PlayStation 3 Is Hacked And There Is Nothing Sony Can Do About It

In December 2010, fail0verflow hacking group managed to extract the PlayStation 3 encryption keys, allowing them to sign homebrew and copied games as originals. This hack remained live until March 2011 when Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.60 which managed to plug that hole.

Now however, it seems that hackers have managed to put their hands on the final piece of the puzzle; the one that ensures that the system is compromised forever and that there is nothing Sony can do about it.

More precisely, the console’s LV0 encryption keys have been extracted and released to the public. The LV0 is the loader that verifies and loads other loaders during the console’s boot sequence. With the LV0 key in hand, hackers now can decrypt and modify any new PS3 firmware.

The LV0 was extracted by a hacking group called “The Three Musketeers” who decided not to release it. However, after another Chinese hacking group managed to steal the key from them and used it to develop and sell BlueDiskCFW for profit, the team got enraged and decided to release the key publicly.

This opens the door for the development of PS3 custom firmware and dual boot loaders among other things.

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I was using 'pirated games'

I was using 'pirated games' as a singular category, a singular 'reason' to hack a PS3. If I meant 'pirated games' as a plurality I would have added an 's' onto the end of 'reason' to create a different context to the sentence: Yes because pirated games are the only reasons to hack a PS3. To illustrate the original usage, think of a list of reasons why a PS3 would be hacked: Pirated games, other OS, classic console emulators, media center capabilities, homebrew applications and homebrew games are reasons to hack a PS3. One of those reasons IS pirated games. You see? Also, notice how I supported my original argument instead of only focusing on explaining the basics of sentence mechanics? Quit school, it is a detriment to your education sir. P.S. the captcha I have to enter to post this is "you win."

Sorry, that's not how English

Sorry, that's not how English works. Let's take 'Other OS' as an example. If you were referring to the former feature of the console, it would be right to say 'Other OS is the only reason to hack a PS3'. But if you were referring to running, say, many Other OS's, you would say 'Other OS's are the only reason to hack a PS3' as the single item in your category now refers to a set of sub-items rather than just the one feature. If you were to pirate only, say, LittleBigPlanet, it would be right to say 'Pirating LittleBigPlanet is the only reason to hack a PS3' - but Pirated games contains many titles - other than LitteBigPlanet, you could also pirate Uncharted and Resistance 3 - thus, 'Pirated Games' is pluralised. The correct term changes from an 'is' as singular to 'are' as plural. The correct sentence then becomes 'Pirated Games are the only reason to hack a PS3' ('a PS3' should really be 'the PS3' as we are referring to a proper noun, but that's an explanation for another day). Also, I believe that by 'sentence mechanics' you mean 'grammar rules' - there's no such thing as sentence mechanics, unless they're tiny people that tune up your sentences while you wait. I honestly do not think that you are in any position to determine whether anyone else should be attending school, but it is plainly obvious that you not only need to greatly refine your language skills, but also your argumentative skills - paying attention in class will help you achieve these goals. Perhaps furthering your education would also help with your massive ego problems?

Again you waste a giant

Again you waste a giant paragraph without adding anything to the topic itself. If you've never heard the term 'sentence mechanics' (which is singular by the way) then you have much to learn about linguistics in general. They must not teach you advanced form over there in Britain, eh mate? In the context I was originally using 'pirated games' I meant it as a non-pluralized form, much like you used yourself in the above sentence: "you could also pirate Uncharted and Resistance 3 - thus, 'Pirated Games' is pluralised." You see how that works? I don't have ego problems, I have 'stupid ************* who can't argue a point and fall back on semantics' problems. And in this case, I meant problems in the pluralized form. But enough digression. I was happy using my original hacked PS3 without updating, however I would like to replace it with one of the new smaller models to use as my media center/classic console machine. I'm glad this was finally released.

First of all, I'm not the

First of all, I'm not the other guy, why would you presume that? And second of all, if you don't have an ego problem, why do you insist on reinforcing your own clearly incorrect understanding of language? Or did you honestly receive such poor education somewhere? Also, these hypothetical 'sentence mechanics' you speak of? There's more than one? It's plural. Anyone with the education of an eight year old can understand that, why can't you? Before you start calling others "stupid *************" (plural) perhaps you should take a really, really deep look inside yourself.

Sentence mechanics is a

Sentence mechanics is a subject, much like Newtonian mechanics, analytical mechanics, and quantum mechanics. It is a branch of science which focuses on behavior in written linguistics, where spelling and grammar take on different roles. While it is important to know the foundations, the basics if you will, of spelling and grammar, the study of sentence mechanics looks more to the context and structure of the written form. I have a question for you. Let's pretend you meet a scientist, and he tells you he studies quantum mechanics. In your mind, does that mean the scientist interviews and analyzes more than one mechanic? I guess you are right about one thing, that is how an eight year old understands written language. So we have at least established your level of education. You ignored me pointing out that you reinforced my clearly correct understanding of English and you got hung up on the ad hominem of "stupid *************" ignoring the reason behind it. Now with your permission can we just unwrinkle our panties and return to discussing hacking the PS3, please?

