Rumor: Dishonored Developer Is Working On Prey 2

Alien Noire, the website dedicated to Prey 2, got wind that Bethesda has commissioned Dishonored developer Arkane Studios to develop Prey 2 from scratch.

More than a year ago, in April 2012, Bethesda took Prey 2 off Human Head Studio’s hands citing substandard quality and slow development progress as the reasons. Rumors have it that Bethesda has been trying to get any other developer to work on the game. According to the rumors, Bethesda’s funding was too low for Rebellion Studios and its work style didn’t go well with Obsidian.

As per Bethesda’s directions, Arkane Studios is disregarding everything Human Head created and developing everything from scratch using Dishonored game engine. According to sources inside the studio, Bethesda has also instructed them to forget that this is a Prey game, and to treat it as a new System Shock game. Consequently, the game is expected to launch in 2016.

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Ive forgotten pretty much everything about it already, I barely remember the main plot anymore. You did forget to add IMO to your comment because taste is as subjective as something can possibly be.

I wasn't declaring it as a

I wasn't declaring it as a matter of taste, and even if I was its not ever necessarily to qualify statements of taste with 'IMO'. And if you've forgotten the game that quickly, you mustn't have paid all that much attention to it during your play through - given the depth of the game world, anyone who wasn't checkpoint rushing and being a complete sociopath would find it impossible to leave it without a lasting understanding.

Dishonored is pretty good for

Dishonored is pretty good for a beta game. I mean it felt unfinished, and was waaaaaaaay too easy. But than again so was prey. Maybe they will go good together. Just would like to see a better engine used (like the one they showed off for prey 2 originally), Dishonored looked like crap.


dishonored did feel like an alpha it wasnt really fluid but still i hope they wont screw up... im hoping for a mirrors edge level game because prey is a 10/10 game with story gameplay interest etc...

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