Petition Asks Microsoft To Reenlist Xbox One Always-Online DRM

A petition on is asking Microsoft to return Xbox One’s always-online DRM

Microsoft had received a lot of heat when it announced that Xbox One must phone home at least once daily or it would stop running games. Public outrage was so evident, Microsoft had to scrap that requirement completely. But the petitioners believe that Microsoft has ruined the console by listening to “uninformed consumers.”

“This was to be the future of entertainment,” the petition reads. “A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty.”

“We want this back. It can't be all or nothing, there must be a compromise.”

The petition has already reached its goal of 10,000 signatures.

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what the chuff

what tool...sorry...WHAT F@~K@*G TOOL decided to have a petition to get this....ASK FOR DRACONIAN DRM......WHAT A GRADE "A+++" ***!!! I don't give a **** for all the must be online permanently function, after all I HAVE REAL FRIENDS, not skyped or a avatar. Find this tool, seal him in a **** coffin and let him eat his way out of all that ****, because that's all he/she is spouting. Online petition to reinstate DRM.......It must be someone extracting the urine!!!!

third world country net access

I'm from Australia "small town", and am sick of people with great net access acting like the net grows on god **** trees like apples and costs as much to pick! I work and can't afford the net and bills together.. Phone and net rental is out of my reach and is so for a lot of people.

its simple Microshit.

its simple Microshit. have options Enable:always online mode Disable:always online mode Maybe people will take to the always online method. Why even think about ******* over the rest of your clientele? it's mind boggling.


So this petition was either started by Micro$hit, or by some kind of troll. Steam haz offline mode retards. How is always online DRM necessary to download games?


They are blaming sony for their mistake. The way he said it, ( consumers uncertainty ), it shows me that they are treating customers like some kind of retards, well they lost me as a customer for good.

I know the guy that . He is a

I know the guy that . He is a total ***** and guess what, online petitions are useless if not for marketing departments because most countries need a sort of verification that includes your national ID number and a special program that needs to be installed and verified online. doesnt dispose of. Online petitions suck, hard; from an official point of view. Still, the petition is totally insane. I would know since I know insanity. Megames for life. Im going to spam the hell out of this before I leave towards an ilegal deal. I still think some numerological freaked out chic did the captchas.

Petition schmetition. No

Petition schmetition. No matter how much they complain, the amount of pre-orders is what MS will be looking at from now on. So if they want to be heard they'd better get their numbers way above 10000 people. Besides Steam for Xbox? Steam doesn't have to dial home once a day, if you choose to use it offline it only connects to the steam servers when and if you install a new game. Choice is important for people, MS was never keen on letting people choose, their business model is to force things into consumers. They deserve to fail for that and if you really want steam for xbox buy a pc, a wireless controller, paint the case like an xbox, plug it to your tv set and use big picture mode. "but but but...I want steam, except I don't want it to be steam" - pfft, laughable


petition is troll, hopefully no one buys that xbox one crap and that who will buy should get the birdflu out of the cartonage

Thats Mostly Lies!

Most of that article is basically a lie, they said it was gonna be like Steam for the Xbox One, but steam is not always on! I cant load Steam , Exit Steam and it syncs up and BLAH BLAH BLAH. There is no reason it has to have a constant internet connection! And I will tell you a a play of several mMo's, that when you internet connection goes out then your screwed! But atleast I have the option of playing a single player game without the need to connect! If they impose a Always-Online Setting to the console, if your connection goes out then you wont be able to play single player gamer such as Fallout 3 and other popular titles even tough they would run just fine on a PC without Connection! It's still about DRM no matter how they try and spin it!

So, disable always on when

So, disable always on when you want to play pirated or second hand games, enable it when you want to play online. That defeats over half the purpose of always on and its not always on if you can turn it off. DURRRR?

I laughed so loud

I might be wrong, but I don't think I am.. isn't the xbox360 already a drm? You have to have a disc in to play it.. you don't always have to be online but it's good to get patches for the game. I can't see where anybody is going with this. To be honest you're all morons. Monkeys which haven't evolved at all.


I said it back than, I'll say it today... Shouldn't be a problem always being online, unless your isp crashes once an hour seriously. Also, get rid of 2nd hand games all together, let the poor ppl cry, maybe Obama will start handing them free games too.


so ill hope u buy that crap and get an 48h connection loss because ur router craps down, maybe obama buys u a new xbox one

I for one thint he always

I for one thint he always online requirement should be reinstated. I would so enjoy scrambling your wireless signal (which is a rather simple and cheap thing to do) and watch you squirm as you buy new routers and remain unable to play. Heck, I'd do it to anyone nearby who owns an xb1, weakness is meant to be exploited.


Now the nerds come out pretending to be some super hacker oh boy, gl with that and ending up in federal custody for trying. Next he'll say he can hack into police scanners and interupt 911 dispatch calls. (Can you get any dumber?)

