PlayStation 2 Is Officially Dead In Japan

After nearly 13 years in market, Sony has finally decided to stop releasing new PlayStation 2 consoles in Japan.

PlayStation 2 is one of the most successful consoles ever with more than 150 million units sold since its launch in March 2000. The iconic console even managed to outsell PlayStation 3 during its first 3 years in market.

Believe it or not, new PlayStation 2 AAA titles have been released well into 2012. The last of which was Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin, released last March.

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A painful lament

Oh my, truly today is a sad day indeed, I lower my head in respect and sadness in lament. This induces the end of a truly fine era in the front of gaming as we know it. Needless to say, that it be a beacon for those who intend to expand and exaggerate this fragile industry, not to merely imitate the endless first person shooters that plague the industry, I say with caution. Perhaps this will be the precursor to true innovation? I look onward in hope, maybe it is that Sony will now bring forth more first party games truly to awe? More JRPG unabbreviated for Japanese Role Playing Games would truly tantalise my taste buds, the Japanese have seasoned this industry beyond comprehension, all the while their gaming counterparts in the US have but their simpleton crime sims and other sandbox (Make Your Own) kind of attitude toward games at large, verily video gaming as we know it may be at threat again, just like in the past when it died and the Japanese had to revive it. At times present, we only know the US game makers to make endless world war two related games much like talking with grand father, what interest is there for you in times which have passed? As for the two "gentlemen" who have been locking horns and swords, is it in your nature to be uncivilised and most hideous toward one another? Why must we fight life and limb with such passion for something that we passionately believe in? Fanboism has benefited none but hurt many. In my most humble opinion if I may say, that a battle against your inner selves, with your foolish desires for greed, division, difference and patriotism may be more parade-able.

Everything did but usa

Everything did but usa blocked it all off long time ago because it was ahead of its time in usa (golden age of gaming). And people in usa are obsessed with graphics so much that they don't appreciate the game-play, that's what japan said very long time ago. Without Japan you would not have your consoles. Lots of stuff came from Japan that people go crazy over.

if people we're obsessed w/

if people we're obsessed w/ graphics in the US we would be gameing on computers by now not on a system thats almost 10 years old and as much as i want to take part of japans golden age of dateing simulations i'd rather play good games


Where the hell you guys get this information from, either post something true or don't post at all. First of all Seekers of Adoulin still has to be released and is set for March 2013, A quick google search will tell you all over that it's set for 2013. Half shaved news.

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