Move Co-Creator Disses Kinect

Sony software engineer Anton Mikhailov has revealed that Sony had already researched motion camera controllers before Microsoft, but then shifted all resources to focus on Move after it they concluded that it provided a superior gaming experience.

"We felt the cost of the camera outweighed the advantages of what it offered," he explained. "When you make the games what [we] found was while it was more robust it didn't fundamentally enable new kinds of games. The games themselves still played like EyeToy games."

"So you lose these subtle and quick controls. You get a magical experience... You can move and something happens. But you lose that sense of connectedness to the game. You get a ton of latency."

The engineer who participated in creating Move then noted that the 3D cameras which Sony considered and which Microsoft ended up using in Kinect are inadequate with a poor resolution of 320x240 and a refresh rate of 30 fps.

"So when you're talking about tracking fingers, or even tracking things like the rotations of your hand, you're working with 10x10 pixels. It's very hard to get anything useful out of it."

He also noted that - based on the prices he saw while working on similar prototypes - Kinect's selling price is much higher than it really cost Microsoft.

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Sorry kids, But it all

Sorry kids,

But it all comes down to personal preference. If I own a PS3, why the hell would I go buy an Xbox 360 just to end up buying some accessory to use when I can just get a PS3 version of the accessory and play with that? And the same goes with the other consoles. If I had a 360, why the hell would I go buy a PS3 with move accessories?

And if making yourself look like a bloody idiot makes you cream your pants, then by all means. Grab either accessory and just do it.

In any case; Kinect is controllerless but suffers from lag.

Move requires controllers but needs to recharge from time to time. However accurate.

Wii controller was there first but not perfected, just like every Nintendo product ever made. Just count how many different versions of 1 bloody gameboy came out. And while at that, how many DSs? NDS, NDSLite, NDSi, NDSl, NDS XL 2008 Twin Turbo Coupe, NDS Microwave, NDS 5.1 Home Theater System, NDS CokNBalls, etc.

Point is, Nintendo makes the majority of their money on hardware. So don't be surprised when the DSi+Phone+IPOD+8G Network Super Special Awesomesauce comes out and outdates your 20" DSi.

Flame if you like, throw out all your lil fact finders all about. But the point is simple, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will always argue with each other to make their items better. And will always, always, always make a marketing ploy to get you to buy their shit. And it will work. Cause we are consumers, and we crave new,shiny, and flashy things.

sony dont give up do they?

Didn't sony slag off the wii controller a few years back? saying that the normal ps3 pad is better....

Now they have their own version and they reckon its the best thing ever!

I think sony are scared of the Kinect, thats why they keep slagging it off!


I agree too....besides.....Sony just copied Wii like invention, and which is of course better than Wii in terms of graphics and playability with the new controllers and camera.

But the fact is Sony still fails to surprise us by not showing us something different. At least Microsoft has showed something innovative and new which can be used for games now and business soon!

So i would think PS3 is an alternative of Wii, with great titles and great graphics only.

3d gaming on console, bluray

3d gaming on console, bluray games, sony doesn't need to prove themselves.

I own a wii, and i can surely say that the move is not a replica, you cant do half the things move does with a wii,
plus the move has been in development since the ps2.

I combine the move with 3d tv and its one amazing experience.

Cry baby

everything you buy is more expensive than it was to's called turning a profit and EVERYONE does it. It's how we all get paid. I wish there was a kinect type device for PC.

There is one

Ever heard of TrackIR? Its been around for quite some time. Its very compact (slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes). However it only tracks your head and upper torso. So you can sit on your chair and have a nice experience instead of hopping about like a drunken monkey. Only a few games support it and not many people buy it for playing games. Its also more accurate and robust than Kinect since it is used in simulations.

Its a new technology

Its a new technology that is still in developing stage. AFAIK, only L4D2 supports it. That too, as a showcase rather than as a full fledged support. I was talking about something that's been around for a long time. Anyway, thanks for bringing it to my notice.

You wish, because you were uninformed from the beggining

From the get go microsoft said that kinect would be compatible with pcs. There isn't much they can do about that too since the company who actually created it (primesense) made it for pcs in the first place.

