Nintendo President: It Is Getting Harder Justify $60 Console Games Price

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that growing customer expectations are the main reason why it’s getting harder to $60 console games with each passing day.

Answering an investor’s question about Wii U’s lackluster sales, Iwata admitted that first and third party games aren’t wowing players like they used to do.

"We try to offer various kinds of software for a video game platform, and the games are improving steadily each year, but these improvements are becoming less noticeable," he explained. "In short, what one platform can offer will eventually become saturated. Every consumer will inevitably become tired of and get less excitement from the same type of entertainment."

"The development challenges for home console games selling for around $50-$60 have increased significantly," he added. "Around the time when I first wrote a program for a home console game 30 years ago, two developers, including me, completed it in only three months. Things have changed dramatically since then, and we therefore need to expand the range of software developers."

And the problem is only getting worse with the proliferation of cheap mobile games.

"Lowering software prices and a rise in the number of devices you can play games on without a dedicated gaming machine are gradually setting the bar higher for us to encourage our consumers to pay a certain sum of money for software," acknowledged Iwata.

"I believe the future of the video game industry depends on the number of games developers release that consumers consider to be fresh and worth paying for."

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The future of the game industry.

It depends on how ridiculous the prices for games are. Dedicated gaming machines have no future. PCs are superior & that includes smart phones. Samsung makes phones right now that are more powerful than "next gen" consoles. GFY with your junk.

In an hour I will be drinking

In an hour I will be drinking and feasting in Italy travelling from Ireland, this global Terra and fast transport really gives the kick into Earth. Power and speed are the key in this world and every world. Megagames, contract me, and at least pay for my basic needs. They dont include the flight. Good manners.

The industry isnt saturated,

The industry isnt saturated, thats impossible according to common numbers and not logic. The video game crash of the 80's is made up within market divisions and money know howers and grabbers. There has been no crash. Every racial minority and even ethic minorities were treated equally in the death camps found in Germany and beyond. It just so happens that jews were most of them and they created this epic story of struggle and pain through movies, books, banks, radio and so forth. Which they excell at. Meaning, it didnt happen as its not now. This might be bogus and I held responsible. Hell, its bogus and I keep the last. Time. Hes just not thinking relative and with a large dose of nostalgia. The market is better than ever, according to certain factors which are relative to others. It keeps getting better, for those who know how to nagivate. If you dont, blame the storms; if you do, bless them. Am I right¿ Ireland burguer up front!

Lets make even more money

Yeah, roleplayers and strategy players along with adventurers have it in the **** these days. Even FPS people are unhappy with the lack of power usage with all of this multiplatform tech design. However, truth is truth. With the current bestheda engine and tools, we have everything we need in terms of an engine and mod support built in, we have SUPCOM and TW which give well into mods, and we still try to clean up netcodes everywhere, add it; thinking MOM dos multiplayer shell avant 1994. The real bad is found in consoles, their cliches which dont even lessen the market ice for their own and in the FPS genre, Crysis was the solution and everyone with a decent machine and know how pirated it. No idea where to go there. Equally, the problem with the grand N is not because of low level game programming and thought, the problem is their negation to port a large number of softwares to their system, closing the general market sapiens, GMS in my university. Its ok to win a right in a living room with certain titles but, once you are in that living room, you need to expand and begin attacking frontier outerposts with the meaning to attack a grand city. This is brought with selective port funding, ironic. I should get payed for this.

Lets make money

Respect for Nintendo, they brought on Ultima 7 and Sim City to the SNES, between others. Sega wasnt mature, they didnt even have half of the hentai games SNES had and under li. Respect for that market and resource team in that period, if anyone is left. Double the respect. Dont be stupid, stop making portable hardware and start producing titles for mobiles, with royalties dependent on franchises. You only sell one Zelda for one mobile OS and SOC, maybe others and by others I mean different games for more than one SOC and OS. Loads of money. Promise. Drunken promise.Triple the promise.


I now pronounce my deepest sympathies regarding Sega. Sonic, much loved and revered, especially by myself was truly a colossal and much exaggerated protagonist and personality. However, Sega's sales of the Sonic games were not much impressive when they went multi-platform. One would wager that their sales would have doubled or triple, even quintupled considering the user base of all platforms; that was not the case. If Nintendo develops its Zelda and Mario franchises half-hearted, soulless and ill-thought in a haste, without adding the Nintendo Magic and nurturing its creativity needed through time, it will lead to the ultimate purging. Developing countless Zeldas and Marios are certainly not the answer. They will merely bore the audience and those franchises will become irritable. New franchises are needed I believe. Sonic has been released on multi-platforms and each game, respectively, was not asked the question during development, "How does this fit?" or "What is a Sonic game?" and thus, we see him using swords, going back in time, going to the deserts, etcetera; they need to show restraint and not bore the consumers. I say that the industry is highly saturated, and ideas are repeating, respectfully, in the first person shooters, once it is zombies, then aliens, then nazi and what have we.

