Pitchford: Wii U Gamepad Is Nintendo's Best FPS Controller Ever

Randy Pitchford, the cofounder of Gearbox software and the designer of several FPS classics such as Duke Nukem, Half-Life: Opposing Force and Borderlands, believes that Nintendo has managed to create the ultimate controller for FPS and hardcore games with its Wii U gamepad.

Pitchford got to try Wii U and its touchscreen-sporting gamepad while developing the studio’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines. "This is the best controller Nintendo's ever made for making an FPS," he said. "This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games."

In the Wii U version of Alines: Colonial Marines, Gearbox opted to use the gamepad’s screen as motion tracker similar to the one seen in the actual Aliens movies. The team decided not to replicate that feature on Xbox 360 and PlayStation despite the fact that they both offer similar “second screen” functionality (SmartGlass and PS Vita cross-play, respectively).

"With the Wii U, [Nintendo] committed themselves to this promise," Pitchford explained. "So the link is direct, fast, and immediate. Things like SmartGlass and Vita, they appreciate the value of the promise so they're making the promise. But they're not in with such commitment."

Aliens: Colonial Marines is scheduled for release on February 12 on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The Wii U edition is scheduled for the system's launch window which extends to March 2013.

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OK Really I think you're all

OK Really I think you're all ******* retards. The headline says Wii U Gamepad Is Nintendo's Best FPS Controller Ever which is exactly what the ******* guy said. He didn't use the words best ever sure but the title isn't a quote dipshits.

Hold back on your fanboyism

Are you kidding? For all of its lack of hardware, the wii with its wiimote + nunchuck combo has the best FPS controller in current gen consoles, of course kiddies used to aim assisted gamepads (i.e. every current gen fps) might disagree but so far nintendo is the one who came the closest to mouse + keyboard accuracy.

The headline's a little

The headline's a little misleading - he didn't say that it was the 'best ever' in any of your quotes, just that it was the best Nintendo has ever made. And again, we don't have a source for any of your quotes? Did you do the interview yourself?

The title says NINTENDO's

The title says NINTENDO's best fps controller ever and the article says its the best nintendos ever made. Two different ways to say the same thing so long as you realize neither title nor article actually compare the wii u controller with the competition (other than the guy saying the wii u controller has very low lag in comparison with smartglass and vita).

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