The racing never stops with NFS Rivals All Drive

Ghost Games and EA Games have released a new trailer for Need For Speed: Rivals, showing off its much touted "AllDrive" social system, which is designed to blur the lines between single player and multiplayer to make it so you always have opponents to race and cops to outrun - just make sure you head back home to cash in your rating points or you risk losing it all.

In the trailer we see the player racing around the map and coming across potential rival racers who they can challenge and race across the map against, but similarly cops can hop on your tail at any time and swoop in for the arrest. You can win multiple races in a row, but you'll need to avoid the law long enough to get back to your hideout, as if you get busted, all those points you've accrued disappear.

AllDrive mode is designed with COOP, as well as head to head multiplayer in mind, letting you drive around the world with a friend and race against other teams of racers - though you can expect a heavier police presence whenever a large enough group gets together.

The trailer also shows some of the environments we can expect as part of the game, and if you've played Need for Speed Hot Pursuit you'll have seen this sort of stuff before. There's coastal regions, desert regions, forest and highways - the usual stuff.

Need for Speed Rivals is set for release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 19th.

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