We never asked for celebrity

We never asked for celebrity voice actors. We never asked for extravagant motion capture animations. We never asked for out of control Hollywood-esque expenditures for our games. We just want a solid game. I get so sick of being forced to listen to *******music and *******voices. Stop wasting money on bloated game development. Allow them to fail.

We never asked for... wah wah

We never asked for... wah wah wah watch me whine like a teen. If you played those games you encouraged devs to move in that direction. Don't try to shift blame away from yourself and others like you with teenage arguments that never convince anyone. The simple truth is, the market is saturated and we got tired of getting more of the same, time to switch to a new direction. As always, the strong and innovative will live, the weak and those stuck to the old ways will die.


Actually, he's saying he's not supporting it. Probably never did, and was the so called "minority" that no one should be listening about that had the most intelligent point on the long run. No more shovelware/bloatware, no more holiwood. In my personal view, I never asked for this either.

I am quite aware that he does

I am quite aware that he does not support it. You might want to read my post again since you either stopped after the first line or you completely missed the point. It doesn't matter if you asked for it or not, if you play it, you support it.

Subject XF

Two birds, one stone. He jumps into the wagon and then into another on the same run. He says that quality titles need to push more avant garde in their aspects and also says yes to the market price fluct due to cheap low level game software, which offer pretty much the same now a days due the first mentioned flaws. Nothing like an analogic mouse through the serial port.

Only so much truth

"improving steadily each year, but these improvements are becoming less noticeable" So that consolizing and feature cutting is improvements now? Only thing I've been noticing is less and less in my games each year and the games are getting shorter and shorter with zero replayability. DLC makes up for a 1/3 of a video game title these days and cheat codes, modding and LAN are non existent. I haven't seen a LAN'able game in well over 2 years, heck the last RPG I played other than mass effect 3 and that wasn't an mmo cash grab was FF13 in 2010 and it sucked. I do feel these days I'm getting a great deal less for my money and not just from Nintendo but all platforms.


The guy's an idiot indeed, blaming mobile games for their losses lol. He thinks full motion graphic videos and awesome graphics and hype are what games are al about and should go forward to. I rather play harvest moon gba or ds, kairooft games for mobile (yea, these "shallow and "cheap" games) that make me glued to my consoles hours and hours! But regarding same type's saturation, there's also the pokemon games which are always more of the same, featureless, same crappy graphics and adding/subtracting a color or two - this is also completely wrong, learn again from mobile - kairosoft made a sort of clone called beastie bay, but with so much more content that made me hooked on it. I later searched for the pokemon games (I never had played pokemon games before beastie bay) and found them lacking in so much stuff... and with so many title releases - so many missed oportunities to add content - lasy devs going for the quick buck, that's what they are. This guy thinks exactly loke capcom nowadays, *******content, with lots of holywood action

do you even think before writing?

Funny that you complain about nintendo recycling their franchises and then mention kairosoft saying nintendo could learn things from mobile devs. Kairosoft rehashes their own games several times per year, just look up any of their "story" games (game dev story, mega mall story, epic astro story and many others) they're one example we DON'T want anyone to follow if we appreciate new, original games. You make yourself sound like the ultimate hypocrite when you accuse one company of being unoriginal and use another unoriginal company as an example of innovation. Kairosoft is the epic quick buck chaser, try again kid...


With a different theme and tone, yes, they do recycle but they don't change blue to red and ask us for 50$ lol with 100's of same pokemon games, that's where you seem to fail the point or you're not that clever to reach such a simple conclusion. Get my point? Moron. Get lost and stop being a shill..

He's completely right on the

He's completely right on the one hand people do want a new mario and a zelda and some kart and brawl each generation and nintendo is smart enough not to make those on a yearly basis... (which they totally could for kart and brawl) but on the other hand its hard to justify getting a WiiU when those games are very similar every time around and improve less and less... another reason Nintendo desperately needs at least a certain amount of good 3rd party support... Sony and MS also only deliver certain AAA first party games on their own... one or two shooters/ action games, a racing sim, a RPG... but the wide majority of that fills the gaps is 3rd party... nintendo can easily still charge 60$ for a 3D mario and Zelda... even kart and brawl (although they need better online, and more updates) but their 2D platformers and and other mid budget level games should be priced at 20-30$ and old NES and SNES games should be 5$ max... with cheaper bundle prices and constant sales on selected titles like with steam... I really hope they learn fast...

Game prices

How can consoles possibly compete with steam? Virtual console games should be priced to gamescompete with similar experiences offered by Indie devs. Maximum $9 incl n64 gamecube era . games

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