In an effort to quell the

In an effort to quell the raging idiots replying to you, I would like for you to consider the business side of things. As it stands, the infrastructure regarding the internet isn't perfect. As an example, a stray wind can knock my own power out, as well as power to the entire block. We're not a poor town, but the infrastructure itself is quite shitty. If I recall, I think the percentage of Americans (just Americans) that have what can be considered 'stable' internet would be somewhere around 20%-30%. I wish I could provide a valid source for you, but I'm short on time, work sucks, etc. With this in mind, an always-on console is a very very bad idea even from just a business standpoint. First, it wouldn't break the used market; people would stick to their 360's and PS3's and, for many, other older systems that do not have this requirement. A SINGLE console simply cannot and will not wipe out a used game market, it's unfeasible. Due to the always-on restriction that was initially introduced, it would limit the customer base by such a margin that MS wouldn't be ABLE to sell their system well. They would try, they would market, but they would lose. Further, the ability of other digital storefronts to compete directly with one another instead of fighting for shelf space allows these digital storefro, Greenmangaming, etc.) to compete price-wise as well. The digital storefront MS wants to give us would only ever guarantee $60 price tags all the time, as Origin has proven to us. It's a sad thing when a sale on Origin SURPRISES people, and MS would be no different. I hope you consider my points, most people on this site ARE mentally ill in some fashion. I'd like to see your own thoughts as well should you have time to consider my own. In the end, it really comes down to preference for the customer. But business-wise, an always-on console is just asking for problems.

Since when losing all privacy

Since when losing all privacy while being unable to play your games at a friend's house is considered the future of gaming. No intelligent consumer would start such petition and no one stupid would be starting a petitions on their own. Do the math.

What a crock of ****.

"The future of entertainment"? Yeah right. Online-DRM function ***** over people who don't have a home internet Wi-Fi set up, which is still a lot of people. It's also not like Steam, because on Steam, not EVERY game available for PC is sold on Steam. Online-DRM for consoles would also lead to the death of brick & mortar gaming stores & sections in stores, which leads to... oh yeah, even MORE jobs that disappear. It would also mean that while, sure, if you buy the game, you can "share" it with friends, if you wanted to sell it, you'd be unable to do so. It's the equivalent of Ford telling you can't re-sell a car you bought, or your Realtor telling you that you can't sell your house. **** Microsoft and **** the Xbox One. Both are big piles of steaming ****.


Douchebag, I have a ******* ISP. Doesn't mean I can't speak up for those not as fortunate as me. So here's my suggestion to you: Go play in traffic. I'll start looking for a "real ISP" when you start practicing dodging cars in rush hour traffic.

Oh Really?

If cars aren't moving during rush hour traffic, then why are there more major car accidents on the highways that kill people during rush hour traffic than any other time in major cities? Oh wait, that's right, because the term "rush hour traffic" isn't just talking about the time when cars are barely moving. It's talking about when people are "RUSHING" to work by speeding and driving carelessly, hence the term "Rush Hour". ******* ******.


People cant even make up their own minds anymore. Just goes to show how brainwashed society is as a whole. Faith in humanity, lost...

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Yea, because you sure know

Yea, because you sure know better than most right? Just jumping to conclusions without even thinking about it (or is it that your cognitive process is just not good enough?). There's 10k people, its rather simple to fake signatures in petitions, thats why they're not taken seriously. Even if the signatures are not fakes, what's stopping EA, Ubisoft and others from simply creating a petition anonimously and have their employees sign it? Then there's also the possibility of trolls in a forum or image board just going "OMG lets create a petition to bring back online DRM, LOL". But no, out of all that you singled out the one possibility that suits your view of society the most and accepted it as truth. Ahh kids and their wishful thinking...


Your powers of observation amaze me. But it's nice to see you ruled out the possibility that I already knew that. Unbelievable... Captcha (and it's a good one): How interesting...

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Indeed, you already knew that

Indeed, you already knew that and yet you chose the scenario that suits your view the best instead of working out what reality might be like and maybe realizing your view isn't accurate or absolute. That only makes you look worse.

And yet

You still rule it out as a possibility. So your point is, because I didn't mention something that reflects your world view - by default, I must be wrong... You don't get irony very well, do you? (that was a rhetorical question btw.)

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

If it makes you look worse,

If it makes you look worse, it's not being ruled out it's being accounted for. Logic isn't your thing is it? Sorry if i started by assuming you were not an idiot who ignores possibilities just to feel more comfortable with yourself, lesson learned. As for not reflecting my world view, I don't expect that from anyone. Your comment (about people being confused and brainwashed) was imperative and horribly biased. The fact that you are trying to stand up for it shows enough about you. Claiming "oh I knew that, I just didn't say it" is a teenage tactic that backfires more often than not (as it did in your case). Then after being proven wrong you insist you are right "oh I saw you just accounted for that but I'll still say you didn't, yuk yuk" and based on that you try and turn this around on me by saying I'm doing the same thing I'm accusing you of. How low can you go? That wasn't rethoric, I'm curious.

Grumpy is right

Honestly grumpy is right on this one, It almost sounds like you believe a majority of the people believe like you do when in reality most of us don't. I thought adding my own comment to this mix would help you see that.

Grumpy cat agrees

He who fails to see the follies of their own actions are the first to fall under the weight of their own superiority... He's just ******* with me. And foolishly, I am defending something that is not there.

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Let the madness continue

"It's not being ruled out it's being accounted for..." By assuming I didn't know because I never brought it up? You're making assumptions, If I didn't bring it up I have no accountability. And you are reflecting your world view by assuming I didn't know. Not mentioning something doesn't mean I don't, it means I chose not to mention it. When I said "people cant even make up their own minds anymore. Just goes to show how brainwashed society is as a whole", I was generalizing, we are living in the information age and I will add, a very manipulative age with conflicting ideologies from all sides of the spectrum which makes it hard to come to a consensus and/or conclusion. You never proved me wrong, you're just making the assumption I am by assuming I am because I never highlighted any of the points you made in your first post... Look, I'm not letting you drag me into a tedious, drawn out debate. again. Stop being so condescending.

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.


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