No PlayStation Vita For Western Customers This Year

Despite confirming earlier that the PlayStation Vita would launch simultaneously worldwide, Sony announced today that the North American and European launch of its anticipated handheld will be a few months after the Japanese launch that'll take place near the end of this year.

This puts the Western release window of the PlayStation Vita in the first few months of 2012, Sony vice president Kazuo Hirai confirmed.

The vice president refused to give any reasons for the delay, but hinted that the company is working hard to make sure the software line-up for the handheld is strong. He also confirmed that they have no plans to reduce the previously announced the $249/$299 price points in light of the 3DS price cut.

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Ahh... long time to wait to see this one, but when it comes out, I'll take a good look at it and see if it's worth. But better watch for the console upgrades, like since the psp 1000 to 3000.. fat vs slim version. I bet they'll keep the strategy.

indeed...there are plenty of

indeed...there are plenty of great games on smart phones nowadays, nintendo/sony can blow themselves. All smartphones need is a controller conection port and bam all games will be playable fine with the adaptor. Nintendo and sony can start making games for the hardware instead and start actually charging reasonable $$...

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