PlayStation through the generations in new video

Considering how much of a big deal the current headtohead is between the three (two really) console makers, it's easy to forget that there was a time when PlayStation wasn't part of the console landscape. However when it was introduced, it quickly became a household name and while other companies have fallen at the wayside, Sony is still here, making consoles and making games.

Drop to the bottom for a little video to remind you of that relevance.

For those that can't watch it, or would rather read than watch - kudos to you - the video starts in the early days of the PlayStation brand, with the sounds and sights of not only the console itself, but the time when it was launched. UK viewers in particular will feel right at home as the view of London outside changes with the times.

Subtle changes throughout the video - with each generation shot in one single take - show a transition between intermediate PlayStation consoles, from a PSX to a PSONE, fat PS2 to its slimmer cousin and so on and so forth.

Perhaps the only noticeably odd thing, is that these guys that were clearly teens in the mid-90s, are still coming back to the same room in their parents house to play on a console. They need to get a house of their own at some point surely? And even if they do, stop playing on your old man's PS4. He's got some gaming to do.

This whole video was inspired by the hashtag, #PlayStationMemories and was put together by PlayStationAccess, the Youtube branch of Sony's sponsored promotion. There's some real detail in it too, including little things like the Dominos pizza boxes - those guys could get way better pizza than that - changing with the times too.

I know we're all PC Gaming master blah blahs here, but do you guys have any good PlayStation memories? For me it was games like Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 2 and Abe's Odyssey. I played them for hours and hours.

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All in all I must say that

All in all I must say that video was really well made, the one shot take makes it interesting. Though it almost seems like they make it look like the 90's where dirty and got slightly better until the PS4 and everything is clean. LOL

Not realistic

This video would have been more realistic if from PS3 onwards all the friends were in their own rooms playing online against each other. And they slowly have less and less items in their room as they are pawned off for DLC.

Hello obviously retarded

Hello obviously retarded failbox fanboy. Fun facts! Failbox games are almost always arbitrarily $10 more expensive. Including the awful controller. Failbox had a 50% failure rate. Failbox and failbox only last generation had an arbitrary paywall called failbox live. Guess what. Failbox live cost money. Yet was riddled with ads. Yet didn'T deliver ANYTHING AT ALL to the gamer, other than forcing you to pay for it if you wanted multiplayer of any kind. Oh and you still had to pay for netflix. Oh and the price went up "because we have internet explorer now". So before you criticize the winning console, Kill yourself And burn your body. Kbye.


Well I would say the playstation 1 was the only system so far worth a crap from sony. The xbox and 360 are far better in everyway than the ps 2 3 so we will see if they can finally out do Microsoft but my money is on M.S. to take the crown a third time.

me thinks your from a

me thinks your from a different planet. or maybe you have the sales of individual consoles confused? 360 has more consoles sold but i was surprised how small the gap was considering they got an entire year headstart. it is a couple million. however ps1 and ps2 sold 100 million units for ps1, and 150 million units for ps2, which is 6 times more than xbox. soo your opinion is your opinion i suppose, but numbers tell a different story.

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