No it's not. Sentence

No it's not. Sentence Mechanics isn't a field of study, let alone an entire branch of science. What you've described is the study of linguistics and communication, both of which are considered arts (two arts - plural. Get it?). And yes, a scientist specialising in quantum mechanics studies the many mechanical properties of subatomic systems. What aren't you understanding here? There's a theory that, due to the popularity of metacommunicative platforms (plural), people are less accepting of ideas outside of their own belief system and that the rise in perceived autism is due to the ability for people to be selective of their messages (plural) and interpretations (plural) to fit their own self-centered and egotistic perspectives (plural) on the world. You have clearly fit this idea perfectly, choosing to selectively interpret only few lines from the previous postings, and warping them to reinforce your distorted and incorrect concepts (plural). The level of your narcissism, or perhaps lack of education, is truly astounding.

What gives you the authority

What gives you the authority to declare whether something is or isn't a field of study? Where is your exhaustive published research to show that human behavior can only be studied as an art form and not as a branch of science? I have many peers that would disagree with you. I actually agree with you though. Once you reach a certain level in a field of science, the work you do can be observed as an art form. Look at your own words, "Sentence Mechanics ISN"T a field of study." Your entire argument in this discussion is based on me using a term in a specific context, in which you believe I used it incorrectly, and yet you continually to show I did in fact use it correctly. That you cannot admit fault or recognize a new field of study leads me to believe the latter half of your response was directed at yourself. Nice to meet you fellow narcissist. :)

So, you've just 'invented' a

So, you've just 'invented' a new field of study, right here, and you're shaming me for not recognising it? My god, I think you've actually fallen so deep into your own bullshit that you're starting to believe it. None of that post made sense in any context at all, and you're still warping everything I and others have said to prove you incorrect to somehow reinforce your own beliefs. I fail to see how "Sentence Mechanics ISN"T(It's meant to be an apostrophe, dumbass. Are you going to try to say you're right about that too?) a field of study" is falling into that same trap as you - A field of study, the study (singular) of Sentence Mechanics (plural). The study (singular - one study) of animalia (plural - there are many things under animalia - but this is not the subject in this sentence. See, grammar. Not 'Sentence Mechanics') is important to the future of the earth's fauna (plural). 'Pirated Games' is the subject of the sentence, therefore we are talking about many things, not one thing. Again, eight year olds understand this, why don't you? Also, you seem to have literally no idea what separates art studies from scientific studies, which if you did have 'peers' of your own you would have a deep understanding of. Here's a hint for you: It's not decided by an 'authority', or by your 'level' in a science. I don't understand how somebody can continually believe that being brought down at every level in their argument is actually reinforcing their obviously incorrect stance, but if you're so incredibly self-absorbed and bone-headed that you can't see evidence and reason, then there's no hope or you. I'm done arguing with people with your handicapped mental capacity and unbelievably poor argument skills. The fact that you try to keep reflecting my arguments back at me shows that you are unable to even form your own arguments - preferring to recycle mine. This is a stage of cognitive development that most people pass at the age of twelve. So either you're under twelve, or you've developed abnormally. Your posts have reinforced this beyond what I thought was previously capable - bravo. By the way, I'm an honours Arts student in Australia focusing on language and communication with a second major in nanotechnology, not some british ******* school kid as you seem to be implying so incessantly. "I can only assume that [...] response was directed at yourself".

"'Pirated Games' is the

"'Pirated Games' is the subject of the sentence, therefore we are talking about many things, not one thing." So when I say 'Pirated games is the reason to hack a PS3' it is incorrect, but when you say 'Pirated games is the subject of the sentence' it is correct. I invented Sentence Mechanics about 5 years ago, when I finished studying English. It was a way for me to keep expanding my understanding of written form. It's how I can recognize your British lineage just in the way you structure your writing. And I only mentioned it in a passing jest, one time. That must have really struck you, I only meant it as a joke I assure you. Since you have submitted that you study language and computer science it seems we have much in common. I would rather move on from this petty dialogue we are having and discuss things more interesting. Here I'll make it easy for you. I retract my statement that using IS was correct in the context I used it. Here is my edit of said sentence: "Yes because pirated games arrrrrr the only reason to hack a PS3, matey!" I wish you great success in your studies, good sir.


If you are going to try and thrash someone with 'The fact that you managed to even type one word with correct spelling as absolutely astounding.' Please keep in mind that the word 'is' is spelled with an 'I' not an 'A'. PROTIP: A and I are nowhere ******* close on the keyboard. Just so you know.

Actually anybody attacking

Actually anybody attacking grammar and spelling are simply desperate individuals. Who gives a **** if they made their point? If your only defense refers to anything like IS* and ARE* bullshit ......well then you're still a loser and lost the argument.

Proper grammar and spelling

Proper grammar and spelling are the difference between sounding like a person or like a 5 years old/******. Although misusing 'is' and 'are' is quite a basic mistake, I prefer correcting the slightly less basic (albeit still ridiculously so) 'your' instead of 'you're' mistake and similar ones. On topic now, hacking a console is usually done in order to run unsigned code in it (homebrew), the fact that it can also be used to enable piracy is just an unfortunate side effect.


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