Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Records With USD 400 Million Sales In One Day

Breaking its own day-one sales records, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become the biggest entertainment launch ever with an estimated sell-through of more than $400 million and more than 6.5 million units in North America and the United Kingdom alone in the first 24 hours of its release, according to Charttrack and retail customer sell-through information.

This marks the third consecutive year that the Call of Duty franchise has set day one launch records across all forms of entertainment.

Last year, in North America and the United Kingdom, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops had estimated day-one sell-through of $360 million and in 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, set day-one records with estimated sell through of $310 million, according to Charttrack and retail customer sell-through information.

"Other than Call of Duty, there has never been another entertainment franchise that has set opening day records three years in a row," said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. "Life-to-date sales for the Call of Duty franchise exceed worldwide theatrical box office for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, two of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time."

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60 $ expansion pack sells 400 million!

When MW1 came out I didn't buy it since it was woefully lacking in content. I remember back in the day there was an expansion pack for COD1 called united offensive. I believe there was actually more content in UO than any COD game after COD3 ( and 3 was piss poor). they also released map packs for free then .... today we spend 60 bucks on whats really just an expansion pack I for one just don't purchase from companies that rip off their customers. they use mass marketing to sell COD now, whereas they used to give you tons of content and steady patches with real fixes to get you to buy the game. I remember when it took 8-12 hours to beat a COD game . now i burn through COD mw1-2-WaW-blackops in about 3-4 hours. Look at Battlefield bad company2 and BF3. when EA announced they would take the crown from COD they adopted the Activision model LESS CONTENT MORE MARKETING. Ill spend my money on indie games and game companies that stay true to their roots.

The only

The only CoD game i really like was CoD2, the WWII shooter not the MW version. I never liked the MW versions because to me it just seemed like a tactical cluster fuck. Monolith knows how to do tactical shooters much better. The CoD franchies should return to its WWII roots, that was what made them popular. Or at least add some RPG elements to their MW series. We expected more from MW3 and ended up with the same shit, different pile.


its a bit unfair to compare movies vs games open day numbers. Lets be honest for a moment, there are a shit loads of preorders for games and u cant exactly preorder a movie or send it streaming home the very first day. I wish i could say I'm happy for their sales and all, but being MW2 longtime player, they have tendency to just milk the user out of the money and move on real quick without dealing with countless issues plaguing the game

warfare 2.5 lol

modern warfare 3 is more like as it is said modern warfare 2.5 , gfx are dx9 looking , nothing amazing and it feels like playing cod wm2 all over again , thou the game was fun lots of action and stuff going on , it only had 5-6 hrs game play like bf3 single player / co-op , activision are robbing people with same old shit repackaged , i for one wont be buying it again , ill get it free or something

What about Medal of Honor 2010

I've played every Call of Duty game made but this one, and Modern Warfare, and Black Ops in my opinion were the best so far. I've also clocked Battlefield 3, Didn't think much of it to be honest. For me those two just seemed like another run and gun FPS with no real tactical feel to it. Medal of Honor on the other hand, has the feeling of Call of duty, and Battlefield all rolled into one. To be honest I enjoyed Rage over all of them. That game didn't seem stale like everything else out there these days. (Captcha) "Taco Tuesday". Guess I know what I'm having tea Tuesday, fuck yeah!! lol

rage blew ***. it was

rage blew ass. it was basically Fallout 4. Call of duty series was good up to MW1. 2 sucked, was same shit over again and i imagine 3 is too. Just because it broke sales record doesn't mean it's good. Just means 4million idiots went and bought it. Too bad they can't show return/exchange rate to gamestop.

Battlefield BC2 and BF3 are sick. Battlefield has always been a better game. PERIOD


I can't believe there are 6.5 million people that eager to play a game they've been playing since last year. These game companies are turning into apple. Just repackage the same garbage with a different name and call it new...

Video Games?

There is something to be said against a company such as this paralleling common sense for their own gain. This video game is not a necessity and is a lack of emphasis to continue distancing a company that does not respect the land-- allowing a mocked atmosphere of the referenced observation. The company is generation X--wicked thieves.

Bout games are good but

Bout games are good but SKYRIM powned them all .... maybe not in term of seled copy :( but definitely in term of awesomeness.

Just joking t different type of games to compare.

Anyway my captcha is smoking guns COOOOOOOL


if this is your first c.o.d game don't waste your 60dollar if you're on a budget because this game is a copy paste of mw2. Go to gamestop and pick up a gamestop or buy from craightlist for 10$

Just saying. I'm a fan of both but check your facts.

Battlefield 3 sold approximately 5 million units on it's first WEEK of release worldwide. (It shipped about 10 million). Now according to this article, Activision has now sold 6.5 million units on it's first freaking day. I'm sorry but there is just no way that Battlefield 3 will hold itself against the massive sales of MW3. I don't quite understand all the hate directed at either of these titles. They're both great and fun in their own way, we as consumers are pretty spoiled for choice!


I understand where you're coming from, but I guess it depends on whose playing. I find both CoD and battlefield quite fun, but I dunno I guess I can also see how it could be boring to someone whose been overexposed to it. But then again, everyone's been overexposed to it in the gaming community. Can't quite put a finger on it, but I still find it fun, maybe when CoD 6 comes round I'll see it in your perspective.

well lets see now cod 6 you

well lets see now cod 6 you say?

call of duty(plus an expansion),

call of duty 2,

call of duty 3,

cod4 modern warefare,

(now at this point they drop the number, just to confuse you but make no mistake the numbers there, just hidden)

world at war(5)

modern warefare2 (6)

black ops(7)

modern warefare 3(8)

now, that's just the main series, not including the console exclusive(read, past gen of consoles) games which by my count there were at least 2 unique ones and a others that were just adaptations of the other games

so however you look at it, I think we're a little bit past cod 6 now

I used to really like the cod games I pwned at 4, HOWEVER the second they started treating pc customers like second class citizens I dropped the shit hard. now maybe by this time they've changed it, no idea I've got other games now, and only so much time.

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