Microsoft Is Working On Xbox Tablet

According to Microsoft insiders who talked to The Verge, the company is working on a 7 inch Xbox tablet.

The new tablet, currently named “Xbox Surface,” sports a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM and is designed specifically for gaming.

Xbox Surface tablet will have its own Windows version that runs on a custom kernel tailored for increasing gaming performance. It will be able to run messaging applications and other tablet programs, but its main focus will be on gaming.

Note: The photo beside this article is not related to the unannounced Xbox Surface tablet. The tablet shown in the photo is a traditional tablet running SmartGlass application.

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Zune Tablet?

Ummm didn't they try to make a phone? Yeah that sucked! How about a iPod knock off? Zune yeah where is that? Now a tablet? Hmmm they can't make a proper video game XBOX 360 Red Light of Death! with out breaking down now they want me to buy a tablet. No thank you!

Are u guys stupid

U guys are bunch of **** ***** who is jalious of new product If u guys need blender and toaster go to Walmart and get it not Microsoft dam ***** IT'S A TABLET NOT BLENDER AND TOASTER U DAM FUKED

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