Namco Changes Tekken Floor Pattern To Appease Muslim Fans

A stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has sparked controversy after it was found that a pattern in its floor spells the word “Allah” in Arabic.

The word is part of an arabesque pattern on the floor of the Saudi Arabia stage in the game. The game’s design team couldn’t read it and used it only as an artistic pattern with Arabian style. However, Muslim gamers have voiced their distaste for having the name of their deity trodden over by the fighters while playing.

"We didn't know that," producer Katsuhiro Harada tweeted. "We will change stage design data as soon as possible. We couldn't read that."

Namco Bandai will release a patch soon to replace the floor pattern with another one. Specific time frame has not been specified yet.

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Tekken did the right things but....

I found it quite ridiculous for some ppl using "freedom of speech" to protect Tekken. Esp after the WTF (wtf-dot-tekken-dot-com) incident in which I was threatened by the mods by the way that is, Nazi-ish in basics. I hit a lot of things in my continuing efforts to make Namco to improve a character, namely Lili. I complains about the nerfs to the characters, and sometimes mentioned it in a minor sense in other topics, that shouldn't be a big deal. Language abuses, topic locks with ridiculous reasons (or no reasons at all), many threatening of locks/bans and other WHITE TERROR happenings, noted that they are minor. Until one day one of the mods, I'll point him out as Vumsy, told me that: (/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9047&t=6261&start=20#p41977) It was pretty clear that he were not clear at that time. Until he specified later in the other thread: (/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9047&t=3975&start=20) he said "if it stays here, fine. If it's start spreading, warnings will be issued, bans will be made and further discussions locked and forgotten." I am not very sure what's the meaning of "spreading", but I think for Vumsy's unclear fashion everything is possible, including directly speaking out (obvious), putting links in my signatures, ***or very likely even if I say "as nerfed as Lili" somewhere outside the character forum "warnings will be issued, bans will be made and further discussions locked and forgotten!"*** ***Or more extremely, I mention the name Lili in elsewhere in the WTF forum and that would become a convenient excuse fo Vumsy to kill me!*** The mods' basic idea is to *CONTROL HOW PPL THINKS*, they threaten to do everything with their power to kill discussions and users, whichever are themselves short of being ridiculous or not. They don't want other ppl to hear it, or be worse, believe it, so they vowed to abuse their powers to kill the freedom of speech. Esp when their ground is weak. Vumsy said this is "how I do things." THIS IS HOW NAZIS DO THINGS. It is quite clear that the mods in the WTF forum are worse than the so-called Middle-east terrorist. These mods are basically terrorist. At least I can see the higher level of the Tekken community are not the friends, they are POLICES, like the POLICES that shot pepper spray to the sitting students supporting the Occupy movements. The Tekken community is the least possible group to obtain protections by freedom of speech, but we sadly have to protect them too. Those who protect Tekken can still do so, but probably not with the "freedom of speech" arguments. If they don't want to become the devil's advocate or worse they must make sure they are at the same side with it, speak Nazi for the Nazis, not American for the Nazis. ***Back to the topic, I appreciated Harada's promising, and I am pretty certain that he will do it. We are talking about something when we compromise, it won't cause more human be killed, not more women abused, not more Middle-East conflicts, not more Lili nerf talks threatened, and the human rights are not compromised. When we respects the religion(s) without sacrificing the basic human rights I think the compromise is legit in overall.

how about this?

