Nintendo Expects Net Loss For First Time In 30 Years

For the first time in 30 years, Nintendo is expecting a net loss this year.

Originally, Nintendo estimated that it would finish the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2012 with a net profit of 20 billion yen (around $264 million), but now it expects a net loss of the same amount.

Nintendo has started releasing its consolidated earnings reports in 1981, and this is the first time since then for it to suffer a net loss over the course of a full fiscal year.

A large part of that loss comes from the unplanned 3DS price cut which Nintendo had to offer to stimulate the handheld's less-than-expected sales. The increased strength of the yen has also hurt the company's bottom line in America and Europe where more than 80% of its revenues come from.

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The good games where epic

Many games sucked on the wii... But Super Mario reached its greatest point in history ever... They were amongst not only the best mario games but the best action adventure out there...

single player Zelda games, another example of what they did right.

Mario cart and racing games become a whole lot better as well. Shooting games brought back a lot of potential..

Madworld... This was so much cooler on the wii...

There are a few more but not many... The wii was worth its money for thos few games alone.

They need to work on that for the next console

my first wii overheated and

my first wii overheated and burnt out a few days after i bought it, my 360 got the ring of death, on 4 different systems, my ps3 got the yellow light of death (after 3 years). i own all the new versions of the consoles, and glad to say i have no issues. why the fuck should we even trust these companies, if they cant even put out working hardware?

My atari still works.

Oops, you had a defective

Oops, you had a defective video card, shame it went out right after the warranty... It doesn't happen at the frequency of consoles, but PC hardware can fail, sadly. PC is still my number 1 choice in gaming platform, though.

Wii, DS, Pokemon

I haven't played a good original IP or even good 'old IP' game on Wii outside of it's first Mario game. Graphics are not the only important thing in games, but when a damned console doesn't even have an HD connection by default when you buy it, there are problems. It's like Nintendo is sitting there going "This has worked for 30 years, lets not change anything. Lets stick to gimmicks, shitty hardware, zelda, and mario. it's what we know. Also never release pokemon on anything except our hand-held, because we made two games that were nothing like pokemon, labeled them pokemon, and released them on n64 years ago and they failed."

Seriously, get with the fucking times, your old IPs are great, but our attention span is pretty fucking low right now, and if you are going to release shit graphics games, you better be doing something so damned appealing that we can't help but love it even though it fries our eyes. And just because the EVO has a 3d camera, and TV's are all-aboard the 3d bandwagon, don't get to thinking that a flat surface with multiple projected images at once with the help of flickering-glasses is ever going to be truly main-stream. It's a gimmick and every fucking manufacturer knows it. It's terrible technology that no one wants to use because it's akward to even use, let alone enjoy for extended periods of time. If you truly want 3d, look into those full-spectrum cameras and find a way to project the technology so we can enjoy true holographic images.

I'll give you a clue, take two TV's, put one on a the ceiling, one on the wall. Calabrate them so their lines match up and intersect at 90 degrees. Use a sensory device (something like kinect would be capable of estimating your position in 3d space) to adjust focus based on your position. Whella, 360 degrees of image that you can walk around and interact with. Add another to the remaining walls and you'll even overcome the obstacle of shadows.

Shit, the sheer bullshit I just spit out was more entertaining than playing a Wii right now.

planed excuse

Planed excuse that its because of price cuts. It would not matter if they had the same price because the first batch of games sucked and its one of the reasons that people don't want one.

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