Ouya Will be at E3... in the Parking Lot

If you thought Nintendo running its own mini-E3 at different Best Buy stores around the country was a bit different, wait till you hear how Ouya is planning to make a splash at one of the year's biggest gaming shows: by having a stand in the parking lot.


This isn't exactly an official announcement at the moment, but it was sent out by the company's head of developer relations to the Ouya developers, so chances are this is really happening.

"You'll be able to demo your games to media, E3 attendees, and random people on the street," she added. "Ouya's E3 location will be 100 percent open to the public."

This seems to be a thing this year. Get the public involved at E3. And I really like that idea. For years E3 has been off again/on again as the most relevant show for games, but can we really call a show relevant to consumer gaming, if the only people that get to look at the new tech are stuffy journos that are far to jaded or fanboy-like, to really appreciate what's on offer?

Nintendo is trying this out too, recently announcing that during E3, it would have unreleased Wii U games playable at Best Buy stores around the country, giving its consumer base a real chance to see what's on offer.

I'm all for this sort of marketing, it's a good idea. Where do you guys stand?

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No, this is a bad idea. If it's a hit and people swarm the parking lot 'booths', other companies will follow suit and E3 will not look the same. They'll either restrict **** like that next time or allow it and it'll become a **** fest.

The captcha says all: Hulk Smash

Or maybe you could say Ouya smash Nintendo... I see a great future on this unit, as long as crApple doesn't sue them because the "squared shape" or nintendo because the "cubed shape". It runs android, it is designed to run games with good 3D graphics (not only 2D sprites), and it cost less than nintendo's FAIL-U. BTW Ouya has FREE(GRATIS) games, beat that nintendo... Wait a minute! there is free games with nintendo, it is called "USB Loader GX" + HDD + torrents... Nintendo is on the way of its own DOOM.

Another uninformed kiddie

You may be somewhat deluded regarding good 3d graphics. They'll be ok at best, current mobile SoC's aren't powerful enough to render even good (let alone ultra, like pcs) quality 3d graphics. Also the same game will look better on smartphones than it will on the ouya plugged on a tv. Why? Simple, a small screen makes imperfections harder to notice. There is also the fact that the ouya will have its own marketplace, it won't be google play so you can forget about the thousands of apps available there. That and the company already said they plan to release new ouyas yearly with updated hardware, so in a couple of years you'll have games your ouya from 2013 can't run. Sweet deal huh?

This comment is not for OP it

This comment is not for OP it's for all the people like the ones below who can write nicely written insults. One day the world will understand that gaming much like music and video etc. comes with a great title. " Industry ". Then it will be too late when they will look back and realise. **** we have outsourced most of the work and we are running out of jobs. Electronics are the new revolution soon it will replace most of the remaining jobs. Because of their technology they will achieve unbelievable political power when a "Kinect" type of camera is kept at the entrance of every store and street corner. Oh this is for security you say? Why do you say it's for security? Shouldn't you be playing your video games? This subject is not for your kind. What? Now you want to discuss about how this console is better than this one? This is the only problem. Go play instead kiddo you need to be better at call of duty and that mage is just lvl 34.

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