Jesus Christ, I was just passing by and I have never witnessed such jibber-jabber, oh for God's sake Shut Up. The Arabs are creating intolerance in society because of their own disgust towards other people, however dodgy it may be, including but not limited to: paedophilia, incest, rape, torture, intolerance, racism, discrimination, double standards, hypocrisy (please give me a break, I've spoke too much the list goes on to long), and that difference is causing many to hate them. The West needs to understand that sometimes mixing AKA integrating is good in most cases however, where does our identity come in? for instance, if I were to go to Russia and incest is most prominent there, with a huge rise in AID and HIV, then naturally I must have sex with my own family. Americans are great, the makers of great movies and their freedoms are great I've seen the best of the freedom and the worst. I once watched a porn movie where a American women was having sex with a donkey, and I thought wow she even had a Cross on her chest and yet she is being banged by a donkey, now that is freedom and level headedness, and a Italian man was banging a chicken, Mario what was wrong with Peach? I think the Muslims can learn a thing or two from that women. The Arabs must reliase that around 1700-1930 gays were most hated in the whole of Christondom however, as persucuted as they were they now have such frrdoms as to bring the Chuch to its knees, with gay bishops and paedophile preists and gay marriges, i belive that paedophiles are persucuted today like the gays were ionce, but their summer is nigh and they shall have that which they seek in not too long from now, assuming the wolrd dosn't end in 21 december 2012 lol. Oh ladies and Gentlemen, we must indeed putth our differences aside, and argue no more for thou argument beckons difference and wrath amongst thee and know you not that Americans also feelth the wrath of the Almighty through that which they callth Sandy? American no not that they shootth before they take aim so realise you that life is shorth and death mingles in our very person and no soul shall escapeth it, so be prepardeth for there be no preventing it and live as brethren and loveth thy neighbour (lol)

Well ..

What you don't get is ... It's not about personal freedom. we as Muslims respect religion and we ( most of us ) never make fun of other people deities and all we ask for in return in mutual respect ... We don't tell you or anybody else in the west how to live your life ... We only asked for mutual respect ...

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I am Muslim what is your porblem

The first point ... I do not know why all this attack from some of the people on the Muslims?? The second point ... And also just for information not all Muslims are terrorists!! Religion is a personal freedom .. a lot of people have the freedom to choose their religion what the problem is that you are a Muslim or not to be?? The third point ... Freedom of expression is not a problem, but the problem when your freedom to insult others here ends your freedom and renamed it the abuse. There Old words we learned when we were children, "your freedom ends when you hurt other people" .. Generally The word "الله" in Arabic tandem in the meaning of the word "God" holy to Muslims .. So this word when we see any insult to the word consider it an insult to religions in general. Finally I would like to say to some of the offenders who say some talk bad about others without knowing anything about them I do not care you finally .. Because human express what is inside it.


You speak of religious freedom, but in countries with a majority Muslim populace, or governed by a Muslimist majority, how much acceptance have they allowed for other religions and philosophical leanings? That is a serious question begging a serious answer, as I have no idea. Just my perception that Muslamist countries tend to put pressure on other faiths etc, and tend toward violene (sometimes maybe even justified as some seem to invite prejudice and narromindedness otherwise noted as 'dedicated'....)

you must read it

Forgive me, my friend, I don't agree with you I live in the Middle East specifically in Jordan, Muslim-majority where the percentage of Muslims to 88% and the rest is almost Christianity and throughout history we dont hear about any problem or infect between any Muslim and Christian .. and I have friends Christians. . Like what I told you religion is a personal freedom .. this what I learned since I was a kid !! There is may be some neighboring countries have these kind of problems which you talking about .. These problems created by the governments in these countries in order to remain the dominant it ... etc. In my country, Jordan don't have these kind of problems I told you what i know and what i see !! Generally I don't know what your thoughts on Islam our religion. But I think that what you think is wrong. Ma be that the media in your country have a vision not real to tell you about us ?? Or there are extremist groups offend you and brought a false image of Islam!


They think they know about Islam from their media but there are ways to get to know us .... STOP Islamophobia and stop watching fox news .... BTW I always found glen beck to be so funny.


The biggest terrorists of the world are governments. Race colour and creed isn't the issue. Everyone is lied to daily. Fear is created daily by the media. Who owns the media?

muslims claim

No matter how much muslims claim that their non-terrorist believers are just people like the rest of us, this kind of attitude shows they're not. Embrace freedom of speech and freedom in general, then you'll be like the rest of us.

Really !!!

Do you really think you have freedom ???? You are only given the illusion of freedom .. yeah that's why your governments respect public opinions and respect the choice of the majority - you know .. the 99% - huh huh that what happened in wall-street and in London and Spain and Greece yeah coz you people have real sway over your governments .... You obviously don't understand capitalism, just obey drone and stay inline ...


