Microsoft Patents A Kinect System That Spies On You

Microsoft has filed a patent application for a system that leverages Kinect as a darker and more Orwellian version of 1984’s telescreen.

“A content presentation system and method allowing content providers to regulate the presentation of content on a per-user-view basis,” Microsoft described the system in the patent application.

The new system takes advantage of Kinect’s image processing capabilities to count the number of people watching and charge them automatically or turn the TV off if the number of viewers exceeds the license they paid for.

“Content is distributed an associated license option on the number of individual consumers or viewers allowed to consume the content. Consumers are presented with a content selection and a choice of licenses allowing consumption of the content. The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken.”

The system is also able to detect the viewers’ ages and enforce age restrictions.

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In hackers we trust

This technology will make the paranoid people"you know you pot smokers" refuse to capture such technolgy in a group of people one or two people will quickly find out how faithfull their friends are when the told to get the **** out.discrimination of our rights freedoms & feelings. Put that in a microwave!! When a new game copy is played, the console ties the game copy to itself by writing its ID on the disc’s RFID tag. When that game disc is inserted into another console, the console’s RFID reader will read that info and refuse to run it. wont it suck when my daughter wants to play a game and because she first installed it on my 60 gig playstation it wont work on the new 500 gig for example. If the use only on the one machine and the "newer one that the allways release a few months l8rz sonys ceo can then suck my lillie white ****-a-dodol-do. Like come on you put a baby in a microwave What on earth do you think will happen! “As a result,” the hacking has commenced! _________________________________ In hackers we trust;==========


Those ******** never ******* quit do they? I can't believe more of you ******* illiterate deuces aren't pullin' "**** yous" out all over the place after reading that. Even just patenting it is ******* ridiculous. M$ isn't just a giant corporate con-artist, it wants to be the biggest, if not the only con-artist around. Like no one would hack it. How long was it before Kinect was being used with PCs? ******* morons never learn. Hence the term moron, I guess.

Just wow...

One day I commented on a post "The Xbox is going down" and now I can say, Microsoft with Windows 8 and Xbox it's going down!! I mean they are copying everyone with everything like, the name for programs "apps" from Apple, touch devices from iPhone and Android, even the store. I don't know what they think the are doing but the moment will come and the people will say "You know, I'll stay with Linux and Apple, and I have clear that almost everything we use it's made in Windows BUT!!, the good Windows... like XP and 7. But that is not a reason to trash yourself and the company.


u must be retarted or some thing, not only microsoft took the touch screen idea, but evrey other companies out there, so shut up, they are made regular standards

Make sure you don't have any

Make sure you don't have any naked children or we might've just scored a wide range of pedophiles watching naked little children. :P It is one thing to be watching naked adults viewing TV, but imagine if it were naked children watching.


Doesn't pass a week without reading something regarding consoles these days. Good thing I'm not into consoles, for me the console era ended with the ps2 and 1st xbox, Now it's just garbage all the way, restrictions, technical problems and even better they want to spy? Oh and about the age restriction thing I played MK2 and Doom when I was 10 years old. To make matters straight: If I want to play in my living room on a big screen I'll just use hdmi from pc and attach a gamepad or cordless keyboard/mouse, I get my games 10euros cheaper than consoles and most importantly, I'm in control of what I own not the other way. Try harder trashsoft.
You voted 'no'.

No big deal...

If you have five folk watching something only for four folk... move the kinect so it wont pick up all five people :P. Or better still... unplug the kinect. M$ cant start forcing you to buy a kinect to watch or play stuff that does not actully require it. Think this is just a random idea they had and patented it just so no one else does it. It does not mean it will ever come to light.

You're probably right about

You're probably right about this idea never seeing the light of day. However you're quite wrong if you think they can't force you to get one. Making an app that requires kinect to be plugged and requires it to see people in order to play the show is quite feasible in the hypothetic scenario that this trash tech were to ever be released. As for pointing it sideways so it sees less people, there are ways to deal with that too such as it keeping an image of your living room and matching it against the background to make sure you didn't just move it sideways.


Perhaps they can force the kinect to do all the things you mentioned, but there are many ways to trick the kinect that I do not think they were serious about it. You can cover it a cloth, you can shine a light to it to make the lense not see well, you can point it somewhere else... it is highly improbable that Microsoft will be able to control all these variables in the near future. If they ever achieve it & enforce it, they would become major dicks and become like Apple: greedy and control *****. Apple. At this point we only know a patent was filed. My optimistic side likes to believe they just wanted to the first company to register the idea, if this conclusion proves wrong and they enforce that ****, good bye Xbox as a content consumption device. With the many options out there who would stick to that **** to watch movies?

are people actually suprised

are people actually suprised about this? windows has had a backdoor in it for years...and people seem suprised that a company like microsoft would patent something like this? wake up people... and on a side note...regarding owell's telescreen...anyone who thinks that george orwell wrote 1984 from his own imagination needs to pull their head from up their ***. a good place to start would be www dot davidicke dot com

New era of movie going

Maybe they want to bring new release movies to the living room. A concept not too far out if you think about it. Cinemas keep getting costly and if movies can be played directly to your tv on the release day It would be something I see this technology being a part that makes it possible. Making sure that you don't have more people watching than the ones you paid for. And the age things is to keep the politics aspect of it in check. Lets just hope I'm right and on 2013 we can watch new releases at home with way cheaper concessions on our own home theater systems.


I don't see why all of you are ******** over something thats not a requirement to enjoy the xbox, I never plan to ever own a kinect or ever purchase a newer version in the future.

And Apple? Sony? They Control **** Worst

Meh we do not know Microsoft's purpose with this patent. They could be up to very good innovative ideas that they want to protect. In the other hand, it is Apple that has proven to be a control and money ****. Fan boys never ***** because they are accustomed to Apple control. On the other hand a company known for its flexibility tries to establish something rigid, people will go more ape ****.


It's just disturbing a company would even do something like that. It's just wrong. Charge per user basis, turn off if too many viewers. The hell with it. I'll stop watching shows and owning an xbox if they do that, it's just vile. The humanity is lost with that sort of cold business execution.


Thats one way to hinder your product... lmfao who in there right mind would purchase something that literally WATCHES you and determines wether the amount of people in the room is too many.. waste of tech...

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