Microsoft to debut DirectX12 at GDC

If you've found yourself thinking that it's been a long time since there was a meaningful update to Microsoft's DirectX API, you wouldn't be wrong. DX11 was released back in 2009 and since then there's only been a couple of small scale updates, but with continued development of openGL and AMD's Mantle nipping at its heels, the software giant is finally pushing out DirectX12 and it's set to unveil it at the Games Developer Conference on March 20th.

We heard a bit about this a couple of weeks ago, when a brief for the event appeared on the GDC website, but now it's completely official. Really, just look at that thumbnail image.

It'll be interesting to see what new features the next generation will bring, beyond the presumed lower level hardware access for developers. With DirectX11 we got better multithreading support and Tessellation, which saw all sorts of 3D shapes appear from previously flat surfaces.

However something we can guess from the big green image up there on the left, is that with Qualcomm's name appearing at the bottom alongside traditional graphics partners AMD, Intel and Nvidia, we should be seeing DirectX making its way to tablets and Windows smartphones. That could mean we're looking at a real mobile graphics war, since OpenGL has already seen a lot of usage for high-fidelity mobile gaming.

The question is, can a new DX compete?

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Actually, quality is absolutely not synonymous with profitability. I'll admit that there's little out there to challenge M$ garbage but that's because they/he pioneered technology & gained a monopolistic old on the market. Just like Bell did. Doesn't mean they do it better just because they did it first or make the most money from their unfair & greedy business practices. Bill Gates is awesome, since he is NOT the worlds richest person, but his company is sorta ****. They'll no doubt try to force the sale of another *******OS just to get DX12 functionality.

This is what people don't

This is what people don't understand. Unless the game is PC exclusive it won't look better on PC. Not for a while at least. Why? Because if a company these days create a game that's multiplatform (PC, Xbone, PS4) they're not going to re-create, or modify the assets for a specific platform, so they're always going to create it to work on the slowest machine. So in a year or so, when PC's are clearly faster, any new multiplatform game is going to be made to work well on the PS4 and Xbone, and it won't look any different on PC. This isn't the early 2000's where they could afford to spend time and make PC specific assets. I'm a PC gamer, because I like the mouse and keyboard for my shooters and RTS, I've given up on the whole PC looks better thing, it just isn't true and it won't be again for a few years. It's ONLY TRUE for PC exclusive games. But lets be honest the only PC exclusive games are going to be MMORPG and RTS which neither are known for trying to break the graphical barriers yet. Face it, you're delusional.

Not sure which world you've

Not sure which world you've been living in, but it sure isn't the real one. In the real world even one of the shittiest companies to ever poison the gaming industry has released higher quality assets just for the PC version (EA - Dragon Age 2 for example), so if they are willing to do it, mostly anyone is. There's also Tomb Raider, BF4 and many others.

A bunch of PC versions of

A bunch of PC versions of console games come with a TONNE of graphical fidelity updates, like higher resolution textures and options for different lighting, AO and AA models to be employed. Thief, Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light all come to mind off the top of my head. Yes, they'll never look as good as if they were mad exclusively for PC, but it's abnormal for corners to be cut so much that console versions look identical.

Think you missed his point by

Think you missed his point by a lot. Saying no matter how powerful your PC is, unless the game is made for PC only, it will be designed to run on the weaker specs of the consoles the game will be launched on. For PC versions they do tend to add in more options to make it look nicer, but if BF4 had been PC only it would look even better then it does now. In general mods are made to make PC games look better, such as Skyrim where people made even higher res textures, then the official ones. Even the mass effect series has HD texture packs made by people to make it look better.


DirectX is old...there is no real improvement here, they're just updating it because of all the new hardware. AMD's Mantle is going to bury DX in a few years.

If you look at Moor's law

If you look at Moor's law then actually they are. We should technically be using quantum chips, not this 1980s crap. There's only so many ways they can feed us silicon chips before they melt the processors.

Since moor's law is the

Since moor's law is the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. It would have nothing to do with what chips are inside a computer. If you check cpu and gpu, they have been keeping up and in some cases over taking his observations.

But Moore's law is

But Moore's law is exponential at the same time, that argument is now 2 decades old. Suffice to say they can do allot with silicon chips still, it is however nearing a point where we will start seeing a new line of chips being utilized in other ways. Before we eventually have to move to quantum. Think of computing as the car industry, it knows we need change. But they can still squeeze more profit out of it yet.

It's not so much about

It's not so much about squeezing profit as it is about developing functional quantum computers about the same size as a desktop pc. Honestly, do you think all they have to do is press a button at the factory and BAM quantum computers? Currently researchers are still counting the qbits they can use in the hundreds, compare that to the amount of transistors we have in a silicon pc and you'll see quantum computers are still a ways away from being on our homes.


WAA WAA I WANT MY QUANTUM BOTTLE WAA!! There that concludes my argument. On another note think about vacuum tubes, I bet most research got bogged down by the same tight grip. To think that the average cell phone today holds more power than yester years super machines.

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