Wow that's a really smart comment ... So I'll explain myself further so you'd understand ..... All of these countries claim they have real democracy but when it is Corporations against people then **** you and your rights that's why large corporations often influences elections so they get the kind of politicians they need to keep their dirty businesses running... That's how your capitalism kills your democracy.

fact of the matter is,

fact of the matter is, historically america is the biggest terror organisation in the world, any muslims drop an atomic bomb on a city? any muslims take an entire race of people and make them slaves for 400 years? any muslims genocide the native americans? nuff said with love from new zealand the REAL home of the free


No, America isn't that old it's only about 240 years of killing, racism, and genocide since the forming of the united states...... And believe me every tyrant has an end and yours will come too ... Just like Nazi Germany fell you will too it's only a matter of time.


What the **** is wrong with everybody arguing about this bullshit. I'm a muslim too and i don't give a **** about that **** written on the floor its not even the same as "Allah" is spelled in Arabic. So **** those who asked Namco to remove that **** putting the company in trouble. Live a real life people of the world. Let's play Tekken!

thank you! your the first

thank you! your the first muslim (and I hope you really are one) that doesn't keep saying the same things and wondering why everyone complaining at them. this is freedom, people, all people. need to just relax and not take things so seriously. after all its not like tekken is a hate filled (at least in the racist sense) game... its just a game. anyone who complains about this kind of stuff terrorist, Muslim, white, Jew, christian, atheist or any other random denomination or sect really has to much time on their hands and just wants to bully people and get things their own way, and in the end aren't much better than terrorists.

No matter how much muslims

No matter how much muslims claim that their non-terrorist believers are just people like the rest of us, this kind of attitude shows they're not. Embrace freedom of speech and freedom in general, then you'll be like the rest of us.

I thought they were too busy

I thought they were too busy killing women, torturing their children and rioting in the name of freedom for all of this? Maybe they need to kill a few more people before they start making requests about game changes. Yea...that'll work.


Wow.. Is all your knowledge about Muslims based on movies and your Media so I'm not surprised at how dense you must be about Islam . And BTW an "American talking about killing and torture ??!!! oh sorry I forgot (air quotes) Enhanced interrogation techniques . Funny :) .

lets download it

their disregard for any religion , race and ethnicity is so *****d up! this is an insult to gamers everywhere. now is the time to exact revenge and download this game. download, and distribute it, give it to friend, seed and torrent it. spread the word. let us show the power of gamers! don't buy the games from this company ever again.


OMG .. I can't believe all that hate ..... !!! And you call "US" terrorists ??! Just because we respect our religious figures "yours too" we are hated and labeled as such.... And you call yours a civilization ??? All we ever asked for was mutual respect but that's too much for you. Where's your so called freedom ?? I think freedom of religion and belif is a strange concept for you. Well OK.... I think the main definition of freedom was to do whatever you want but not at the expense of others. But I guess you don't really want that coz all you care about is yourself. Well guess what!! I as well as many others respect NAMCO for fixing this issue and will continue to be a fan of the game. Please feel free to hate me and all other Muslims coz that really shows the difference between us.

Here's the difference between

Here's the difference between us. Somebody makes a movie about Jesus...we wont riot and kill to change it. A school catches on fire and we wont lock the girls inside of their because their faces aren't covered. Our women have freedom and equality to do what they want. We don't stone or kill people simply because they put a ******* deity in a comic strip. If you're muslim then you're a ******* idiot cult member and should be outraged by the actions of the dipshits you call brothers.

Still Wow

Well "We" aren't the ones that made a comic or a movie insulting any religious figures coz we respect all religion. And we never asked for anything but the same courtesy. Well I think your main problem is generalization coz you don't judge a whole race based on the mistakes of a few.And you consider us all extremists .. Well that's typical american supremacist behavior. Well guess what ... you're not all that better just think If we generalized Americans based on the behaviors of your most ignorant and chaotic individuals. But again you don't care .. you claim you care about freedom and then invade a whole country and murder it's population and don't talk about respect towards women coz I think your soldiers never shown that respect to Iraqi detainees. Hypocrites ..

you never insult...

