New US Pokemon X Y Trailer Lands

Pokemon X Y

We may all be out of the target age demo for Pokemon these days, having played through the last few as we grew up, but that doesn't mean we don't get excited when a new one is released and likewise, when a new trailer lands.

This one won't show you much you don't know already, but you can see a few of the games' new pokemon juxtaposed against real world backgrounds with real, live action actors - which would make for a cool movie, would it not? - doing their best to sell the experience of playing the game and living within the fantasy world that surrounds them.

"Experience Pokemon like never before," says the voice over, as the actors watch their favourite pocket monsters battle across mountain ranges, lakes and in the middle of deserted cities.

Not the most amazing trailer ever, but it's what the kids of the Americas will be seeing when it comes to the latest generation of Pokemon games. Does it get you guys excited for the game's release, or is it a bit naff?

If you're not a fan, do you think this is something that will get the kids (and potentially the odd parent) excited instead?

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