Microsoft Pledges 1 Billion USD To Advertise Kinect And WP7

In a move that reflects the importance of both platforms for Microsoft, the company has pledged to spend 1 billion U.S. Dollars to promote its new Windows Phone 7 line as well as its recently launched Xbox 360 motion sensing controller, Kinect.

The Billion dollars will be split almost equally between the two platforms.

Kinect's $500 million will be used to air ads on Nickelodeon and Disney's websites; the popular ABC "Dancing with the Stars" reality TV show and Fox's "Glee"; Time Inc.'s magazinesPeople and InStyle;

Windows Phone 7 advertising campaign has already started with a series of ads which emphasizes on the new platform's focus on letting users perform tasks quickly and "get back to life."

Additionally, a Times Square Event, a YouTube page takeover, a Kellogg's cereal promotion, a Pepsi promotion, and a Burger King promotion are all planned to promote both Kinect and Windows Phone 7.

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Kenect is more for the family market, not HC gamers...

I think you guys are looking at this from the wrong angle.

MS is not selling the kenect to HC Gamers..they are selling it to families.

MS already has a the HC gamer market down. why would they invest millions of more dollars to people that already have the system....

This is surplus money they have made off the xbox and now they are trying to market their product to different kinds of users.

It might fail, it might succeed. Will it benifit hardcore gamers, maybe. I don't think that is MS's strategy though.

These guys at MS are not stupid. There is a very good reason they picked the shows and products to do advertisments with.

I guess only time will tell if this experiment works or not.



GOOO!! Microsoft Go!

Throw millions of dollars at forcing your inferior product in childrens faces. We all know the only way you could ever win a console war is to throw money at it. Sadly (for you), true gamers are starting to realize that games aren't about advertising and money and who has the latest system/add on etc. Games are ART, and you can't take that away!!


I don't really think any amount of money will matter. I just want to play games, all these Gimic Joystics just add to the annoyance and eventually I won't purchase it anyways. It's just a load of crap. Wave a silly hunk of plastic around, no thanks, that be the main reason h8 the Wii. Save your Billion dollars and make a cool game. Trying to cash in on Nintendos success will fail. Hardcore gamers don't give 2 shit..s about your silly joystick, 1 billion marketing or not, No hARdcore gamer cares and most of your userbase is HardCore so save your time and money, it's just going to fail like sonys old motion camera did in the early days.


i believe kinect might be a gimmick, but sony's move works better than wii's and so much more responsive due to the eyetoy. i play wii a fair bit with my parents or younger siblings and it just works better overall. camera owns sensor bar, as would be expected.

ps. megagames your captcha system sucks i had to refresh the damn thing 12 times because i cant read half of them


As much as I hate Microsoft for all the crap they tried and still trying to pull off I know there not dumb. But Kinect? WTF don't there annalists (or what ever they call them) see how bad its going to fail? Its going to be worst then the power glove or the virtual boy, there were nothing more then gimmicks as is Kinect and Sony's Move. Also, that pic of Steve Ballmer in that cheesy salesman suit made me laugh.

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