Microsoft says Xbox One GPU Is Faster Now

Xbox One GPU Clock

While everyone seemed to be on board with the idea that really, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the Xbox One and the PS4, Microsoft has gone and upset the whole apple cart by announcing that since its E3 showing, the Xbox One GPU has actually got that little bit faster.

Announced by corporate VP at Microsoft, Marc Whitten, he said that a new driver had been added to the console's software suite, as part of new beta builds of the Xbox One's OS being put out almost daily by internal Microsoft developers. Known as the Mono driver, it's a graphics driver that is specifically optimised for the One.

You'd expect it to be though, being a console and not a multi-hardware supporting PC, but whatever.

Whitten continued by saying that: "You start with the base DirectX driver, and then you take out all parts that don't look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience. Almost all of our content partners have really picked it up now, and I think it's made a really nice improvement."

On top of that, there's been some tweaks to the actual GPU in the One, bumping its internal clock speed from 800MHZ, to a slightly faster 853MHZ.

This came about through testing what Whitten describes as the "thermal envelope" of the console, where apparently it can often go either way depending on how hot the thing gets. Fortunately for Microsoft, it turned out to run cooler than expected, so they were able to crank out another seven percent or so of clock speed.

This news may have gamers worried though, considering all the problems Microsoft had with its Xbox 360 soon after launch,. with the infamous red ring of death causing over a billion dollars worth of returns.

However, with this console, Microsoft has been smart enough to place a large fan directly over the heatsink instead of at the rear and on top of that has pledged a near silent running machine - so it sounds as if a lot more work has gone into the thermal dynamics of the console.

But that's not what matters. What matters is what you guys think. Is this good news, bad news, who cares news? Let us know below.

Thanks AGB for the heads up.

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Over clocking an Xbox is a bad Idea,

I expect heat issues in the first batch of the consoles because they will simply over-clock the hardware that is no doubt currently being manufactured ready for release but they wont upgrade the cooling which will no doubt result in hardware failures. After the last console with the RROD problem I think I'll pass.


"You start with the base DirectX driver, and then you take out all parts that don't look like Xbox One and you add in everything that really optimises that experience." I thought one of the boasted advantages of a console was that they require no API since they're all the same & instead allow direct access to the GPU. So WTF?

Proceed with caution

It came out years after the RROD that Ms$ had info on the problem, knew where it stemmed from and simply ignored it. Articles on this very site on the issue of RROD go into that very topic, But im not going to fish through the archives for it, Im sure many of you already know... This news of faster clock speed etc only raises red flags for me because its right b4 launch... so this sort of stuff is generally better experimented and tested earlier in the design and fab of the systems development. Now its not a massive clock change, and hell many of our computers can be over-clocked, theres an entire mod community to support that sort of thing, but when a company shows blatant disregard for faulty equipment in its past then decides to push the new hardware b4 it makes its mainstream release IDK... just makes me question if they should be pushing the design after they spent whatever time it took to make this "stable Release spec" version. I cant say ive ever truly been a fan of ms$ even when i was a pc gamer i used windows loathing its faults... but it was a platform full of possibilities and games that were so numerous it was hard to keep track of them all... So i danced with the devil, and enjoyed the ride... I do still use caution, since i know that the existing track record for my experiences with Ms$ haven't been all sunshine, lolly pops and Rainbows...

Speed Kills

lets not forget the Xbox One crashed twice during this years live E3 show. Plus, everyone keeps saying the Ps4 is faster than the XBOXONE, so, to remedy that, the Brilliant Microsoft Engineers felt a 53 mhz bump in speed would be all that was needed to shut up the masses. Microsoft thinks we're all just a bunch of dummies. The press included. I'm so going to get a XboxOne now that it's 53 mhz faster. Feel the speed. Just think, now the XboxOne can play PacMan without lag.

So they overclocked it..

So they overclocked it.. Doesn't change the fact that it is MUCH slower than the PS4. They would have to overlock it to about 1200MHz to make that GPU keep up with the PS4 GPU and I'm not even exxagarating. The difference in amount if stream processors is that big.

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