Nvidia: PC Gaming Revenue Will Surpass Consoles In 2014

In its latest investment call, Nvidia released statistics and predictions that revenues from PC gaming will overtake revenues from consoles by 2014.

The company also noted that PC's processing power and capabilities are evolving constantly, while the latest generation of consoles were developed and released more than five years ago.

For example, the Xbox 360 was almost as powerful as the highest performing graphics card available in market when it was released in 2005, but now the GeForce GTX 580 is 9 times as powerful as it is - according to Nvidia's benchmarks.

Nvidia didn't release any statistics about tablets and mobile gaming.

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I'm not an Nvidia fan but they do have a point, consoles are slowing to a halt whereas pc gaming is getting ever more interesting. Processing power just doesn't matter anymore, you can own less than a four core processor and still get away with an amazing rig. The cost of video cards is slowly dropping because the technology used is cheaper. You can get away with a mid range video card for less than $160 that should give you an idea. The technology was always there since the first inception of the console market, but generally PC hardware was far more costly which is no more a concern.

yall want to get the MOST out

yall want to get the MOST out of your powerful PCs? Get a 3d monitor and glasses. Either nvidia (what i have) or ATI. on PC almost every game can be played in 3d. 3d also takes a lot of graphics power, as everything is rendered twice. It will change your gaming experience ten fold. It's a HUGE update in graphics that consoles just can't do like a pc. Powerful pc? Go 3d.

Noting continuous evolution,

is a good way to note the inherent failure. Few will continuously upgrade even for improved experience. In this state there is no improvement. The games are as good as the weakest link allows them to be & most often that link is the Shitbox 360. All this advancing hardware only serves to make way for all the options available to the next revision of consoles which will be somewhat comparable to the current gen' of PC hardware for maybe the time it takes for the new systems to get to market. Then the PC continues on, out pacing pointlessly for the next half decade until the cycle repeats.

I'll upgrade my PC when the next gen' of consoles hits & won't do it again, because it won't be necessary, until the next gen' after that hits, assuming that the notion of ridiculous dedicated video game boxes continues for that many generations after this one. PC's are the future, one way or another. You can't replace a master of all trades, w/a jack of one. It may be profitable to try, w/force, for a while though.

shitbox 360?? Buddy your

shitbox 360?? Buddy your gaystation 3 isn't far off, infact its about 1.1X stronger than the xbox 360. I have both systems and can't tell a difference b/w the crappy graphics. Gaming on the pc ain't for an uneducated man, which you are. If you know even a tiny bit about PC, you can get away with minor graphics updates every 3 years. Stick with console gaming, you noob, PC gaming is beyond your peebrain understanding.

Dude has a point though...

The Big developers wont release better games for the PC as long as Xbox lives. Microsoft has mandated that any title produced cannot include more content than available for the Xbox,or they wont allow the title on the platform. So for now, all systems live in the shadow, and within the limits of the of the 360.

Go Indie games....


Don't forget the Piece of Shit 3....Funny same games few exclusives that don't even matter. All good games will be released on all platforms except maybe Wii, someone got to make kids games. We need PC gaming because some games just don't work well on consoles.


I am guessing you are one of those idiots that would play a game as long as it had good graphics no matter if the game is worse then the shit I am taking now, and by the way its up to the game to have good graphics not the console......A noob is a noob that calls others noob because they cant think of any thing else to say. Your grammar sucks.

yours sucks more... by seeing

yours sucks more... by seeing in your comment words like 'noob' it tells me that you're a kid.
perhaps one of those who are in fb all the day playing social games... taking pictures of yourself in front of a mirror and even a fatty boy.
consoles are toys, sides... without them there won't be any development for those 'toys'.



(yours sucks more) what a comeback. And the answer is no to all your shitty accusations, hate fb don't like taking pictures and don't play with toys. Just listen to your self, do you read the shit you write, you sound like the dumbest one on this post. Thanks for a good laugh.

funny thing is

i cannot say that pc games are nine times better looking

pc gaming does bug me a lot...paying 200$ + just for a extra 10fps a second also shows how unoptimised games are if it can get games like crysis running well on a console

also the security and hoops you have to go through to get games running on pc which if you dont have a decent internet connection your screwed

At the time of a console's

At the time of a console's release, PC's are still more powerful, at least as far as hardware goes. Thanks to DirectX though, PC hardware gets held back for more stability and security. The console is able to access the hardware directly, whereas PC games utilize DirectX, OpenGL, etc. to access the hardware.


Direct X and Open GL are just a collection of APIs and are neccessary for the creation of all games, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii uses a variation of Open GL and the X box (the X used to stand for Direct X) is using direct x 9. The Direct X version has very little to do with security and stability. If anything the higher version this goes, the more improvements in bug fixes and updates to shaders and now tesselation it adds. You are so wrong its not even funny, please do some research before posting something like this on the internet.

he's actually moderately

he's actually moderately right in a way you both are. yes both are... the difference is the api's for pc's have to be very... vauge, lets say. to give them access to a wide range of hardware it can interact with. were as on a console they can streamline that api because they know EXACTLY what hardware it has. this makes a huge difference.

also if the api doesn't have anything to do with stability then why are there bug fixes with each new version? thats not even research, thats simply common sense

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