PS Vita Marketing VP: Porting Ruined PSP But Not PS Vita

One of the strongest selling points of the PSP was its ability to play PlayStation games, but PlayStation Vita Sony marketing VP John Koller believes that this was also the main reason behind its failure.

"The issue that happened with PSP is we got overrun with ports," he argued

"It became very difficult for us to define what made PSP unique. The content development became a bit unstructured or decentralised, in that we got a lot of content that was on PlayStation 2 and got thrown over to the handheld."

Koller explained that Sony wanted to frame PSP games as "console-like games on portables" and that it has guided developers to that end. Interestingly, Koller admits that the company is still promoting a similar image for PS Vita. "The messaging is similar, but I think the output is going to be quite different," he said.

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vita failed large. they use 40% of its power. half assed games, literally NO online games worth buying (gimmicky online in most of the games) i sold my vita, i might pick one up when there finally homebrew enabled. but till then. its a fucken paperweight failure device! my friggen cellphone beats the vita in game playability! and portability and usefulness!

The issue today is that ALL

The issue today is that ALL consoles suffer the same problems. ----------- Originality. ------------------------ Outside of this it is down to the console brand that also damages beliefs and expectations of the people who buy them. -------------- Take a look at the anti-piracy rules that each of the companies employ. They all take a draconian stance on what can be done on each console, with bans being given to all subscribers of their respective online services. And yet with all of their measures and all of their efforts to ban people for hacking their console in one form or another, they have achieved nothing more than to push people into playing pirated games. ------ The end result is that none of the companies have made any money from the games and they lose money on not being able to sell some of their wares via the online services. -------------------- Now, this may seem like i'm advocating piracy but i am not. What i'm trying to get at is that people aren't stupid anymore. No one will accept the Nintendo style of marketing whereby a company, such as Nintendo, can make claims about having the most games for their hardware but failing to tell people that for every 100 games that are available, only 10 - 15 are ever worth buying. ------------------------ The industry suffers from not having any innovation now. They all seem to regurgitate the same games over and over again because of a particular brands popularity. Call of Duty springs to mind. ---------- It isn't enough for software companies to just recreate the same old games in fancy updated graphics. We as gamers expect more for our money and not less. -------- Sony's PS: Vita may well be a bit of a flop but if Sony manage to get some original and innovative games on it that suit that platform then the people will buy them. -------- The success of the original Playstation, and why it was such a success, is where Sony need to look. Only then will it achieve the success across it's range.
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seeing as their are barely any games available for this little toy, they might as well get whatever games they can on it before people decide to go with something else entirely. I was smart enough not to buy this thing. The launch titles were garbage for the most part and to this day almost a year later, this tiny portable toy has almost no note worthy games available that would make anyone with a half brain want to go out and purchase it. Most people these days say its a nice paper weight. That said, put whatever games you can on this paper weight and hope for the best. I know I wont be wasting my dollars on this. I'd rather buy a *******Android Tablet and play endless *******android games on it than have only a few games available for the vita. So tons of *******games on android or a few dozen good games on vita. No thanks, Id rather play a hundred *******games than a dozen decent games.

you sir are a fool, id rather

you sir are a fool, id rather play 1 game of substance, something enjoyable, something i can think back on than play an endless amount of any *******games, don't get me wrong the vita dose need more games, but the very reason i don't use my Wii any more is because i refuse to play ****, there is an entire industry based on making great games and only when indie studios make a Gem do they actually succeed

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