Palmer Luckey doesn't think Project Morpheus can compete with Oculus

Palmer Luckey, founder and head of Oculus VR and one of the youngest multi-(hundreds)millionaires in the world, has been speaking about the future of his hardware in a few interviews lately, but while chatting with Kotaku, he was also asked about Sony's project Morpheus and though he pulled his punches a little, he wasn't confident that it could work as a technology, mostly because of the PS4's graphical limitations.

"The Morpheus as it exists today is really pushing the limits of the PS4. And it's still not as good as DK2," he said. "So as time goes on and the hardware gets better - PC hardware will get better, VR hardware will get better, resolution will go up, framerate will go up - and the PS4 will remain the same power as it is today. That's true for any console. So even if they make a really great product today I think it's going to have a hard time staying relevant in the virtual reality landscape as time goes on. Five years from now we’ll probably be on our second, third generation product and it'll most likely be something... the PS4 could never even thrive."

He also called Morpheus a "side-project," for Sony, something to make it stand out from the Xbox One, rather than a viable product.

Luckey has a point too. Currently the PS4 struggles to handle 60 frames per second at 1080p (although it does a better job than Microsoft's console). The problem with that, is that you need at least 60 FPS to not induce nausea in virtual reality and, it's speculated that 4k and above resolutions will be necessary for truly immersive VR, which the PS4 could never hope to handle.

It will be interesting to see if Sony continues pushing development forward, or if it peters off in years to come.

What do you guys think Sony will do about the upcoming problems it will have with VR?

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Im going to make a fortune

Im going to make a fortune breaking and entering while you guys are jacked in and on top of that Im going to be selling you the same 3d porn with motion detection that gets you jacked in. I will know where you are, who you are and will be selling that information to white glove "third parties". :)


Actually I disagree that VR requires higher resolution to be less nauseating but rather higher refresh rates over resolution. you can have lower resolution and have no nausea as long as the refresh rate is high. (SEE edimensional products). I used to have an edimensional stereoscopic pair of glasses and they worked excellent with no nausea at lower resolutions. (Farcry was a blast!) All Sony would need to do is lower the resolution (game content) and as all gamers and tech enthusiasts should know will bring frames rates higher. The next step would be to ensure that the Hz level of the screen needs to be higher as well. Lower resolution does not seem to bother most people because of Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering. Sure a crisp and clear screen so close to your eyes would be nice too though it is not actually necessary. (FYI some nausea is created by the screen's LED back lighting, not the resolution.) Besides Minecraft does not need high resolution. j/k LOL

the guy is kind of telling

the guy is kind of telling the truth, you need higher resolutions because with VR everything is very close to your face. So you notice the little things like the detail on a leaf or what is the make up of a pile of mud. Low resolutions and low frame rates aren't viable to convince the player they are in a real VR environment.

Low resolutions are enough,

Low resolutions are enough, low fps is not because it makes you sick. If you had ever used an oculus dk1 then you'd know you can see the individual pixels because the resolution is so low, just like if you get really close to a big screen tv. Even so the human brain is quite amazing, it can deal with that and you'll feel like you're inside a bad graphics world.

glad he have the balls to say it out loud

at 75hz right now the DK2 is good but could be better. Anyone playing a fast game such as Live for Speed with it and turning their head while on a straight knows what I mean. It needs to be fluid, very fluid for an amazing, sickness-free experience and 90hz is their target for Consumer version 1 from what I've read. This means PS4 with 60fps will struggle at best with beautiful games that won't look so beautiful in a 90-100 degree FOV with a 1080(?) screen stretched infront of your eyeball. Still it's good for everyone because it'll bring VR accessible and mainstream, something that I crave for because I'm tired of looking at a stupid 2d monitors while playing awesome looking games.


And neither of them can compete with a tv or monitor. Kids can't afford the gimmicks, and since 99% of the fan base for this garbage is all kids, and actual adults won't buy it, it will fail.

I'm an adult, I've tried the

I'm an adult, I've tried the oculus rift. And all I can say is, those who haven't tried modern vr, really don't know what they are in for. I mean the pretty much nailed it. Who doesn't want to feel fully immersed in their games? You can't get that with a monitor/tv.

Have you seen school kids

Have you seen school kids these days? They are all walking around with smart phones and tablets galore. Parents are idiots and buy there kids anything just to shut them up for two whole minutes. A girl I work with, she bought her daughter a apple ipod touch 64 gig for like $399 then her son was bitching so she got him one too and then she was bitching b/c see has no money! And the kicker is the son didn't even want one until the daughter got one. Hilarious if you ask me!!! anyway, people will buy these things unless they don't live up to all the hype.


*calmly waits for someone to say, "I'm a adult and I will buy it", or.. I know plenty of adults who are interested in it"*.... Sure you are, sure you do. Lol. -kids

I think you are a fool if you

I think you are a fool if you think Sony is not a competition to your product, in the consumer world the most important thing is being the first on the market. That was the only reason the Wii was so popular. They where the first to bring us motion control... even though they re-skinned the Gamecube and just added motion sensors. Sure, the OR will be better, but if Sony brings their VR on the market first for a decent price, then people will go and buy it because its new and different. Then, it does not matter how good or bad it is. In fact, if it sucks horrible then the OR will have more problems getting people to try it too. Consumers are not smart, they are consumers. They buy the next new thing.

He said project morpheus isn

He said project morpheus isn't a competitor, not sony. The article points out how 4k might be necessary for truly immersive VR and I have to agree. I own an OR dk1 and have tried the dk2, while full hd helps 1920x1080 isn't that big an improvement over 1280x800 when the screen is so close to your face and the horizontal resolution is split between both eyes. Between that and the need for decent fps to mitigate nausea project morpheus is doomed to be a fad that will come and go quickly. Maybe morpheus 2 could improve things but the ps4's hardware will be the limiting factor. So unless they support PCs morpheus won't be a threat anytime soon.

Not quite

Sony's is in a different consumer space... Console vs PC. So, the impact on sales won't be as great or even existent as you suggest. Different niches. You are absolutely correct though in the perception... It could make it considerably harder to sell though proper education (like the demos they are constantly performing) can mitigate that.

Not quite

Sony's is in a different consumer space... Console vs PC. So, the impact on sales won't be as great or even existent as you suggest. Different niches. You are absolutely correct though in the perception... It could make it considerably harder to sell though proper education (like the demos they are constantly performing) can mitigate that.

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