Researchers Utilize Body Heat To Power Up Handhelds

Researchers at Interuniversity Microelectronics Center in Belgium have created the first successful prototypes of their efficient "energy harvester" device.

The new device can be used to power portable devices for a truly infinite time.

Created by Vladimir Leonov and Ruud Vullers, the bulky headband-like device harvests the heat energy constantly emitted by the human power and converts it to electricity which can then be used to power up small devices.

The team also demonstrated an electrocardiogram (ECG) dress shirt which keeps track of your vitals without using batteries; all while cooling you off. They also demonstrated a wireless pulse oximeter, a wristwatch-like device that noninvasively measures oxygen content in arterial blood.

If the team succeeded in making the device more wearable and a little more efficient, the device promises a future where cell phones and mp3 players will never run out of charge.

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Nice work

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Researchers Utilize Body Heat To Power Up Handhelds

anon@ 12:3 you have no idea what your talking about. this isn't taking energy from you. its taking the heat your exert, which your always exerting, and is simply wasted engergy. and, is turning it back into another form of energy, in this case electricity... however I see one flaw. you can't transfer electricity though blue tooth or anything like that yet so you'd still need batteries, it just simply means if they run out on the go, you can charge them with with out being near a plug in

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