New Battlefield 4 Trailer is Pretty


DICE and EA have made a big splash for the next instalment of the Battlefield series of games, showing off the new Frostbite 3 engine in a seventeen minute trailer for the game. It's very, very pretty indeed, but as usual the focus is on the single-player portion of the game, which becomes redundant a couple of months after launch when everyone has moved on to the multiplayer.

For those at work or not interested in watching the video, it begins with the player under water in a slowly sinking jeep that seems to have crashed. We're given our first look of other NPC soldiers, with very realistic looking skin and animated movements. The entire trailer is fantastic looking and it makes me excited for the potential Mirror's Edge sequel which could see development with this engine.

Throughout the video we see much more in the way of destructible environments and lots of debris, with the player - who happens to be a horrible shot, making me think this must be the console version - creating new pathways through certain parts of the level, without prompts, by blowing through random sections of wall.

There's vehicle driving that looks about the same as previous offerings and the shooting mechanic all seems pretty par for the course.

Ultimately despite this being a beautiful game engine, it's difficult to see anything new here. As usual, this FPS trailer focuses on big single player set pieces and not on Multiplayer at all, which is what the majority of gamers want these sorts of FPS games for and while what we see seems pretty standard, there's nothing really of note. It's a Battlefield FPS game. It's basically the same as before.

There was a nice immersion breaking "you just broke your friend's record" message that popped up halfway through though. That's what I want in an immersive single player experience, high score notifications .

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Desert Combat

I still think that the Desert Combat Mod for 1942 was the best thing that happened to Battlefield. Learning how to fly the helicopters were one of the most difficult and funniest things I have ever done in video gaming. It was a shame that BF2 ruined it.


Out of all the other many many mods it was the most played. I played the Galactic Conquest one (Star Wars) but it just didn't get enough support and very few updates. I doubt they'll ever make a game that can rival Battlefield 1942.


I've lost all respect for the EA/DICE combo. They've made promises that they don't keep and they still ignore the PC community in favor of console. I own all the Battlefield games and there exp. pack and the only 2 that I really enjoyed was of course Battlefield 1942 and surprisingly Battlefield Bad Company 2. Even though BFBC 2 didn't have prone in it and it wasn't the typical 64 man servers like we've always had on PC I still fill it was a fairly good Battlefield game next to Battlefield 1942. Battlefield 2 had promises but was let down by hit box issues that lasted forever and DICE just didn't seem to care to fix it. The other games honestly for me aren't worth mentioning as they didn't match what Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Bad Company 2 had to offer for me.

MG are hyping the destruction

MG are hyping the destruction a bit too much it looks simalar to 3 nothing compared to bad company 2 because if you watch the trailer where he uses the grenade launcher on the two guys on the building the destruction is unimpressive same a bf3 which is a shame but still though excited to play but will def waiting till they bring out the premium edition because they will **** you ea for ruining one of the best franchises out there better get back to ww2 soon sick of modern **** i miss my m1 grand

" ...better get back to ww2

" ...better get back to ww2 soon sick of modern **** i miss my m1 grand" Amen brother. WW2 has the benefit of no guidance weapons or Rapecopters. That's why I've switched from BF3 to Red Orchestra 2, I also wont have much love for BF4 unless they can show me commanders position, squad structuring (class limits), more roles which are more strictly defined and with weapon limits. Whatever happen to having factions with completely different weapons, that each sound and act unique ?

pretty oh so pretty

im bit sceptic on this..i mean for an example ACM looked nice with em cinematics and E3 demos and when it was finally realesed it was...pile of steaming ****, im not pre-ordering any game cause there have been too many "disapointments", so i dont care how much they show em All-fancy-eye-melting-graphics videos, ill just wait till it comes out, check few reviews maybe few youtube videos, wait few weeks that all the hype wears off and *then* ill get the new B4...maybe

Don't rush to buy, EA's games

Don't rush to buy, EA's games almost always say limited even if there is no regular being made and even then don't buy because I can bet that there will be a pack with everything released shortly after just like the previous games. But its your money.

Its only single player mode,

Its only single player mode, that always looks better then multi-player, and for PC I bet its just going to be another browser crashing full of bugs game and they don't give a **** because they already got your money like current one.

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