Peter Molyneux Defends Xbox One Always-Online Requirements

22Cans creative director, Peter Molyneux, is defending Microsoft’s decision to make constant internet connection mandatory to be able to play on Xbox One. A policy which has been cancelled a few days after announcement thanks to players’ backlash.

"I know Microsoft, I know they were only doing things because they thought they were long-reaching and long-thinking," said Peter Molyneux.

"But the world we live in now is that we have to realize, especially if you're a big corporation, if you make one step wrong, the world will leap on you, and unfairly, very unfairly, they will judge you."

Molyneux is known for founding and leading Lionhead Studios from 1997 to March 2012 when he moved to 22Can to develop Godus, a spiritual successor to Populous. Lionhead Studios were acquired by Microsoft in April 2006.

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Peter never made Fable, he

Peter never made Fable, he was just a creative consultant for the studio that made Fable and most of his initial ideas were found getting implemented into the initial builds but the programmers of that studio failed claiming that it was too hard to program what he thought up. If Peter enters a programming room in the morning, as a programmer you know he is going to **** you up with work that can drive you mad. Im not sure of this but Peter had very little to do with Fable 2 and 3.

I remember

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I feel dirty

I feel dirty for liking any games he's been involved in, but I loved fable and fable 3, and liked the idea behind black and white, but I have to hate him for making promises he cant keep and for NOT BRINGING FABLE 2 TO PC!

Fable 2 sucked BIG TIME

Had to be the most linear childish game I ever played. I didn't buy Fable 3 because 2 sucked soooo bad. What RPG makes it so your characters' costume (not armor) decides how well you do in combat? I think Dragon's Lair was more open ended then Fable 2 ever was... this **** lick won't get another dollar off of me, reguardless what ever he claims about his games. I did rather enjoy Fable 1 which is why I bought Fable 2. Your the first person who I've seen say they actually enjoy 2.

Die in a Fire

OMG, Pete is standing up for the company that paid him millions / bought his studio in 2006? No wai! And just days after MS replaces the Xbox One leader? MS wants to reverse it's reversal, and these are the opening salvos of their new social offensive to do so. Has anyone here actually worked in a corporate environment? This is how big business works. Call in your friends and get them to say how wonderful your product is. Generate buzz. Microsoft couldn't give a lesser **** about your Xbox "experience." Let me explain it to you morons real quick and easy. We'll call this "corporate flip flopping for the stupid faggots who read this tripe." Microsoft wants the always online requirement because it generates the greatest recurring revenue. Good for them, if that's how they roll. Sony made MS look like idiots earlier this year by taking a "no always online requirements here!" because Sony finally realized, after being buttfucked for 7 years straight by the 360 vs the PS3, that the best way to win the console war is to have your console in the most homes. Knowing that most homes will either have one or the other nextgen console, Sony wants to give a compelling reason to buy the PS4 over the XBone. So Microsoft, realizing that Sony is now pounding their collective anuses with a rusty metal spiked *****, backtracks and says "we were joking! no always online." And their outlook improves, and the metal ***** isn't in so deep. But Steve "I have the IQ of a jelly donut" Ballmer realizes that the profits from a not-always online system will be significantly less, and wants to backtrack on the backtracking. So here you go. The XBone may not be released with an always online requirement, but there will be an update that puts in place. Take that to the bank, douse yourselves in gasoline, and go play with matches*. And go **** yourselves. * Please note: no one should actually play with matches while covered in gasoline.

I've got it

Lets go medieval on his ***. Impalement. Here's what we'll do: We'll set up a blunt tipped spike and a pulley system and slowly lower him down. The spike will start at the **** (obviously) and we wont stop until the tip is poking out of the mouth. Good enough?

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