Paradox: 90 Percent Of Our PC Games Sales Are Online

Most analysts believe that we are midway through the slow and steady transition towards digital games sales dominance, but Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester believes that the shift has occurred already - at least as far as PC games are concerned.

Wester revealed that almost 90% of Paradox's revenue now comes from digital game sales and that the majority of them come through Steam and Gamersgate.

"Retail sales are like a bonus for us now," Wester said. "We don't really need retailers anymore and that is a release because retailers have not been good for the industry. They've not been good for the creative part of the industry, for finding new cool games."

Wester went on to attack brick-and-mortar retailers for interfering with publishers decisions and forcing them to release an endless stream of sequels, which stores envision as the only guaranteed sales. Digital download portals on the other hand don't have any conditions on the game's content as it costs them almost nothing to host it and the number of games they can display are not limited by the physical space constraints found in retail stores.

Paradox is most known for its recently released Magicka RPG which sold more than 600,000 units until now.

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I have been so glad about services like Steam and the like, because I can get the games that I want, and don't have to go looking all over for someone that ACTUALLY carries PC games! I was pirating games for awhile, cause I couldn't find anyone in my area that would carry the games that I wanted.
have any of you played Terraria? No one would have even seen that game, a great game I might add, without cutting the middle man out... Wal-mart would have never carried it, let alone been able to sell it for $10..
I never think that "Tax them" is the answer... if there is anyone in this world that needs less money, it is the Federal government... name one company out there that has a trillion dollars in spending money, let alone 12 times that...



I'm such a douche-bag and love sucking corporate dick like every other brainless Zombie shooting fanatic out there, if I'm not in game I'm usually online smoking a joint with my chums and talking over VOIP discussing useless tactics that have no real world practical applications. We talk about that noob EMO that hung themselves using their own mouse cord, or how that same dude pops up in every random game on a rampaging rage. Yup I'm definitely not a pirate I simply omit thievery to monopolistic tycoons and love their shaft up my manhole. Thanks Megagames your so kind to me.


Sadly not seeing the big picture

Ol' Anonymous here doesn't seem to realise that Paradox ARE the little guys. Retailing online lowers the barriers to industry entry allowing smaller companies to publish their games without being choked by having to sign a publishing deal with the likes of Activision. This also means that the money made goes to the talented developers rather than 'middle men' who take a slice simply for passing stock on. Perhaps Anonymous needs to complete a little research before trying to argue something they don't understand.

You too are missing the whole one, dude, because....

he is making a good point. Your points are fine too, but that doenst make his point worst. Digital distribution does help little developers to find a market, but still the big mayor, the only ones who can invest million$ in games, will and are already findind themselves with less distribution expenses (retailers, packaging ecc) at same games price. Retailers jobs will disappear, the same it happened with horses's related jobs once the cars arrived; only, there are no new jobs for the middle class that will substitute this. Its happening in every sector, not only videogames, and its a legit source of concern.

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