Nvidia Drops Shield Release Price

Nvidia has announced that its handheld, PC streaming Shield console, will now have a price of $299, down $50 from its initially expected price tag of $349. We also know when it's hitting the shelves too: in just one week's time.

That's right, June 27th is the date and that means if you pre-orderers don't have long to wait.

Incidentally, if you did pre-order at the original $350 price, you will benefit from this price drop as well, as you'll only be charged $300 when it ships.

Will it be worth it though? Who knows at this point. The console marketplace is the most crowded it's been in thirty years, with the Ouya just around the corner, three current gen systems that are still relevant and the Wii and PS2 both still have a massive install base. Then in just a few months we have two more joining the fray, with plans for continued support for their older consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Then there's all the handhelds... and Nvidia's Shield is competing with them, plus augmenting the PC market.

It's a good time to be a gamer, but god damn is it confusing about where to spend your next few hundred.

Any of you got the Shield on preorder?

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The idea is very good, stream

The idea is very good, stream games from your pc to other devices. The implementation is not, having to buy a specific device for that is pretty silly. My hope is that Steam will pick up on this idea and make it so i can stream my games to smartphones and media centers and even web pages instead of some dumb device no one should buy.

Am just asking, ofcourse a

Am just asking, ofcourse a dedicated handheld console for android is required for The use of buttons, but don't you guys think this form factor is so weird, it should have had the formfactor of the archos gamepad or psvita, or probabilly under the hood of a archos gamepad successor. The archos gamepad has got so much portable gaming potential but needs more performance, what the heck nvidia did?

I left PC gaming because I

I left PC gaming because I had found console games to be more fun. I still remember Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark, Metroid, Zelda, so much fun. Plus I like Japanese games in general, and you can't get those on PC unfortunately.

It's a Flop

Nvidia would have been better off making a console that played PC games without the need for the MS interface, regardless of how good the hardware is I feel this device is destined to flop

I think someone at nvidia

I think someone at nvidia decided that because they sponsor a bunch of games there name has credibility in the gaming field like some form of hardcore loyal following or something. Either way nvidia shield might have been a reasonable idea 2 years ago but really in todays market I can't see it going anywhere,

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