Social Gamers Are More Hardcore And More Connected Than Expected

A new survey conducted by Interpret LLC found that social gamers are more hardcore and more connected than most would expect.

From the sample of 2,000 social gamers older than 18 years, 1000 of them reported owning a videogame console and 25% of the sample stated that they prefer mission or quest-based games. Most social games such as Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars are not mission based, but it is worth noting that Zynga's latest game, Adventure World, is.

The study also found that the average social gamer spends 13 hours per week on social networks, with 9.5 hours of them dedicated to playing games. The average social gamer also has 218 social connections, 16.5 real-life friends who play the same social game as him, and has made 20 new friends through social games.

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I'm an engineer and I work

I'm an engineer and I work with statistical data a lot... and a study about "social games" that had a sample size of only 2k people is as useful as asking children under 15 who they think will win a presidential election...


If I want to find out statistics and probabilities of whats popular in the gaming genre then a game developer is the last place I would look to squeeze some answer. Instead of creating cuddly crap out of stale soup.

No matter how I look at it,

No matter how I look at it, social gamers are anything but social. They're a cancer that's growing alarmingly fast in every genre. They are the kind of people who thinks the world revolves around them, always running about with their head up their ass. WoW is the perfect example, you could have an intelligent conversation with just about anyone in the vanilla version. There were guild rivalries, a lot of drama and fun. As the game grew in popularity "Social" guilds started popping up, now the game is full of them. However in these guilds people doesn't communicate at all. In fact you don't want to chat with anyone because you're most likely to encounter a self-centered control freak or complete retard who can't comprehend simple logic. It's these kinds of people that most game developers are trying to please these days with their pointless achievements and cover-based shooters.


1. social games are waiting games. wait for an hour so you have enough energy to move again, adding more time for you can play.
2. social most hardcore social gamers have more than 1 account, farming their other accounts for free stuff. you can never really tell if their connection is another person or another account from thesame person
3. people play social games because its convenient, its found facebook or other public sites, so while talking or doing other stuff or even doing nothing at all, you play it to pass time.
4. time more spent on games is not to be called a hardcore gamer. its like playing CS on bots for years and never tried other weapons but their favorites or fought a real person.
5. You are more connected when you actually talk to your friends, just like in chat, messengers, phone, real life, forums and other way to communicate.

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