New Saint's Row IV Trailer - Gat Is Back

Gat is Back

While a lot of you were pleased to hear the new details about GTA V yesterday, a fair number suggested that while you liked the Rockstar series, it was the upcoming Saint's Row sequel that you were most keen on hearing about.

Fortunately, here we are less than 24 hours later, with a new trailer from the upcoming fourth title in the series, called Gat is Back.

That's right, the well endowed member of the Saint's Row crew wasn't dead after all. He's back, and he's killing motherf***ers.

A lot of of those mother fornicators are aliens mind you, as Saint's Row IV does take things in an extraterristrial direction. But don't worry, there's a few people in their too, including a bunch of dudes in mascot outfits. Because when you've already beaten people to death with sex toys, executing mascots is hardly a big deal.

Set for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 23rd this year, Saint's Row IV is likely to make a big splash, with Johnny diving in head first.

Thanks to AGB for the heads up.

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Railroad Tycoon 3, Project

Railroad Tycoon 3, Project Zomboid, Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program, Emergency 2012, Prison Architect, and many more that I cannot be bothered listing. As a game developer myself, much of my "free" time is spent keeping up with technology, stuff like the oculus dev kit, leap motion, kinect, and even to an extent touch. All of these inputs, along with multiple platforms keeps me busy for 2 hours a day. I am from Edinburgh and recently refused a job at Rockstar North since the game is just as boring as it was in 2001 with vice city and this is what I told them on the phone. No interest. My favorite job was for Bizarre Creations in Liverpool. I left Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at Wavertree, Liverpool to work for them. That was a studio which spent incredible time with the mechanics of the game and balancing it. Maybe you would like to tell me what games you enjoy, and what your experience is of the games industry?

I like how you say you don't

I like how you say you don't like reskins yet most of the games you mention are reskins like railroad tycoon 3, skyrim and emergency 2012. As for gaming industry experience, I'm John Riccitiello CEO of EA Games. Thats how credible you can be here and why no one asks if you have experience in anything, there is no way to prove people right or wrong. Especially so when google and wikipedia are just a couple of clicks away.

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