New Stomping Land trailer shows Carnotaurus

A new trailer has been released for dinosaur survival sim, The Stomping Land, featuring the newly modelled, animated and noise-ified carnotaurus, a bunch of Gallimimus and a large sauropod in the background which only appears for a split second, but is awe inspiring in its size when it does.

In this quick update we get to see some of the dinosaurs interacting with one another in their natural habitats, whilst the hunters move stealthily among them. As impressive looking as it is though, there are of course some visual hiccups. Don't be put off by a few of the ropey textures though, as this game is still in the very early stages of development, with a fully finished title not expected until at the earliest May next year.

Since this was just a quick trailer, not much was shown in terms of more advanced gameplay, but for those that haven't seen it, Stomping Land will allow for the trapping, lassoing, capture, taming and ultimately riding of various different dinosaurs, so look forward to future videos featuring armies of canotauruses going to war.

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"tittle"? "various different"? Yep, done with megagames now for gaming news as the writing has recently grown more pathetic than normal; misspellings, misleading wording in the "article" titles (not this one's title specifically, but many others), quoting people as saying one thing when they actually did not say that. Just horrible.

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