Movie Industry Buries Study Results That Pirates Buy More DVDs Than Average

The movie and music industry have been trying to portray file sharers as criminal pirates and parasites who steal billions of dollars from the industry in lost sales. In order to strengthen their argument, the MPAA and RIAA commissioned a number of studies that would investigate the negative effects pirates cause to their sales. Ironically, the studies proved the exact opposite, and they had to shut up about it while repeating their usual accusations.

The whistle was blown by an unnamed GFK employee who told German website, Telepolis, a study conducted by GFK on behalf of the movie industry found that pirates typically download illegal copies of movies to try-before-they-buy. The study also found that pirates buy more legit DVDs than the average user and they visit the movie theater more, especially for opening weekend releases which typically cost more to attend.

The study concluded that movie pirates are more interested in movies and that they spend more money on movies than most people, making them the industry's best customers.

Unfortunately, the unnamed client who commissioned the study decided against it getting published. Not very surprisingly, the reason given for canning the study was that its findings are "unpleasant."

It is worth noting that an unrelated independent research conducted earlier this year has found that anime piracy and streaming in Japan increased DVD sales.

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Guilty as charged...

Now, I used to buy lots of games, but now without the best computer to run these games on, I can't be sure whether the games will work or not, so I pirate them to try them out. However, I'm kind of bankrupt now, so as much as I would like to say that I then buy the game legally, I don't. I would like to but I just don't have that money. However, if it turns out to be a really enjoyable experience, especially from an indie developer, I will save up the money and legally buy it. Eventually.

The one thing I won't pay for and don't think I ever will is DLC for games I bought. Come on, I already bought your damn game, you made shitloads of money off of me, don't make me pay an extra 20 bucks for more missions Bioware!! (Btw, I'm talking Mass Effect 2 here)

true, but I doubt the same holds for game piracy

I used to pirate games, but I stopped. The problem is that while many people who pirate games do so because they have no money to have bought the game legitimately, most of the people I knew had money to buy games, but chose to spend that money on other stuff instead.

The huge problem is the lame assertion that you can translate every pirated game with a lost sale. When I pirated I had vast libraries of games, many of which I never got around to playing for more than a day or two. Certainly I would never have bought most of those games.

Pirating games is NOT legitimate, and it is NOT good for the industry. What would be good for the industry would be to make demos available the day a game comes out or in advance, instead of making them available a month or two later if ever.

Demos are the best way to know whether a game will run properly, and if it is any good. Without demos, a gamer is left to either take a risk or pirate it to try it. Sure, I'll take a risk on a Bioware or a Bethesda game, but not a chance on a no-name or indie game.

Proper demos as a marketing tool would be a great help in reducing the legitimate need for pirating.

They said.....

Radio would kill the newspapers, and live music

Movies would kill radio

TV would kill movies

Now, the internet will kill it all.

Heh.= No.

I pirate movies,. Yes. I also buy some. IF piracy wasn't around there's no WAY i'd buy all I watch,. Especially with all the horrid shit that Hollywood has been spewing, this asat decade.


I myself have been pirating since 1995. I think my first pirated game was Doom. But anyways about pirating. I download games to see if they will work right on my PC, and then I purchase it at a later date. I don't see any wrong in this. How many people out there go out, buy a PC game, take it home, install it, and say well it runs like shit and I can't return it. I know you can get demo's but this day in age you gotta pre-order for Demo's which I think is a load of shit. Look at Duke Nukem Forever, you had to pre-pay to get a demo, so you get said demo, doesn't work right, and you just pretty much pissed away that 5.00+ on what you threw down for a preorder.

I was alive for the debacle

I was alive for the debacle when the MPAA and RIAA thought that recordable audio tape and VHS/Beta tapes were going to kill the movie and music industry 30-something years ago. Albums used to have "HOME TAPING IS KILLING MUSIC" on the rear cover.

Yeah, that totally happened. Morons.


I download some pirated stuff and I wish I could buy some of it, quality stuff in my opinion, but hey.. I got no money, so I wouldn't buy it anyway, thus no loss. Good thing though I can advise friends about quality so they have an idea on what to buy.

This crosses over into other

This crosses over into other software too. MOST people in college had played with "at-home" pirated versions of the software they use on a daily basis in a work environment.

If it weren't for me having access to high-level software as a kid that there is literally NO FUCKING WAY my family could ever afford to provide for me, I would have a shit job and/or suck ass at my job today. Not to mention college would have been a LOT harder.

Student discounts can fuck me, you are going to charge me 600 dollars for a "learning" copy of your software that, according to license agreements, I cannot upgrade and cannot use for commercial gain? Pfft. Blow me.

Conversely, I'm happy to pay for software to use at work, but that's because we actually rely on it and make money off of the work we do with it.

dumb greedy mother fukers,

dumb greedy mother fukers, all they do is BS all day because they don't have enough $$ to buy another fucking yacht. The only people who really pirate like crazy and don't buy original are the chinese...but you can't blame them, they can't afford legit. I don't buy much legit movies but i rarely download them in the first place...I just dont have space for the movies. If I really want to watch a movie I usually just watch it in the theaters....3D ultra AVX is the shit

I totally agree! I have been

I totally agree! I have been buying DVDs since I had my first job. And I've been "pirating" since I first had AOL. Warez Servers FTW!! Haha. Ne who. Just about every movie I have downloaded I have also purchased! I have over 300 DVDs and am
Now starting my blu ray collection with about 15-20 blu rays. I know my collection is shit compared to others but I LOVE movies! So the MPAA NEEDS TO SUCK A FAT DICK CUZ US PIRATES FUEL YOUR GOD DAMN INDUSTRY!!

I agree

Looking at my vast collection of original DVDs and Blurays I'd agree with this. I'm a strong believer in 'buy it if you like it'

Funny and sad sauce

A few years ago there was a research into how "pirating harms the industry" which tried to show the decline in sales over the years since pirating became more popular.

The research failed to show that point.

Once again, another research shows a different point from what the fat cats like to sing.

Most people I knew back in

Most people I knew back in pre-iTunes days at the most had maybe 10-20 CD's and roughly the same amount of VHS/DVD's, all of which were collected over relatively long period of time.

When are these people going to realize that your average Joe-Sixpack-who-doesn't-download-anything actually doesn't and NEVER HAS bought that much media? It's us, the music and movie nerds, who have kept their sorry asses in business all these years.

Don't shit where you eat, corporations.


This is a fair win for "Pirates". Just because it can be downloaded illegally, does not mean a pirate won't pay for the software, E.g Windows Vista Ultimate at the time was retailing for $500+, people were paying that much for a shittie OS; However it did somewhat improve with patches, but that's besides the point. I firmly believe in the try before you bye concept because with, alpha, beta, and release candidate software being released every day nothing is as good as the final product. Sorry company's, but I like to see where my moneys going first.

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