PlayStation Vita 20 Times More Successful In West Than In Japan

Sony today announced that the sales of PlayStation Vita reached over 1.2 million units worldwide four days after its February 22nd launch.

Software sales across the globe have surpassed 2.0 million units at both retail and on PlayStation Network.

Sales data released earlier by Media Create revealed that 578,812 PlayStation Vita units were sold in Japan before February 19th. This means that Western customers matched 3 months of Japanese sales in just four days.

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waiting for CFW. want to play download games.
sony have been fooling people. why must i re-buy
all my psp games for vita? definitely need a cfw so it can play download games. we must support it.

Wait and see for the next month or so for true sales

THat was just hardcore gamers running out buying it. Lets see if the casual and even new gamers will buy the system? the true test of time is yet to come. Its a hardcore system for hardcore gamers, of course it will make sales in the forst month but lets see the second month or third. Sales will drop because the Vita is no good for little kids or non gamers/casual adults etc. Its still to expensive...hell the 3ds was $199 today at Ebgames! what a price.

Also i don think the 3g version wil llast long in Australia as our 3g speeds are very piss poor.And very bad on Vodafone (worst telco in Australia). Why have a 3g? whats too do??? play online games??? lol i dont think so..not at 560k. Go to and you will see a true honest review on the system. Once again I would buy a ps3 over a Vita as I love a big screen to play my games and 3d bluray.

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