Papo & Yo Developer Explains Why PS3 Exclusivity Was Inevitable

Papo & Yo developer Vander Caballero explained why it was impossible to release the game without the PlayStation 3 launch exclusivity.

"If you are an independent you have zero marketing money," he said. "You have nothing. Then you need someone to support your project. So, if someone asks you for exclusivity and it's going to help you to bring out your product into the market, I think that can be good. Sometime, I think it's the only way to get something out."

Papo & Yo was released exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2012. The game cost $1.5 million to make and despite good sales, it didn’t recoup its development cost. Caballero hopes that Steam sales revenue will be enough to finally make profit. The game was launched on Steam last week.

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Is anyone else pissed that

Is anyone else pissed that such a good game got a terrible IGN review? Way to damage Indie gaming, IGN! You're doing a fantastic job, making EA, 2K and ActiBlizzard truckloads of money by automatically giving all their games 8/10 minimum. If you haven't got the game already, go out and do so. The story is very well done.

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