Ouya Dev Packages Shipped

Julie Uhrman and his team have finished sending 1,200 Ouya development kits to interested developers around the world.

Each console kit package contains:
• Jet-black OUYA Devs package
• Official Developer Welcome Letter (Frameable)
• One frosted translucent OUYA Dev Console with an added Micro-USB port to be connected to the PC.
• Two frosted translucent OUYA Dev Controllers (Batteries included)
• HDMI cable
• Micro-USB cable
• Power adapter

The Developer Welcome Letter states that this is not the final console build and that some bugs are still being ironed out. The controllers too will see some tweaks before launch.

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Best Scam of the Century

ouya sucks and is gonna be worst that neogeo pocket color or gizmondo. The subject of "casual players getting a console just for the sake of it" is clearly a backward mentality related to hipsters. Ouya will not have any original game, and all the games that have been announced can be played on PC via emulation. The haters see this as a BS console, we have a Wii for that stuff already.

Personal Opinion

If you buy each Call of Duty when they come out, then Ouya prob ain't for you. I'm not bashing anyone game tastes, but Ouya is more for people who enjoy simply, intricate games that will no doubt really test your patients as they put a real challenge in front of you. Look at Super Meat Boy, fantastic wee game that does not need cutting edge technology to run. Ouya will give other independent developers a much cheater and open platform to develop their games for. No you wont see games like Call of Duty running on it, but that because those games already have their place on the Xbox and PS3. Ouya is giving developers of smaller games a home, and obviously if you don't like those games, you wont like Ouya. Finally although it runs on Android it ain't just going to be daft mobile games. Remember mobile games are limited by the touch screen, but Ouya has a controller allowing for much more dynamic complex games.

Ouya is only for people who

Ouya is only for people who dislike consoles, but love smart phone games.... From that market (a lot of people), they want to introduce another stepping stone between smart phone games and console games. The idea is intensely flawed as the only reason play smart phone games is to burn some time on the go, or in bed, or so on. If they wanted a Console, they would buy a Console. Ouya should be renamed Rofl

Those crazy enough will buy

Those crazy enough will buy it nonetheless, I'm sure a century back people looked at early PC gaming with the same sense of logic. I mean I'm no fan of smart phones either but its pessimistic to think the idea will fail before it can even launch. Ouya has been advertized on Kickstarters, the fact it has backers suggests a small margin of people like it.

It always boost my ego to

It always boost my ego to hear ignorant morons doing their daily internet bashing. The Ouya from today's pc spec are very low but if you compared with these stone age consoles, a smart one might notice that it has twice the ram of an xbox or a ps3. But this means nothing as the Ouya is not aiming there at all. It's goal is to make gaming more accessible while giving more freedom to developers without taking all the profit in the process. It will have at least a relative success if the marketing is up to it because the actual consoles are dying anyway. They will never match up the power of a pc so this is more than welcome in this industry. No it won't play call of duty and that is almost convincing me to get one. Tons of RPGs and original games will come out of it and Halo fanboys will never hear of them (hopefully).


lmfao, comparing it to out of date consoles, that's the way to boast a new product!!! If you're worried about RAM though, the Xbox 360 has 528mb, the new Xbox has 8GIGS. LOL Ouya, it's the equivelent to Steam in the digital world, pointless and no fan base. Oh I'm sorry, Steam has a fan base - those 8 year old kids waiting for that 2 year old game to go on sale for 5 dollars, that's when the parents get harassed, lols @ steam such garbage.


Right. And obviously your knowledge, or claim thereof, of hardware is so superior to the poster you've decided to troll. --------- It shows in your post Michael J that you should really think about what it is you are going to type before you actually do so.-------- Especially when you claim that the old Xbox 360 has 528MB of ram but the new one has a radical 8GB. -------- Obviously you are getting confused with storage amounts there. -------- The point is, as the new MegaGames forum troll, you should really consider educating yourself on the subject matter before you start lambasting others about what you think they don't know. Perhaps it will at least give other the impression that you actually know what you are on about rather than acting like an attitudinal teenage know it all that does nothing other than come onto these forums to criticise Steam and users of this site.


Ouya is a scam. It's basically a very weak little PC with Android. There will never be anything but glorified smartphone games for it. No AAA titles ever. Save your money. Open platforms are great and all, but **** Ouya.

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