New Wii U bundle to include Super Mario Bros U, Luigi U

Wii U
Wii U

While the Wii U might not be selling too well right now, that doesn't mean Nintendo has given up on its "next-gen" console. No, according to some images posted up by a Twitter user and some rumours from the usual mill, we could be looking at new Wii U bundle to try and entice buyers to pick up the Gamepad enabled system before the end of the year.

According to the rumoured images, the bundle will include:

A premium black version of the Wii U console
A copy of New Super Mario Bros U
A copy of New Super Luigi U

It's not clear at this point if this bundle would be available worldwide (it first appeared in an Irish toy store's catalogue), what price point it would be at or when it might become available, though presumably it'll happen some time before the Christmas period, and potentially before the release of Microsoft and Sony's next-gen systems, which will likely see the Wii U receive a price drop.

Depending on the price too, it might be quite a head turner close to the holiday season. You might have read in my recent editorial about how I plan to make my next console purchase a Wii U and maybe this is the bundle that'll do it for me,

What do you guys think?

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I know the Wii U is great but

I know the Wii U is great but don't tell the Sony and Microsoft fans. We don't want them and besides, they won't believe you that playability trumps graphics. It's the only thing they have over Nintendo and they will flog that dead horse until the day they grow a brain (and even then they may not wake up to themselves). You will get frustrated by the dumb comments but just swallow your pride and remember our secret (they are the ones missing out)

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