Nintendo Is Merging Its Console And Handheld Divisions

Nintendo has decided to merge its console and handheld divisions together in order to increase their effectiveness.

The merger will take place on February 16th, 2013, bringing together 130 console engineers and 150 handheld engineers to the new unified sector.

This restructuring is fueled by the need to speed up hardware development in order to be able to cope with the rapid advancements of tablets and smartphones.

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Wii U Garbage

I tried this console out several times in the mall. Graphics are Garbage, The hardware looks like it was designed for a 3rd grader. Not only that it looks like junk made in china. Hell they even have a piece of hardware that looked like a cd drive. Nintendo seriously need to get the **** out of the hardware business and right quick. The games all look like they were designed for 8 year old children. Mario's dead Luigi Is dead, no one cares about Metroid hell I don't think anyone even cares about Zelda. Stick to software Nintendo, your hardware is a joke.

muck you and your smart phone

muck you and your smart phone, 50$ can get you a second hand psp go. its got skype, internet, a library of games and music/videos then you can just get a regular phone and unlimited plan w/ out data because you'll probably be enjoying free wifi anyway. oh i forgot to mention you can hack it in the blink of an eye and add the games from nes gba genesis gamegear + many more its 16gb internal storage or its expendable memory ... so let me paraphrases what i just said your smart phone is a 1000$ piece of ****

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