PSJailbreak Cloned And Sold Cheaper By Chinese Imitators

Four years were needed for the Playstation 3 to get hacked, but the hack itself seems to have required less than 4 days to be cloned.

The news has been confirmed by the hacking team itself as they asked gamers to ignore the hefty price difference and to "buy original for warranty and support."

As far as we can tell, there is no difference between the "original PS Jailbreak" and its knockoffs as it consists of nothing more than a USB flash drive and custom software that has been ripped 1 to 1.

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Not your normal flash drive!

All of you guys make me lol. It's not an ordinary flash drive. There is special hardware inside the dongle to deliver a 40ns pulse to turn your console into a debugging unit which then enables the software on the flash drive to run. Do some research before going ape shit!

f'ing moron cheapstakes

I doubt it's true. Or it would be on the torrents already. If you want to be the first to play backed up games/home brew. Who ever posted this story just jacked it from a forum or something.

It's funny how you f'ing dirt bags are pissed the people smart enough to hack the PS3 want to make you pay a reasonable price.

If you want to play homebrew, $170 or whatever seems reasonable to pay for a device that unlocks the PS3. If you want to play pirated games, rofl, cause you can probably just buy about 20 used games for that price. You stupid sh*ts.

hmmm maybe the irony, is that

hmmm maybe the irony, is that hte pirates got pirated and now they're bitching like the big companies? and $170 for something that is well... illigal to give away and 10x more illgal to sell... and considering this is all sofrware and NOT hardware(other than the usb key but thats not even required to be sold with the software) yes... it is unreasonable.... every other console can play back up and home brew for less than $30... so why would I pay 5x that?


You trollin'? How would you like to download a $170 USB dong as a torrent?

Idiot. Go learn about what you read on before forming some kind of stupid "opinion".

**** all this ****. Stupid

Fuck all this shit. Stupid assholes tryna make money off games that they had no hand in crafting. Fuck em all, seriously. People benefiting off someone else's misfortune is why the entire world lives in sin. Pay for your games you cheap fucks. I guess I can't talk because I download PC games sometimes, but I have bought my fair share of games and still continue to do so.


3 years work cloned in 4 days, ouch.

I guess they forgot USB sticks can be plugged in to the PC and copied like that. That said, everyone has a USB stick these days so, jail-broken PS3s would spread among friends like wood rot.

A liberating kind of wood rot, admittedly. It only takes one person to have the actual product for any updates :p

torrent them?

As far as we can tell, there is no difference between the “original PS Jailbreak” and its knockoffs as it consists of nothing more than a USB flash drive and custom software that has been ripped 1 to 1.

So does this mean someone can just copy the files off the USB and torrent them?

That's what I've been saying

That's what I've been saying all along. I think that's why they charged so much for it because they had to get as much money from desparate people wanting to hack PS3's before it got cloned or the ability to make one yourself. I said a while back that I bet they get released on torrent sites before the preorders of the real device get shipped out to customers.

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