbox (and the rest) definitely need a hardware update.
I think microsoft needs to stop releasing multiple versions as well as that is the worst problem they have (aside from the cost cutting RROD debacle). Developers have to develop for the lowest common denominator. So people with the hard drives (or the HD DVD drives :)) lose out because developers can't expect everyone to have that hardware. It's annoying fragmentation.

To be honest I don't care what nintendo do any more, which is a shame because up until the N64 they were so great. But they won't give up easily and will be around a while yet (and until recently they were still making a lot of money despite what I think of their products).

Gaming on PC's is great, I love it, but it is not viable for a lot of people. To play the latest games you have to upgrade your hardware somewhat regularly. For people who don't care about that a console is much better because games are made specifically for your hardware.

Also, at least in my country, houses are getting smaller as populations increase, meaning a lot of people don't have the space for a study or a desktop computer, and a huge number of people prefer the convenience of laptops and don't want multiple computers. Although I know laptops these days are plenty capable of running latest games.
Plus, a lot of people prefer to play games in lower res on a huge TV screen, instead of perfect graphics on a smaller computer monitor.
And on top of that, it is far less risky for games developers to release for consoles because piracy problems are far greater and harder to combat on PC. We will start to pay the price for so many years of stealing PC games.

So as much as I hate to say it, I think PC gaming as we currently know it is on the decline. Not dying (yet) but on the decline.

So we need to keep the consoles coming at a reasonable rate.
There are a hell of a lot of people who will buy the latest and greatest, even if it was released every month, and it has been a reasonable amount of years now since the last gen released.

They will of course still sell this gen side by side (at least sony will, I'm not sure about microsoft after they stiffed the original xbox owners, me included, by immediately dropping all support). Sony could still be selling ps3's for years at lower and lower prices while people who want it can go out and buy a ps4.

They've been delaying for too long with all their money wasting add on peripherals, give us next gen!


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I tried HTML line breaks and they worked in the preview but not when I submitted.

Hmmm. HTML worked in preview... XSS anyone? :) - Just kidding, I'm sure they have that covered.

Damn, now no one will read my post.

"Excuse me?"

I could of used "Acronyms" and "Abbreviations" or "slang" and ended up sounding like a complete retard. Instead of just using this cheap insult, why don't you enlighten all of us and point out where it is I've made the mistake.

Stop using this cheap insult,

Stop using this cheap insult, maybe english is not his native language and even if someone is saying something you disagree with, it would be better not to answer in that way.And i understood him just fine.You know the internet is used by people all over the world and not all of the world is speaking or writing english perfectly.


English is not my first language either, however I don't use that as an excuse to hide my lack of effort in learning a new language. If I can, anyone can. That's because I'm a person like anyone and everyone else. Stop trying to defend ignorance and lack of dedication by others, the last thing we need are more lazy people who think doing things in a half-assed manner is good enough.

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