Microsoft Bans Xbox Live Avatar Weapons

Microsoft has decided to start the new year by removing all "gun-like" items from the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace, Epic Game's community manager revealed.

The new policy will take effect starting January 1st, 2012. Items that have been bought prior to that date will remain unaffected. The policy applies to avatar weapons only and it doesn't affect in-game items and DLCs.

Microsoft didn't comment or give reasons for the weird policy change.

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Lowest Common Denominator

GUNS ARE EVIL, SCARY, AND BAD, THE MAJORITY OF XBOX PURCHASERS (moms) AGREE.>> Its really simple, get rid of the guns and the people who are offended by it will be happy and those that liked their guns may bitch but still buy. Think of it like the movie industry, sure another Mission Impossible, or Adam Sandler movie with a re-re-recycled plot device may seem stupid and shallow to ME but to most sports-watching, high school educated morons will think it awesome because it has Tom Cruise and explosions.


you need to look at it like this guys. WHen a certain item is not selling good a good company axes it because its not worth the time of money making it. so what micro soft are doing is telling people they are going to remove the guns on avatars to boost the sales before they get rid of them. it like a closing down sale

I would do that too.

If you want to prevent mass gun sales and you had no means, I would do that myself. Guns are made to end the life of something living. But on the other hand, virtual items could also have an effect in easing off people from buying the real thing. Its the GTA thing all over again. If you do it in the game, will you do it in real life?? But if you look at it moneywi$e, Micro$oft rejecting the sale of virtual items is quite new to me. Normally money first. But this time theres something wierd going on here.

No I won't.

Are you a retard, or a woman? Or a right wing religious whacko? You think that if someone can't buy or use a gun in a game that they might be less inclined to do so in the real world? Am I reading you right? Did you really just say that? Really?

Guns are also made for target practice (sport), incapacitation, deterrents & to damage non-living things like the tires of a getaway car.

I think even something like your mom having sex with your dad would seem weird to you.


Thanks for that. Maybe it has something to do with the government trying to take peoples guns away, without having (yet) to physically try to take them away. So that way Americunts will be less likely & less able to fight a civil war.

Quoting one of the news articles...

"Despite the surge in sales, only 36.5 per cent of American houses own guns." So if you knock on an American home, 1 out of 3 homes have a gun somewhere in there. Now to figure out what the chances are of a lunatic opening the door with their gun pointed at you first. And the words "Who the hell are you! Get off my property or I will shoot!" ...

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