You never insult other religious figures... Because Jews are tolerated in all Arab countries (and searching for "arab caricatures of jews" doesn't return anything on Google). Because Christians in Gaza are not forced-converted into Islam... Because Hindus were never massacred by Muslims... Heck, let's start by you showing respect between Sunnis and Shiites, then we can talk about other religions.

What ??!!!

What are you on about ?? We used to have Jews in our countries until Balfour promised them part of our land which they took by force. That's the beginning of conflict in the region and Christians are never forced into Islam they chose to convert ... get your facts straight and stop believing your war-machine propaganda. Coz your leaders only give you reasons to justify their wars ... Reasons better than Oil coz you won't rally behind them for such a petty reason. But unlike you I don't generalize coz I know in fact that there are many well educated, respectable americans that can read between the lines and not take a fake reason to justify genocide. As long as these people still exist there's hope.

Until what??

So because the British promised the Jews a part of a territory THEY conquered in WW1 (Or else you'd all still be paying taxes to the Turkish), and you didn't like it, you exiled 800,000 of them from your countries for the crime of being of a certain religion? Yah... sounds legit! Heck, even Israel itself has more Arab citizens than all Arab countries combined have Jewish citizens. But hey, you're all about "tolerance" right? When a movie causes millions of your kind to riot on the streets, there is no "between the lines" - there's a clear message to everyone.

Yes we will

Yes, the British never really owned the land they sold the jews and the jews could have just lived there in peace but no they kicked Palestinians from their homes and killed whoever stood in their way so we kicked them out of our countries. That movie was made to incite these protests it had no other reason and I hope you really get that that message coz we don't attack any body but you cast the first stone and we will defend our religion to our last breath

Are you honestly comparing?

Are you seriously comparing "offending" a religion by drawing its prophet, and murdering ambassadors and civilians over depicting that prophet?! Murder is a crime, and is a hundred thousand times worse than "offending", which isn't actually a crime. That is what's wrong with your religion.


It is a crime ... Why do u assume that we accept the murder of the US Ambassador . We don't and we condemn all extremist behavior just like you but don't call all Muslims terrorist based on the behavior of their Ignorant and weak minded extremists.


How many people were protesting over that stupid movie; millions? More? How many Christians do you see protesting over the Life of Brian? How many injuries, flag burnings, and deaths, do you see? So yes, I can definitely blame you as a group. Your culture supports these acts.

You still dont get it

I said we were against the murder of the Ambassador and the burning of the embassy but there's nothing wrong about protesting against that fucken movie that was made just to insult and hurt Muslims ....

At the end of the day Muslims

At the end of the day Muslims and Americans are pretty much as good or bad as each other along with alot of countries around the world, all civiliastions have extremists, America had its KKK and Skin Heads along with many other evil and now nameless groups, Muslims have the al-Qaeda among others, should we condem a race or religon based on these individuals no we prolly shouldnt but as long as we have ignorant people that pretend these groups either dont exsist or are doing nothing wrong no matter what there reasons are they will continue to give the rest of you a bad name. I know for a fact that most Muslims are not evil same with most Americans and if you all stoped bickering about who is right and wrong and instead worked together you might actualy be able to stamp out all the evil of these extremists groups. This is the opinion of an outside party from down under.


First of all I thank you for being open minded about this and you're exactly right both parties should do that. And we as Muslims should resist more and stamp extremism and Americans should resist their government's propaganda and force them to stop the wars

You'll get mutual respect

You'll get mutual respect when you treat your women with mutual respect. Trust me arab, your mhoammed is as good as dead, you're going to get another hitler, and you're going to be WAY worse off than the jews ever were.


Oh I'm not gonna bother arguing with someone like you coz I know you're just a scared and misguided little kid who doesn't understand what he's talking about .. BTW tell your parents to turn off fox news and read a history book or something coz maybe then you'll understand whos history was filled with racial discrimination .


I say replace it with a picture of Muhammad & see how those religious twits like that. CAPTCHA is "live life". Something those dumb ***** should try to figure out how to do.


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