PlayStation 3 Ties With Xbox 360 In Total Worldwide Sales

Just a few months away from the end of the current gen consoles lifecycle and PlayStation 3 has finally caught up with Xbox 360 in total worldwide sales.

According to Sony, PlayStation 3 total worldwide sales reached the 70 million mark on November 4th, 2012. The exact same number was announced by Microsoft just a month earlier in its September 30th financial report.

Xbox 360 sales have been outpacing both PlayStation 3 and Wii consistently for the last 22 months in USA but it was also consistently outshone by both of them in the rest of the world.

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Well im sure the system will

Well im sure the system will have game released for next 4 years or so. But you can safely guarantee if Microsoft is putting out a new console so will sony. Microsoft could put out a new console no more capable than the xbox360 and Sony has to reply with something, cause people want the new thing no matter what it is.

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