No Used Games Means a Lot More Landfill


You know what most people do when they finish with a console game and don't play it any more? They trade it in or they give it a to a friend. You know what those same people will be doing in the next-gen when Microsoft (and maybe Sony if the publisher's decide) blocks used game sales and game lending? They'll bin it. That means that sooner or later, there will be millions and millions of games in landfill around the country.

Or they could burn them, which just releases all the harmful toxins into the air instead of the soil.

According to this piece over at Kitguru, the current used game market sees well over 100 million discs sold each year. While the Xbox One is unlikely to have such an audience in the early days of its life, once it's established it could very well have a market that approaches that size - or it would if it allowed used games.

Instead those discs will be languishing in people's houses until they decide they don't need them anymore and throw them away.

In the past, games have just passed from house to house as people bought and sold games from the current and previous generations and eventually they would end up in retro stores. Now that won't happen as they'll have no resale value other than as collector's items, which won't happen for at least 15 years or so.

When it comes to the next gen, we may all need to start looking at disc recycling.

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this is what i think.

But the dumb Americans don't believe they are impacting global warming one bit with all their co2 and lavish lifestyle producing more co2 then 20 chinamans for every 1 american (if i remember correctly), So they obviously don't give a **** about global impact/pollution as long as they get their money/profits ,,,, which is why, sometimes, when i hear about extreme weather ******* some people (i know, they're probably the innocent ones, **** happens to good people), i laugh with great satisfaction people deserve what they get, mostly.

Dear oh dear. ---- What is

Dear oh dear. ---- What is 'gay' about wanting to look after the very place that sustains us? ----- Anyway, Digital Downloads may not provide any trash but how many people do you actually know that throw ANY of their disc based software away anyway? ------ I don't know anyone who has, or will, dispose of the software they've purchased at any time regardless of its age, initial cost or compatibility. And most of my friends are really into gaming. ---------- Some still have systems and software going back to the Atari 2600. ------- I'll agree with you on the bias of this article. Its too far fetched to believe that one time only software supplied on a physical medium will be destined to have that physical medium trashed just because it can only be used once. ----- i mean, what if there is an issue with your hardware and that it needs to be replaced? Surely the software license is tied to your Gamertag rather than the machine used? ----- Also, with the UK and EU parliaments looking highly likely to change the law on how software is governed in consumer law, there is a strong likelyhood that consumer rights will allow for the trade and exchange of used software which means the restrictions placed by Microsoft would be illegal. ----- Landfill will be no more an issue on that basis than it is now.

Why arguing with a

"dude" who clearly has "don't ask, don't tell" issues? He has stated to be a marine (Village People - In the NAVY), why argue with an homophobe who clearly was born and grew up on Narnia? He's a moron, homophobe, self-hating homosexual... but don't tell him... LOL! But going back to the issue: most of the Old School gamers LOVE their old games, and they liked to take their games and play on the consoles of their friends, being showing off skills or multiplay(for the games that had support), and they still play their old consoles... Has anyone seen the price of a new/mint-condition cartridge/disc of a great old game? That has value! but has even more value if it's still working... Blocked games? FU microsoft...!!!

That's a silly question to

That's a silly question to ask, it shows lack of basic understanding regarding games. Will multiplayer work? Of course it will, in all the games that don't use Steam matchmaking since we're talking about steam dying.

Well that may be

Not a silly question at all, there are a few things to consider if Steam were to go broke, ie: Will licence keys still work? And what about servers? Nonetheless, I'm sure Steam would rig it to work somehow.

It is

Completely silly question #2, lets go! License keys? Sure as long as the authentication server isn't Steams because it would be dead. ps: If you already owned a game though it should've been authenticated already so it hardly matters. Servers? Hey you may not have noticed but thats the same question you asked before, servers will work as long as they're not steams because it died.

corporate whores

i aint buying into any console idea that has zero regard toward its consumer. i have morals unlike some whores on here. The more these corporations get their way the more the consumer loses. And once the resources you need to make these games then these companies will be digital only. Thus meaning you get whored even more because in the uk buying from online retailer means you get a way cheaper game than you would on steam. Get real people. Do not buy into this. These greedy fat cat companies make too much and the more they get the more they want. The day the video games industry goes all digital is the day i turn my back on it for good
You voted 'no'.

