Rome 2: Total War Hinted At

Rome 2: Total War

The next game in the Total War series of games will be a sequel to Rome: Total War, if rumours about the Rezzed PC and Indie Games show and the latest issue of PC PowerPlay are to be believed.

The first hint at the title appeared in the Australian gaming magazine, with an image that appeared to be from the original title, with the numerals "II" written across it. Set for release on July 18th, it's believed more details will be revealed then.

However, those interested in the future of the series will be able to learn more at the Rezzed show earlier in the month. Lead designer at Creative Assembly, James Russel, said that he'll be giving a talk on the making of the Total War series, as well as showing a peek at what the developer is doing next. Presumably, Rome 2: Total War. The presentation will be live at 1PM on July 6th.

While these are of course just rumours for now and should be taken with a pinch of salt, they are beginning to mount up.

What do you think? Would you be excited by another Roman Total War game, or would you prefer a different time period and culture?

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I would love to see a Total

I would love to see a Total War: Fantasy game, although not at the expense of the historical game periods like Rome, or especially my favorite Medieval. Only if they think they could pull it off successfully, and i bet they could. It would be a very interesting twist to the game play if there were wizards casting spells on the battlefield :D Or even Dragons and Giants... Oh the possibility.

I would get it. Shogun 2 was

I would get it. Shogun 2 was an excellent advance in the controls and mechanics, they should learn from its successes. Though I hope one day they will try something different. Perhaps Africa, or China's Warring Kingdoms period.

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