That aside, a well known hacker in the wii scene (marcan) managed to hack a kinect in a couple of hours and make it work with his linux laptop, he won the kinect hacking competition and says he will soon release open source drivers for kinect on pcs.

PS3 fanboy contradiction

If the move is for all gamers including hardcore, then so is the wii. Which is something both ps3 and 360 fanboys have denied vehemently ever since it was released.

Gotta love when people have to eat their own words due to certain 'plot twists'.

the wii is not even close to

the wii is not even close to the accuracy that the move has, and minus the 3d space, move is what the wii should have been. still love my wii tho, kinect would be better application wise, i could see my self hooking up to my pc. i think if the kinect was running on more powerful hardware like the pc it would be able to use a higher resolution and have little lag and detect tiny movements, like fingers.

Excessive Accuracy is not

Excessive Accuracy is not really important. As long as it works its fine (meaning the move has no advantage whatsoever over a wii remote from a consumers perspective).

Also, running the kinect on a pc (which is completely possible) wouldn't change a thing regarding resolution. The limitation comes from the cameras built into kinect not from which device it is connected to.

so what you are saying is "if

so what you are saying is "if its broken" dont fix it, daaaook.

I know the resolution wouldn't change, i'm talking about a version for the pc.

Excessive Accuracy is extremely important, unless you enjoy flailing around untill you hit something.

Motion sensing technology for real hardcore fps'ers read!


The closest thing to motion sensing technology will come to hardcore fps gamers? paintball. Fuck playing with a wii controller or "zapper" or that ps3 move, and heck even kinect... just spend the ridiculous cash you would on this motion sensing stuff and buy a paintball gun and get in the real tea-bagging of corpses!

[url removed]

^^ how it's done bros. ;)

Motion sensing technology for real hardcore fps'ers read!


The closest thing to motion sensing technology will come to hardcore fps gamers? paintball. Fuck playing with a wii controller or "zapper" or that ps3 move, and heck even kinect... just spend the ridiculous cash you would on this motion sensing stuff and buy a paintball gun and get in the real tea-bagging of corpses!

[url removed]

^^ how it's done bros. ;)

what a big surprise

when Microsoft is out selling you hand over fist because their product is more innovative than yours, you come out saying that you already checked it out and deemed it inferior.

I love the cheap shots people use these days.

have a heart...

You are right, but people who went down the bad path (buying an overpriced console and all the crap that comes with it) need to feel good about something. Please don't expose them so openly lest you intend to get some of the more sensitive and stubborn people to suicide or so.

Master engineer indeed

Look at me holding a blatant and shameless wii remote copy which I helped make while I look like a complete douchebag with no creativity.

"you're working with 10x10 pixels. It's very hard to get anything useful out of it." /wahhh

Considering kinect works, I guess microsoft has better engineers, and that's saying a lot considering they created the RRoD.

Usual fail

Sure, my assumptions are based on facts while yours...well they're based on your own ignorance(about me), desire to be right and/or feel superior.

That was too easy, do try harder next time.

poor reader

You are right about microsoft buying it, if you check primesense's website they have a diagram depicting the architecture for their product and kinect is simply that product with all the optionals.

Your mistake:

Read the article, the engineer says they also tried the very same chip/cameras ms used and didn't like it/couldn't do anything with it(something about 10x10 pixels).

nice try

I am sorry sir, I have never mentioned owning a kinect (or even desiring to buy one). Your poorly thought out assumption led to your defeat.

I am quite satisfied with my wii + pc, I don't own nor want a 360 and a kinect.

That doesn't mean I wont criticize inconsitent public behaviour though (such as this enginner guy).

no kidding ...'s hard to do anything...but it's been done and I've tried Kinect myself and it's obvisouly much better than Move which really isn't even the same thing. Kinect can work exactly like Move if you put stupid looking wand controllers in your hand. It has more to offer and I have no clue what Sony was thinking making something that is just like the Wii. Also of course the selling price is higher than what it costs to make. It's just like video games the box, manual and disc cost them maybe 5$ to produce. But all the research development marketing and everything also needs to be factored in you dillhole. I'm sorry but this guy is a fake and I'm pretty sure he doesn't work for Sony, probably works at Staples or something like that..

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