"The day the video games

"The day the video games industry goes all digital is the day i turn my back on it for good" - How I long for that day. You are completely retarded and having less people like you playing games online would be nothing short of a blessing.

Yep, they basically throw

Yep, they basically throw things away. But the situation described in the article won't happen, if second hand games aren't sold then companies don't get to keep them until they throw it away. Gamers don't throw games away, we stack 'em high and pop them in 20 years later for nostalgias sake.

no such thing, who would

no such thing, who would throw it away? or burn it.. the games dvd would make a good collection, especially pair with some action figure of its relevant. actually i get what the article is saying, it says, we have to save mother earth, dont waste, to avoid those garbage, or worse yet burning toxic, we should all go for another option, piracy, yes, as bad as it sound, its actually saving the planet, think about it, one piracy today, save earth tomorrow. who knows piracy can do more good than harm!

Good one

I used to work at the landfill (dump, tip, waste management facility, recycling center etc) and I was always surprised at some of the really good (and believe it or not) quality items you would pick up... Really miss that job...

article even more lol?

Quite honestly, why are they concerned about the pollution that unused games will make? The population produces garbage every day, with CO2 eq emissions worse than what will happen which was mentioned in this article. Anyone who reads this, thinks that Microsoft is trying to pay jornalists to give good feedbacks (about Xbox one) to improve it's ranking. Why didn't we have this concern with the previous generation of consoles? Maybe because it wasn't convenient... (to some)

Quite honestly

You're a twit. They're not concerned with pollution, they're concerned with bogus greedy corporations trying **** consumers up their **** holes by trying to tell them what they can/can't do with their own property & being willing to take it so far as to **** on the environment when any company that deserves anyone's business (car companies & fossil fuel companies obviously don't) is going the opposite direction. We have recycling programs in every developed nation because of all the supposed landfill becoming a problem & yet some greedy corporations are not just trying to discourage the reuse of a product, they're trying to prevent it. What other industry tries to deny the reuse of a product? I can sell my car, my tools, my computer, my TV, etc. Or give it all away, or trade them for something else. The video game industry is soooooo ******* entitled to every last penny they THINK they deserve like religion is magically exempt from reason, evidence & common ******* sense!!! Whatever gets consoles into landfills sooner is fine by me, & this ought to do it.

You're right.. we pollute so

You're right.. we pollute so much right now.. can't hurt to pollute a little more so these little companies can make a bit more money at the end. Whoever wants to hurt our strong economy for helping the environment should move to africa. When is the last time earth as done something for us anyway.

Umm What?

I still have to know about a person that trashes his/her games after they stop playing them. I've been buying and playing games since 1995 and haven't trashed them, in fact I still have them in their original box. Megagames adding articles out of their own *****, you do a better job at copying from other gaming sites, stick to that.

Actually it is completely

Actually it is completely different. Save for a few crap titles with invasive drm ALL pc games can be sold or traded in. At least, all pc games with a physical disc. Digitally downloaded games don't matter because you can't dump them into a landfill or whatever and thats the subject here.

First it's you're, second you

First it's you're, second you're just another ignorant kid who likes to trash talk steam because you're a fanboy of another company. Even if steam dies you get to keep any games you downloaded. ZOMG LOLOL NO HOW? Simple, unplug your PC from the internet and run steam, let it fail to connect and watch in awe as the veil of ignorance is lifted from your eyes.

So what?

The fact that Valve gives you the ability to burn the game on to a physical media proves ownership. It is up to the end user to gain Internet access to obtain it, which by contract is yours legally anyway (read the EULA once in a while)...


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